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Teddy Riner is the most crowned French Judoka of all time and is one of the invincible Judo stars. Popularly known as “Teddy Bear” or “Big Ted” he has many ups and downs; however, he refuses to slow down.

As of 2022, he has accepted an endorsement deal with Credit Agricole a bank based in France.

He had a winning comeback in Budapest, as it was one of the goals for Paris 2023. However, he was injured during training, costing him poorly as he could not compete in the 2022 World Championship.

He won the gold medal in the 2021 Judo World Masters held in Doha, Qatar.

He has a whopping estimated net worth of $245 million. Not only that, Teddy is the first and only title-holder of ten World Championships gold medals and two Olympic gold medals, and one gold medal as a team.

Teddy Rinner
Teddy Riner In The Uniform (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, he has won five gold medals at the European Championship.

Teddy Riner is a brand in himself; he has nailed the sport as a Judoka. No one can match his aura of strength in the history of sports.

He stands over two meters tall and weighs around 300 pounds; which is a plus -point as he cannot be knocked down by his opponent easily. 

Winning more than 100 consecutive matches straight on his way, Teddy has earned enough out of the sport to rest on one’s laurel.

Now, let’s dive into the quick facts that will give you a basic clue about him.

Teddy Riner | Quick Facts

Full Name Teddy Pierre-Marie Riner
Birth Date 7 April 1989 
Birth Place Les Abymes, Guadeloupe
Nick Name Teddy Bear, Big Ted
Religion Not known
Nationality French
Ethnicity French
Education The National Institute of Sport, Expertise, and Performance, Sciences Po
Horoscope Aries
Father’s Name Moise Rinner
Mother’s Name Marie-Pierre Riner
Siblings Moise Junior Riner, Laure Riner, Natasha Riner
Age 35 Years Old 
Height 2.04 m / 6 feet 8 inches / 204 cm
Weight 130 kg / 287 lb
Rank Sixth Dan
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Black
Events +100 kg
Build Athlete
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend Luthna Plocus
Kids Eden Riner (Born in 2014)
Profession French Judoka
Net Worth Around $245 Million
Combined Earnings Estimated $82 Million Anually
Coached By  Christian Chaumont, Benoit Campargue
Club Paris Saint-Germain
Active Since 2007- present
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch The Adventure of Teddy Riner, In the Shadow of Teddy Riner
Last Update July, 2024

Teddy Riner Net Worth | Income

The French athlete Teddy Riner has a net worth of around $245 million.

Not to mention the club that Teddy was a member of Paris Saint-Germain Studio, founded in 2017; he was assigned there as a figurehead of the project.

Teddy was on the list of People with Money in the top 10 highest-paid athletes for 2021, with an estimated $82 million in accumulated earnings.

He is undoubtedly the top-most French Judoka star and procures most of his income from the sport Judoka.

Teddy Riner
Teddy Riner During The Olympic Match (Source: ijf.org)

But, besides that, he also earns from stock investments, substantial property holdings, and lucrative endorsement deals.

Teddy has also set up several restaurants, one being (the “Fat Riner Burger” chain) in Paris, and a football team (the “Abymes Angels”). 

Teddy has also launched his own brand of Vodka (Pure Wonderiner- France).

He is trying to lead the juniors market with a top-selling perfume (With love from Teddy) and establishing a fashion line called “Teddy Riner Seduction.”

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Teddy Riner Net Worth | In Different Currencies (H2)

Let’s look into Teddy Riner’s net worth in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency BitCoin. 

Currency Net Worth
Euro €207,539,500
Pound Sterling £176,609,475
Australian Dollar A$333,741,940
Canadian Dollar C$307,946,625
Indian Rupee ₹18,256,175,000
BitCoin ฿6,184.34


Teddy Riner’s love and passion for cars go back to his childhood. During an interview, he said he would offer people to wash their cars when he was a kid. 

As of now, he bought a new red 205 car, which he nicknamed Titine. Following it, he also purchased an Audi Q7.

Later, he added that he wasn’t a car collector, nor does he own five to six cars, but he loved to change them often. Also, Teddy’s favorite car is Lamborghini and an Aston Martin DBS.

He said, “I change cars often because I get tired quickly, and I am not a collector. I have friends who have 5 or 6 but hey, when do you roll them all? You lose more money than anything else.”

Teddy Riner Net Worth | As An Ambassador

Teddy Riner was also spotted in the advertisement campaigns for the Ford brand. The automaker company added a new range of vehicles and decided to target both urban and rural areas. 

And the company opted for a drive-to-web campaign and created an interactive and engaging in-app video in an interstitial format.

Likewise, it allowed the new Ford Fiesta range to be advanced with the possibility of customization directly on the format.

We don’t know about the monetary affairs (payments) he shared while working for the brand, but this deal must have lifted his financial footing.

Aligning with the online sources, Teddy was all up for an ambassador’s job that he took for the African Entrepreneur Award.

This award was a grand opportunity that offered $1 million to all deserving African entrepreneurs with an existing business idea or just an idea for one.

It was a boat that young business makers could not miss. 

We don’t have any details regarding the financial scale that Teddy must have received for this job. But this project was an act of kind deed and opportunity more than a deal.

The film advertisement was crafted by Mosaïk, Morocco, for BMCE Bank, under the heading: Finance.

The focal point is, Who misses appearing for an excellent idea like this that boosts the economy and impacts lives?

Teddy Riner Net Worth | As a Philanthropist

UNICEF- France

Well, Philanthropist won’t be the wrong word, but Teddy did involve himself in social works besides being a huge Judo star.

Teddy signed up for the UNICEF France goodwill ambassador. And the story all started here this way.

During a short trip to Togo, Teddy was awestruck and felt empathetic towards the extent of UNICEF’s work among the most endangered.

When he addressed the tireless work of UNICEF, Teddy got triggered by the impact created in one’s life when you initiate to help them. 


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Teddy Riner (@teddyriner)

Since then, Teddy has wanted to help in Togo and several other places globally, wherever his stardom could reach and enhance UNICEF’S fundraising effort.

The fact shrank him that more than 2 million children do not survive their first month of life, and 80% die due to untimely treatment of the disease.

And UNICEF works hard to overcome this trauma, bringing on children’s rights.

The rights include survival, education, protection, and development in 190 countries, specially designed for disadvantaged and needy kids.

And boom, destiny brought Teddy to the right spot.

Since 2012 he has been the official backer of the Imagine Institute for Genetic diseases, which hustles harder for the win in their fights and supports doctors, sick kids, and researchers in the best possible way.

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Teddy Riner Net Worth | Endorsement Deals

Joining Under Armour

The news spread rapidly when the French Olympian Teddy Riner inked a personal endorsement deal with the American sportswear brand Under Armour.

Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, the U.S., the company promised to provide the Judoka and the support team with sports apparel and footwear in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 

Teddy will be the new face of Under Armour’s franchise in France. However, the financial exchange has not been revealed for the long-term deal.

Later, the following year, the sportswear company, Under Armour announced its new campaign,” Will Find a Way,” highlighting eight athletes’ impacting journey.

Moreover, the story is narrated by the Actor and semi-retired pro-wrestler Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock.” 

The sports tycoon included French judo champion Teddy Riner, world champion athlete Natasha Hastings, Olympic swimmer Yusra Mardini, NBA point guard Dennis Smith Jr., and Actress and taekwondo champion Zoe Zhang.

The only objective of this campaign was to bring the importance of hard work, passion, and dedication to the center point. 

Joining Procter And Gamble Campaign

Riner joined (P$G) and began yet another commercial partnership. Also, P&G is an official sponsor of the International Olympic Committee, and Riner was a part of the ongoing French media campaign ‘#MerciMaman 360.’

Likewise, the campaign’s purpose was to celebrate Mother’s roles in an athlete’s career.

Riner and his mother both participated and promoted the campaign throughout France, featuring themed packaging, end caps, and displays.

2022 update

In August, he sustained the injury during a training camp in Rabat when his sparring partner fell on his ankle.

However, Riner’s goal was to attain the World Judo Championship in 2022. It would have been his second international tournament of the season.

The PSG athlete made an international comeback in Budapest after almost a year, where he won the Hungarian Grand Slam.

His journey has begun for Paris 2024 by winning in Budapest.

He said,” Paris 2024 is the light at the end of the tunnel that keeps me going. It’s important to have fun when you’re trying to reach the Olympic Games. What gets me up in the morning is my desire to improve every day and surpass myself to be ready on D-Day.”

In an exclusive interview with Olympics.com at the beginning of the summer.

Riner is aiming for his fifth Olympic games after Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016, and Tokyo 2020. He has already secured two gold medals, two bronze medals in the +100 kg weight category, and one gold medal in the team event.

Teddy a three-time Olympic champion cannot play in the 2022 World Judo Championships due to an ankle injury.

He announced that he won’t be fit to compete in time for the event in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) from 6-13 October.

He will make personal appearances for the bank as he has agreed on a four-year personal endorsement deal with Credit Agricole, already a sponsor in the French Judo Federation (FFJ).

Teddy Riner Net Worth | Other deals

Scrolling down through Teddy’s Instagram feed, we discovered one more work done by him. He was seen promoting @mediaschoolsports which helps kids who want to achieve great heights in sports. 

Teddy captioned the post with, “Do you dream of evolving in the field of sport?

Do you want to make your passion your job? Discover the 7 @mediaschoolsports campuses across France and join us”.

Teddy is also seen conducting webinars for the school.

Also, the deeper you dig, the more you explore this young Judo champ. Running through Teddy’s Instagram profile, we cracked something better. 

Teddy stood as an ambassador for Talent Hub NQT. It was the platform for young candidates who wanted to speed up their job search. 

Teddy Riner Net Worth | Books

There are a few books that he has written (all in French). The books are available on Amazon.

“Surpassing Oneself”

The book was published on June 14, 2012. And Teddy has revealed everything about how he feels about Judo, his childhood, years of sports studies, stories of victories and failures, and his parents being on the same side.

“OrObjectif- Tome0 – Objectif”

This book is written in collaboration with LeBerre and Domon, where they share some joyful and colored moments of life as Judoka. It’s a comic strip that brings sports and adventure together.

“The unsuspected Power Of Sheathing”

Dr. Bernadette de Gasquet and Teddy Riner hold ownership of this book. And this edition is all about strengthening your body without hurting yourself. 

“The Adventures Of Teddy Riner”

There are two editions of this book written by Teddy himself and Beka. Here, he has discussed his mysterious journey as a Judoka.

Teddy Riner | Personal Life

The world-class Judo player Teddy Riner is not single. It’s not even rumored that he is married, but he is in a relationship with his lady and a father of a young son.

Teddy is in unconditional love with his beautiful lady Luthna Plocus, and with her, he shares a baby boy named Eden( born in 2014).

Teddy Riner With His Family
Teddy Riner With His Family (Source: Instagram)

Scrolling down his Instagram posts, we also believed that Teddy is a firm believer and practitioner of Balneotherapy.

He also goes to exotic destinations for a vacation with his family and friends. However, the details regarding the place go missing.

Teddy Riner | Facts

  • According to online sources, Riner has his own statue in the Grevin waxwork museum in Paris like Barack Obama and Brad Pitt.
  • He received offers to switch to rugby or basketball and turned down a profitable proposal from the United States to fight in MMA.
  • Teddy keeps repeating the phrase: “Never let anyone steal your beefsteak.” He believes in keeping thriving harder to keep your throne with you.
  • He wanted to be starred in the Statham movie.
  • Teddy ranks in 5th position in the Top 10 Judo Players of All Time as per 2021 Updates.
  • He has stood at the top of the Judo world for a decade now, but still, he trains himself as if he is still hungry for his first title.


  • 2016 Officier de l’ordre national du Mérite
  • 2011 RTL Champion of Champions; awarded by RTL, a French commercial radio network. 
  • 2012 L’Équipe Champion of Champions (France male category)
  • 2013 Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur


Note: These are the English version of his quotes which were in the French language.

  • “As long as the motivation is there, I hope there will be some nice medals.”
  • “Do what you can do, homie, give it your all! It’s simple; we must say to ourselves that it is simple.”
  • “The preparation to which I forced myself removed all the doubts I might have had.”

Social Media Presence

Teddy updates his life on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Teddy Riner (@teddyriner)

Here are the details regarding his social media handle.

Twitter 746.8 K followers

Instagram 1.3 M followers

Riner also uses social media apps to support the general public, like coming along to raise his voice in support of George Floyd.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Teddy Riner married?

The information regarding this is not revealed accurately, but the sources claim him to be engaged to his long-time girlfriend and mother, Luthna Plocus. Teddy regards his family as everything.

What belt is Teddy Riner?

He is a third dan black belt.

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