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Representing oneself and the country via one’s remarkable career is such a big deal. A similar feat was achieved by the American Swimmer, Simone Manuel.

Likewise, belonging to an athletic family, Simone represented her true self globally, becoming bold. Further, through the means of her athletic career, Simone also speaks for Black Lives Matter.

Afterward, with lots of consideration and selection, Simone also got the opportunity to compete in Tokyo Olympic 2021.

Simone Manuel
Simone Manuel

In addition, the swimmer achieved several national and international recognitions. In fact, Manuel is quite bold and expressive about her point of view. 

Simultaneously, records over records, Simone faced different situations and got to speak about those. Thus, the swimmer stood up and defended all the emotional drama having strong willpower and her supportive family.

Quick Facts

Knowing more about Simone Manuel’s, here are quick facts to be importantly known about her life shown as below:

Full Name Simone Ashley Manuel
Known as Simone Manuel
Nickname Swimone
Birth Date 2nd August 1996
Birth Place Houston, Texas, United States
Residence Sugar Land, Texas, United States
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Education Fort Bend Austin High School; Standford University, Communication
Horoscope Leo
Father’s Name Marc Manuel
Mother’s Name Sharron Manuel
Siblings 2 (Christopher Manuel and Ryan Manuel)
Age 27 years old
Height 5’1″ (178 cm)
Weight 67 kg (148 lb)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Body type Athletic
Profession Swimmer
Marital Status Not Married
Beginning of Professional Career 2011
Retirement N/A
Sports team Alto Swim Club / First Colony Swim Team (Texas)
Coach Gregory Meehan
  • Team Captain; members of two NCAA
  • 2 Pac-12 championship teams
  • Honda Sport Award winner
  • CSCAA Scholar All-America
  • Pac-12 Swimmer of the year
  • 13-time Pac-12 champion
  • 14-time NCAA champion
  • 21 time All-America
Net Worth $3 million
Prize Money $61,000
Social Media FacebookInstagramTwitter
Merch  Book, Poster, Swimsuit
Last Update July, 2024

Simone Manuel | Personal and Early Life

Namely, Simone Manuel was born on 2nd August 1996 in Houston, Texas. Moreover, an athlete with her family resides in Sugar Land, Texas. In addition, Simone is the daughter of Marc and Sharron Manuel.

Moreover, she has two athletic older brothers, Christopher and Ryan. So, in fact, her entire family members are somehow related to sports. Meanwhile, it was her mother who made her learn to swim at the age of 4.

On the other side, Simone completed her high school education at Fort Bend Austin High School. Similarly, she joined the college at Stanford University in Communication.

Besides swimming, Simone is also so much into listening to upbeat and gospel music.

Hence, such kind of music inspires her to work out and get motivated. But, on the contrary, somewhere in her lifetime, she thought of taking her career to either singer or dancer.

Later on, her mother insisted on keeping the focus on both of the activities. Accordingly, at the age of eleven, Simone joined the First Colony Swim Team in Houston.

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Simone Manuel | Career

Accordingly, giving her best, Simone became an elite competitor.

Just after joining the Swim team in Housten, she was under the guidance of First Colony coach Allison Beebe. Furthermore, Manuel developed as the top-ranked swimmer of her age. 

Simone was already top swimmer in the 50-meter and 10-meter freestyle events.

Nevertheless, Simone debuted on the international platform at the 2011 FINA World Junior Championships.

Simultaneously ranking with impressive points, Manuel also competed in the Junior Pan Pacific Swimming Championship.

Simone Manuel for championship
Simone Manuel for the championship

In addition, just at the age of sixteen, Simone swam at the 2012 United States Olympic Trials. There, she placed 20th in the 50-meter freestyle and 17th in the 100-meter freestyle events.

International Competition

To summarize, Simone participated continuously in international competitions.

Further, on the first day of Barcelona’s 2013 FINA World Championships, Manuel became the first American swimmer to break the 25-second barrier in the 50-meter freestyle.

Thus, her free stands in the 15-16 National Age Group record. 

Pan-Pacific Championship

Accordingly, Simone also competed in Duel in the pool, following the USA’s trend of never losing to the European All-Stars.

Meanwhile, she claimed silver medals in the 400 freestyle and medley relays at the 2014 Pan Pacific Championships.

Back again in the 2018 Pan Pacific Championships, Simone claimed bronze in the 400-mixed medley relay. Furthermore, she competed in the 4*100 free relay and ranked in the second position.

In addition, in this championship, overall, Simone handed pair of silvers.

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World Championship

Performing best over best, her results from 2014 qualified her to swim individually at the 2015 World Championships.

There, she anchored Team USA’s 4*100 free relay and medley relay as well. Thus, she ended up with one bronze and was positioned under the top 10 swimmers.

Notwithstanding, Simone competed in the 2019 World Championships in Gwangju, South Korea. There, she participated in all different metered swimming races.

As a whole, she claimed seven medals marking herself as the female to win such several medals at a single world championship.

FINA World Championship

During Trials, Simone swam for the US Team in the 4*200-meter free relay, 100-meter freestyle, and 50-meter free.

Meanwhile, Simone and her partner claimed gold medals for the 4*100 freestyle and 4*100 mixed medley. In addition, they made a world record for it.

Similarly, in the 100-meter freestyle final, she ended up claiming bronze because of her unthinkable thoughts. Likewise, Simone owed bronze for the 50-meter freestyle final.

Thus, for the 4*100 medley relay, the US team stood with a silver medal as the Russian team took over.

NCAA Championships

On the contrary, with headlines of her Pac-12 Records, her every record was impressive. In the beginning, she ranked different yard relays or individual competitions as one of the top three swimmers in each race.

Altogether, Simone finished 2nd in the 800-yard freestyle and 400-yard free relay in both the NCAA and American records.

Accordingly, she had a great NCAA Swim Meet and started as part of Stanford’s gold medalists.

Besides ranking with a remarkable position, Simone became the first female swimmer to cover the 100-meter free in just 46 seconds.

In the 2018 NCAA Championships, Simone competed in the three shortest freestyle events and the other four relays. There, she won both the 100 and 200 freestyle races.

Later in 2018, Simone announced she would not give continuity on her collegiate career. Thus, this decision made her to lose her NCAA eligibility.


Preparing for the 2016 US Olympic Trials, Simone earned her spot on the individual event and 4* 100-meter freestyle relay. Similarly, she finished second in the 50-meter freestyle.

Moreover, in the Rio Olympics 2016, Simone, Abbey Witzel, Dana Vollmer, and Katie Ledecky ranked second. In a 4*100-meter relay, they broke the world record behind the Aussie women.

Nevertheless, Simone became the first African American woman to claim the gold medal in swimming.

Marking the new Olympic Record, she received a gold medal tie with a Canadian swimmer in the 100m freestyle. Also, she received silver in the 50m freestyle.

2021 Tokyo Olympics

Despite having recorded over records, Simone could not race properly because of a pandemic. But by the time of the announcement of conducting Olympics, in a very time, Simone overtrained herself.

Reportedly in one of her interviews, she opened up about having Overtraining Syndrome since January 2021.

Thus, with the trust and faith of her trainers, Simone brought a bronze medal in the 4*100 free relay.

Simone Manuel | Diagnosis

Just as the pandemic affects everyone’s life, Simone also did not get a lot to practice for the Olympics. Meanwhile, when she got to, this athlete was diagnosed with overtraining syndrome. The disease is also known as burnout.

Furthermore, the swimmer even had to take three weeks following her diagnosis. Accordingly, it was her diagnosis that made her accept failure with 100-meter title trials in June 2021.

Moreover, the diagnosis made her experience soreness and weight loss. Overall, despite having the ability to swim, Simone could not give her best. Thus, she only claimed a bronze medal in Tokyo Olympics.

Afterwhile, she received lots of questions despite opened about her sufferings. Thus, Simone announced she wouldn’t be interviewing anything related to her Olympic performance considering her mental health.

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Simone Manuel | Awards and Achievements

  • US Female Swimmer of the Year – Swammy Award: 2019
  • Recipient of the Honda Cup: 2018


  • 4*100-meter freestyle relay (Bronze): 2020 (Tokyo)
  • 100 freestyle, 4*100 medley, (gold); 4*100 freestyle (silver); 50 freestyle (bronze): 2016 (Rio de Genario)

World Championship

  • 50m FR, 100m FR, 4*100m FR-R mixed, 4*100m Med-R (Gold): 2019
  • 4*100m FR-R, 4*200m FR-R, 4*100m mixed Med-R (Silver): 2019
  • 100m FR, 4*100m FR-R, 4*100m Med-R, 4*100m mixed FR-R (silver): 2017
  • 50m FR (bronze): 2017
  • Mixed 4*100m FR-R (gold): 2015
  • 4*100m FR-R (bronze): 2015

Simone Manuel | Net Worth

Having a one-way career with a long list of records and medals she owns, Simone Manuel definitely has a luxurious lifestyle.

Further, keeping aside her earnings as an athlete, Simone also has several brand endorsements and sponsorships.

Meanwhile, she also has a shot for the cover of Magazines. In addition, she is also a brand ambassador for USA Swimming Foundation.

Hence, overall, Simone Manuel’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million just at 24.

Simone Manuel | Social Media Appearances

Collecting such achievements, this swimmer has a large number of followers on her social media accounts.

Meanwhile, there she posts her thoughts and photos of her athletic life. Thus, Simone is active on her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Simone Manuel on her athletic life
Simone Manuel on her athletic life

Instagram: 227k followers (@swimone)

Twitter: 123k followers (@swimone)

Facebook: 17,717 followers (@Simone Manual)

Frequent Question (FAQs)

For what is Simone Manuel famous for?

Despite all of her best performances, Simone Manual is famous as she is the first African American woman to win an individual swimming gold.

Who is Simone Manuel married to?

Simone Manuel is unmarried for now. Currently, she is just twenty-four years old.

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