Warriors without three starters: Steph, Green, and Wiggins beat the Pelicans

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After clinching the play-in spot, there was not much pressure for the Warriors in tonight’s match against the New Orleans Pelicans.

This game did not have much impact on the Western Conference standings.

But the game against the Memphis Grizzlies decides the No.8 seed on Sunday at Chase Center.

So the Warriors had not much pressure to win the game against the Pelicans.

But the Warriors entered the court without three of their main starters.

According to the source, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Andrew Wiggins are out against the Pelicans to rest them.

So the Warriors entered the court with Jordan Poole, Nico Mannion, and Mychal Mulder in the rotation with Jordan Bell playing for the first time this season after signing with the Warriors.

Despite without the main starters the Warriors still defeated the New Orleans Pelicans 125-122 giving them their fifth consecutive win.

The Warriors took the lead in the first half leading to the win in the final quarter.

A strong start from the Warriors.

Kevon Looney started the quarter with a layup and the Pelicans answered back on Nickeil Alexander-Walker three-pointer.

And Mychal Mulder knocked down a three-pointer taking the lead right back.

Willy Hernangomez then dropped a jumper over Looney guarding him to tie the game a minute into the game.

Both went tied 8-8 with 9:25 remaining in the quarter.

Then Warriors Jordan Poole drives to the basket to drop a dunk.

Subsequently, the Warriors took four points to lead over the Pelicans. Mulder then dropped a three-pointer to extend the lead.

The Warriors continued their 9-0 run till 7:12 on the clock before Eric Bledsoe dropped a jumper to score for the Pelicans.

Juan Toscano-Anderson’s pass to Jordan Poole for the bucket gave the Warriors 9 point advantage halfway into the quarter.

They were 15-19 entering the second half of the first quarter.

Soon the Warriors five points while the Pelicans scored four points during that time with 5:05 left in the quarter.

Kevon Looney then added a score with a layup extending the lead to seven points.

Eric Bledsoe then answered right back with a jumper from inside a free throw line.

To which Poole answered with a three-pointer.

Eric Bledsoe and Hernangomez bucket cut the lead within six points.

Hernangomez layup right after that cut the lead to four points with three and a half left to play.

The Warriors however continued their hot shooting, with Poole scoring a three-pointer.

And Nico Manion dropping a three-pointer right after that giving 10 points lead with about a minute and a half left to play.

Mulder then knocked down another three-pointer for the warriors bringing the game to 28-41.

The quarter ended with back-to-back buckets from the Pelicans cutting the lead 32-41 at the final seconds of the quarter.

Golden State’s 41 points in the quarter were a season-high and the team’s sixth 40-point quarter overall.

β€œWe didn’t try at all in the first half,” Pelicans coach Stan Van Gundy said. “We didn’t try, we didn’t focus, we made no effort whatsoever.”

The Warriors continued dominance in the second quarter.

Nico started the second quarter with a three-pointer extending the lead 12 points 30 seconds into the quarter.

The Pelicans showed great ball movement, giving the ball to Didi Louzada for a three-pointer to answer back the Warriors.

Nico then drew a foul, scoring a layup on Jordan Bell’s pass for the Warriors right back.

Mulder dunk from Nico’s alley opp gave another bucket for the Warriors.

Both the teams went scoring back and forth with the Warriors with 11 points advantage 2:41 left to play in the quarter.

Poole scored another bucket for the Warriors extending the lead to 13 points after that.

James Johnson then answered back with a layup on the other end.

Kent Bazemore then hit a jumper subsequently.

This brought the Warriors 53-68 with less than two minutes left to play.

Poole and Bazemore’s combo gave another bucket to the Warriors.

Likewise, Poole pass to Mulder behind the three-pointer line gave another bucket, ending the quarter 75-57 with the Warriors with 18 points advantage.

The Pelicans come back after the half.

Entering the third quarter, Pelicans were behind 18 points, but still, the Pelicans continued to fight back scoring a three-pointer at the start of the quarter.

Naji Marshall then drew a foul driving into the rim giving another bucket to the Pelican cutting the lead to 13 points.

Bazemore then stole the ball from the Pelicans giving a bucket to the Warriors with Mulder scoring a layup.

James came crashing down after grabbing the rebound and the Pelicans call for the timeout after that.

The Warriors still in 14 point lead over the Pelicans halfway into the third quarter.

They were 75-91 with 3:09 remaining to play in the quarter.

Walker then scored a layup for the Pelicans to which Tuscano-Anderson answered with a dunk on Nico Mannion behind the back dime.

Wenyen Gabriel hit a three-pointer to bring the game within eight points with less than a minute left to play.

They then cut the lead again within six points 13.8 seconds left on the clock.

But the Warriors ended the quarter with a three-pointer in the final few seconds taking a nine-point lead into the fourth quarter.

All the hustle in the fourth.

The Pelicans started to pace up after coming as much within six points in the third while the Warriors were trying to keep the lead over the Pelicans after losing the double-figure lead.

Bell caught the rebound and passed to Mulder for a three-pointer opening the fourth quarter for the Warriors.

Mannion then passed to Alen Smailagic for a three-pointer to give the Warriors another bucket in a row bringing the lead to 12 points.

Jaxon Hayes then scored a jumper for the Pelicans.

They were 101-110 with 8:52 left on the clock.

Mulder then scored a layup while Hayes drew a foul, scoring a bucket on the other end.

Poole scored a three-pointer right after that.

The Pelicans still trailed the Warriors halfway into the quarter. Poole scored a jumper with the Warriors fan cheering in the background as he dropped his career-high points.

The lead then cut to 8 points with about five minutes left on the clock.

Mannion got blocked on the rim, and Poole losing the ball right after that gave the Pelicans chance to redeem 

Hayes took the chance but missed but Wenyen Gabriel dropped the bucket on his miss bringing the game within four points with three and half minutes left.

The Warriors made another mistake with Bazemore missing the layup giving another bucket to the Pelicans as Naji Marshall scored on the other end.

The game came to 117-119 with 2:15 on the clock.

Nickeil finally gave the Pelicans the lead of the game with a three-pointer on Kira Lewis Jr.’s pass.

But Paschall tipped off on Mannion’s miss with 33.1 seconds left on the quarter.

Nickeil soon took the ball driving on the other end but got blocked by Bell in the first attempt but scored right back to get the lead back.

Poole then scored a layup on Mannion’s pass taking the lead for the Warriors.

Walker tried to drop the bucket but fell short and Bazemore caught the ball passing to Paschall before he went out of the court with the ball that kept the ball alive with 2.4 seconds left in the game.

Then Poole dropped his final two free throws giving the Warriors a three-point lead over the Pelicans.

A great night for the Warriors’ youths.

The game marked the third Warriors-Pelicans matchup in the last two weeks, but this one took on a different look, with the best players on both teams sitting this one out. 

With the Pelicans eliminated from postseason contention, the Pelicans sat Zion Williamson, Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Steven Adams to allow their younger players to develop. 

And the Warriors rest out the main starters: Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Andrew Wiggings for Sunday’s showdown with Memphis Grizzlies that determines the eight placed in the Western Conference. 

As a result, the Warriors would only need one win to get a spot to play in the NBA Playoffs if they defeat the Grizzlies.

Tonight’s game without the starter allowed several Warriors players to play extra time.

They took full advantage of it and some even made their career highs.

Among these players were the backcourt duo of Jordan Poole and Mychal Mulder.

As both, the duo scored their career-high points.

Poole led the Warriors, scoring career-high 38 points and shot 12 for 22 in his first career 30-point performance and third straight game with 20-plus points.

That also after Poole limped to the locker room with 9:52 remaining in the third quarter but came back after wrapping ice around the ankle.

He then finished with career-high points along with 4 rebounds and 6 assists.

β€œHe came back on fire,” Golden State’s Mychal Mulder said of Poole playing on a tender ankle. β€œI think that just speaks to his toughness and his character and his will to win. That’s something that he’s got and it’s impressive.”

Even Coach Kerr looked amazed after his return from the injury.

β€œYou always are terrified when somebody goes down with a rolled ankle because you just don’t know how bad it is, but fortunately it wasn’t too bad,” coach Steve Kerr said. β€œI was really surprised when he came back in the game.”

Not only, Jordan Poole, but all the other players also shined with their plays.

Mychal Mulder himself dropped a new career-high, scoring 28 points, 2 rebounds, and an assist.

Similarly, Kent Bazemore dropped 14 points with 4 rebounds and with saving the ball that gave the Warriors a win.

Nico Mannion on the other hand dropped 11 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists.

 He recorded career-high rebounds and career-high assists all in a career-high 32 minutes off the bench.

Eric Paschall led the Warriors bench, scoring 12 points after returning from the injury missing the last 20 games.

Juan Toscano-Anderson dropped career-high 9 assists along with 9 points and 9 rebounds.

Meanwhile, Jordan Bell made his first appearance as a Warrior since June 10, 2019, Game 5 of the NBA Finals after signing with the Warriors on Thursday.

He finished with five rebounds, two assists, and two blocks in 15 minutes off the bench.

On the other hand, some of the Pelicans’ players also shined without their key players.

Nickeil Alexander-Walker dropped 30 points leading the Pelicans after he picked up the momentum as the game went on.

He finished with 5 rebounds and 4 assists.

Likewise, Naji Marshall dropped 20 points with 13 rebounds a double-double along with 3 assists.

Willy Hernangomez scored 10 points along with 9 rebounds.

Eric Bledsoe made 11 points with a rebound and 4 assists playing 16 minutes.

Jaxon Hayes led the bench scoring 19 points and 8 rebounds while Wenyen Gabriel dropped 14 points with 6 rebounds and 2 assists coming off the bench.

Pelicans host the Lakers on Sunday night while the Warriors host the Grizzlies on Sunday afternoon with seeding at stake.




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