Trey Wingo Bio: 2020, Son, Golic & Wingo & Net Worth

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Born to the founding editor of People’s magazine, Trey Wingo has grown out of his Father’s shadows to become one of the leading hosts in possibly the world’s most prominent sports media corporation, ESPN.

The 60-year-old has also worked as a co-host in the morning radio show called Golic and Wingo. As a result, Wingo has amassed an eye-watering net worth of $15 million.

Trey Wingo
Trey Wingo

Thus, you guys must be thinking about how the Oklahoma native became so successful. Well, don’t worry, as, in this article, we will provide every detail of Trey’s personal and professional life.

So, without further ado, let’s start with a dose of quick facts.

Quick Facts:

Full Name Hal Chapman Wingo III
Date of Birth September 19, 1963
Birth Place Oklahoma, U.S.A
Horoscope Virgo
Father’s name Hal Wingo Jr.
Mother’s name Unknown
Siblings Single child
Marital Status Married
Wife Janice Parmelee
Children Chappy Wingo (son)

Chelsea Wingo (daughter)

Religion Christian
Nationality American
Education High School: Greenwich High School

College: Baylor University

Age 60 Years Old
Profession TV and Radio Show Host
Affiliations ESPN (Current), N.B.C. News (Former)
Shows NFL Primetime, Golic, and Wingo
Height 6 feet 3 inches (1.90 m)
Salary $6.5 million
Net Worth $15 million
Online Presence TwitterInstagram, Cameo, Facebook
Last Update June, 2024

What is the birth name of Trey Wingo? Early Life, Family & Education

Hal Chapman Wingo III, aka Trey Wingo, was born to his parents, Hal Wingo and an unknown mother, on September 19, 1963, in Oklahoma. Despite hours of hard work, the information on his mother remains in the dark.

Nonetheless, we realized that Trey’s Father, Hal, is the founding editor of one of the best-selling worldwide magazines, People. And, talking about his siblings, Trey grew up as the sole child of his parents.

Trey Wingo
Trey Wingo’s Mother

Moving on, Wingo attended Greenwich high school with one of the best quarterbacks during the 90s, Steve Young.

After that, he enrolled at Baylor University and graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor’s degree in communications. Moreover, the Oklahoma native was a member of the popular fraternity Phi Delta Theta.

How old is Trey Wingo? Age, Height & Nationality

Being born in1963 makes Wingo’s age 60 years at the moment. Likewise, the Oklahoma native shares his birthday on the 19th day of September. Thus, he falls under the sign of Virgo when it comes to his horoscope.

Moving on, Trey stands at 6 feet 3 inches, which is quite tall when compared to the U.S male average height of 5 feet 9 inches. Sadly, the details regarding his weight remain undisclosed.

And, about his nationality, Wingo was born in Oklahoma, located in the South Central region of the U.S. Therefore, he is an American by nationality.

Trey Wingo | Professional Career

Being the son of the founding editor of People’s magazine has its perks. Likewise, Trey did not have to go through the typical hassle that ordinary people like us have.

To explain, the 60-year-old started his professional career in 1987 with N.B.C. News at Sunrise in New York.

Trey Wingo Career
Trey Wingo Career

While in New York, Wingo worked as the sports director from 1988 to 1997. Not to mention Trey has also anchored SportsCenter specials during Super Bowl and NFL Draft.

Hence, following his nine long years of graft and hard work, Mike landed an ESPN job. Moreover, he started as their play-by-play announcer for the Arena Football League on ESPN with Mark Schlereth. Later, he left ESPN on September 4, 2020.

Is Trey Wingo leaving Golic and Wingo?

Besides his TV shows, Trey also works as a radio show co-host with Mike Golic Jr. in one of the most popular morning radio programs, Golic and Wingo. 

Trey replaced Mike Greenberg in 2017 after the latter left for another popular ESPN show, GetUp! However, recent reports have stated that Wingo does not wish to be a part of the morning show any further.

Unfortunately, the reasons behind the decision have not yet been disclosed to the media. Nevertheless, we respect their choices for Trey and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Trey Wingo | Golf Broadcast

Trey has lined up his new broadcasting gig after his departure from ESPN. According to Golfweek, Trey will call golf for PGA Tour Live.

But this isn’t the first time Wingo calls a golf broadcast. Previously he hosted ESPN’s telecasts of the U.S. Open and the Open Championship. Trey stated

“I’m excited. I love the game and have loved covering the U.S. Open and the Open Championship for years. “I’m thrilled to be covering golf again.”

In the 2019 game between the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots, fans were expecting more offense, only to be disappointed later. Hence, they started the match as a boring snooze fest while the viewers complained about a screaming rant.

After hours of the complaint, Trey Wingo took matters into his hand and said the following;


How much is Trey Wingo Worth? Net Worth & Salary

As of 2024, Wingo has a net worth of $15 million, mainly from his career as a TV and radio show host. At first glance, the 60–year-old’s net worth might seem too much for a TV show host.

On the contrary, Trey has been working in the broadcasting field for 33 years. Hence, the Oklahoma native deserves every bit of his hard-earned cash. Moreover, we believe his net worth will soar over the coming years.

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Talking about his salary, Trey is believed to be earning $6.5 million annually during his contract with ESPN. Furthermore, the Connecticut native also works as a radio host. However, Wingo does not make as much as from his TV contract.

Instead, he earns a measly $20,000 per year or $10 per hour, if you want to be exact. We guess he does it for fun, not to bring home some extra money, as he is already a multi-millionaire.

In the meantime, Trey Wingo involves himself in finding the cure for Cancer. He hopes and pushes forward to look for a day without Cancer. Cancer has even affected Trey Wingo’s parents, grandparents, aunt, friends, and colleagues. 

Who is Trey Wingo’s wife? Wife & Son

Just like his professional career, Wingo is also successful in his one. To illustrate, Trey has happily married his wife, Janice Parmelee. Moreover, the couple has been married for a long time.

Trey Wingo Family
The Wingo Family is on Vacation

Besides that, the duo has been blessed with two beautiful children a son, Chappy Wingo, and a daughter, Chelsea Wingo. Trey’s daughter Chelsea was born with a learning disability, and the doctors weren’t sure if she could do good in school.

But later, Chelsea got an acceptance letter to a college she wanted to attend. Both Chappy and Chelsea have now graduated and are grown-ups now.

Furthermore, it is a testament that the two lovers have managed to be scandal-free over such a long period. Hence, Playersbio believes that if every marriage were as loving and prosperous as Trey and Janice’s, the world would be much happier.

Social Media Presence:

Instagram: 49.5k followers

Twitter: 1 million followers

Facebook: 8.5k followers

Some FAQs:

What is Trey Wingo doing now?

Trey Wingo has recently joined the Pro Football Network LLC (PFN) Company as an equity partner, brand ambassador, and content provider. He stated,

“I’m excited about the new venture going forward. “I’ve been extremely impressed with what Pro Football Network has started, and I’m looking forward to helping them achieve new heights in any way I can.”

What was the craziest news on Trey Wingo?

In 2018, during the Super Bowl season, Trey Wingo surprised and shocked everyone with his stupid human trick. Well, he knew every Super Bowl winner by heart and could recite every score, MVP, and most of the locations to every big game.

What is the Trey Wingo Bear tweet incident?

On Feb 22, 2020, Trey posted a picture on the Twitter account of a bear standing on the porch railing and peering into the glass door, captioning, “So… a bear just walked up to our back porch.”

But that picture of beer was the internet-famous picture taken in 2017, so he was lying about the bear that he had just walked up to his backyard.

Has Trey Wingo launched a podcast?

Trey Wingo has recently launched a podcast called “Half-Forgotten History.” There Wingo interviews broadcasters and football stars about memorable games and moments in their career with stories that perhaps hadn’t been previously revealed.

Why did Trey Wingo leave ESPN?

Trey Wingo left ESPN because he didn’t want to host a radio show. He stated that he wants to keep covering the NFL and work at the NFL Network.

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