Softball Alexis Deboer Age & Wikipedia: Father Kalen DeBoer Joins Alabama

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Softball player Alexis DeBoer, age 17, committed to the University of Washington in 2022. DeBoer signed a national letter of intent last year in November, but will that stop her from following her dad to Alabama?

The eldest daughter of Kalen and Nicole DeBoer, Alexis DeBoer is ranked 11 by Extra Inning Softball. She previously starred with the bat at Clovis North High School, and after her dad’s move to UW, she starred with the bat at Bellevue High.

Alexis DeBoer Signed The National Letter of Intent For UW In November 2023
Alexis DeBoer Signed The National Letter of Intent For UW In November 2023 (Source: Instagram)

DeBoer plays as a third baseman and previously led her side to the Championship. The teenager not only plays the softball team but is also a part of the volleyball team. 

With her father being chosen as the man to take on the reign from Nick Saban, it is to be seen if Alexis will join her father in Alabama. 

Softball Alexis Deboer Age & Wikipedia

The softball player Alexis DeBoer, age 17, committed to the University of Washington in 2022. Alexis had been a star with the bat for Clovis North High School. 

The third baseman, Alexis, was ranked 22 in the 2024 Extra Elite 100 list released in 2022. In her first two seasons, Alexis hit .345 and .372 respectively. 

In her sophomore year, Alexis had eight home runs and 20 RBI, and this was well before her father was identified as a UW football coaching candidate. 

After her father joined UW, Alexis enrolled at Bellevue (Wash.) High. In her junior year at Bellevue, Alexis had a ridiculous record, with a .683 batting average and a .747 on-base percentage.

DeBoer Has Star With Bat For Both Clovis And Bellevue High
DeBoer Has Starred With The Bat For Both Clovis And Bellevue High (Source: Instagram)

She also had 14 home runs, ten doubles, and 44 RBIs. After a stunning junior season, there was no doubt that Alexis would rise in ranking. On October 2023, the Extra Inning Softball ranked Alexis 11 on their list in the class of 2024. 

Most, if not all, of her coaches have always praised the youngster’s ability to read the game perfectly. One source said, “She can read the batter and the ball of the bat, allowing her to react quickly, and that’s vital for a successful third baseman.”

Alexis’s coach, Joey Rodriguez, said, “She is a high IQ player that can win a game with her glove as well as her big bat. Her raw power is exceptional.”

In 2023, Alexis also became part of the Northwest Bullets softball team. She previously played for Sorcerer 18U-Gables/Rodirguez. 

Alexis DeBoer Relation With Dad, Kalen DeBoer- Will She Decommit?

There’s no doubt that Alexis gets her athletic gene from her dad, Kalen DeBoer. Before he made a name for himself as a football coach, Kalen was also a football player.

But alongside football, Kalen DeBoer also tried his hand at baseball at the University of Sioux Falls. And to say the least, he was good at it.

In his senior season, Kalen averaged .520 with ten home runs and 34 RBIs. He played one season of independent league baseball with the Canton Crocodiles in 1998. 

In an interview, Alexis talked about her dad’s influence on her game. She said Kalen had been her hitting coach since she was little. 

Alexis Pictured With Her Parents, Kalen, And Nicole DeBoer
Alexis Pictured With Her Parents, Kalen And Nicole DeBoer (Source: Instagram)

Alexis also added that during their free time, the father-daughter duo engage in hitting practice. Last year in November, Kalen had said that his family loved living in Washington, and Alexis had recently signed the national letter of intent.

There have been no signs that Alexis will de-commit from UW and join her father in Alabama. It is tricky to get out of the national letter of intent and whether Heather Tarr will have any objection to her move.  

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