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A responsible daughter, loving wife, and a caring mother, Taylor Dowd Keith is also known as Taylor Dowd Simpson (wife of Webb Simpson).

As it is said, “Behind every successful man, there’s a woman.” In the same way, behind Webb Simpon’s success, there is Webb Simpson’s wife.

An actor by profession, she has her own identity. But for her husband and children, she took a break from her career.

For now, she is ok with just the title of Webb Simpson’s Wife. Taylor wanted to give the family all her time and wanted to be present in every small and precious moment of their kids.

As it is always said, “True love conquers all.” What is meant to happen will eventually happen.

No matter how hard you try to avoid it. The same thing happened to Taylor Dowd Keith and Wedd Simpson; they had their own fairytale love story.

Taylor Dowd Keith and husband Webb Simpson
Taylor Dowd Keith and husband, Webb Simpson

This relationship of theirs saw a lot of ups and downs. Yet, they both were determined to work this out. Finally, their loyalty, respect, and love for each other got a name; they become official.

But, life isn’t always a “Bed of roses.” Taylor sacrificed a lot of things for her marriage.

It is not that she was forced to do so; she did it of her own will, but it obviously would be hard for anyone to sideline their career for others.

Amazingly, they are both happy in their lives and are happily married. Today, we dive into the life of Webb Simpson’s wife (Taylor Dowd Keith).

And we also discuss her early life, career, love story, marriage, children’s net worth.

But before that, let’s have a look at some quick facts.

Quick Facts:

Full Name Taylor Dowd Simpson
Birth Place Charlotte, West Carolina
Birth Date October 30, 1984
Nick Name Dowd
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Communication and Theatre
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’s Name Greg Keith
Mother’s Name India Early Keith
Siblings Five
Age 39 Years Old
Height 5 ft. 6 inches
Weight Undefined
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Brown
Marital Status Married
Marriage Location Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.
Children Five
Profession Actress
Net Worth $25M (including her husband’s property)
Current Work Housewife
Alumni Wake Forest University, Winston Salem
Social Media Not Active
Hobbies Collecting wigs, social service
Spouse Webb Simpson (January 2, 2010)
Merch of Webb Simpson Signed Olympic Club Hat,> Autographed Photo
Last Update February, 2024

Webb Simpson Wife | Early life, Parents and Education

Taylor Dowd Simpson is referred to as Dowd by her loved ones (including her husband). She was born on October 30, 1984, in Charlotte, West Carolina.

She was born to Gerg Keith (father) and India Early Keith (mother). Dowd is the eldest kid of her parents, and she has four siblings.

Further, she is an American Citizen by birth. Added to that, she is a Scorpio, according to her horoscope chart.

Her horoscope defines her as a tough-minded, brave, loyal, secretive, and ambitious woman.

She is determined, and when she decides she wants something, she will go after it, regardless of the challenges in her way.

Taylor Dowd Simpson- PGA golfer Webb Simpsons wife.
Taylor Dowd Simpson- PGA golfer Webb Simpson’s wife.

As she is a Scorpion by horoscope, she has always been loyal. Her loyalty to her husband is an example of this.

She, from an early age, was very courageous and brave. Choosing acting as a career is a bold decision that everyone can’t make.

However, she studied Communication and Theater at Wake Forest University. She participated in a lot of plays.

Interestingly, she met her husband in the same college through a mutual friend. The epic love story of Webb Simpson and Taylor Keith started from there.

How old is Taylor Dowd Simpson? Age and Physical Appearance

At present, Taylor Dowd Simpson is 39 Years Old and happily married.

She and her husband have five kids. She celebrates her birthday just after Halloween every year on October 30.

Besides, we would like to say that she is a courageous person. She is determined and knows what is best for her family.

Taylor is a pure soul; she has always supported her husband. Whenever he needed her, she was by his side.

Undoubtedly, she the most beautiful woman related to golf. She has that aura that can aww struck any soul. Everyone appreciates her for her humbleness, politeness, and caring nature. She has that motherly instinct in her that attracts everyone.

This picture of Tylor was shared by her husband, Webb Simpson, as an appreciation post for his wife on the occasion of their 10th anniversary.

Being a mother of five kids, it is indeed very appreciable how she has maintained her body.

She looks perfectly fine in her body type. Clearly, she is very health conscious and follows a properly balanced diet to maintain her body.

Taylor Dowd Simpson | Professional Carrer: Acting

Taylor Dowd Keith wanted to become an actor. After graduating from the theater, she also persuaded her acting career in Los Angeles and Atlanta.

 She also acted in a lot of plays, including Romeo and Juliet.

However, life doesn’t give us everything we want. Sometimes, because of certain circumstances, we have to give up on our dreams.

The same thing happened with Taylor Dowd Simpson.

After getting married to Wedd Simpson, she took a break from her acting career. She became so busy with the household stuff and kids that she could not act career time.

Webb and Taylor Simpson for Charlotte magazine.
Webb and Taylor Simpson for Charlotte magazine.

As a mother, she did not want to miss out on the small moments with her kids.

She wanted to be present with them during their first walk, their first word, the first day of school, and as a wife, and she wants to become part of her husband’s every success.

During Webb Simpson’s hard times, Taylor stood like a rock behind him.

Today, she might not be an actor; she might be an ordinary housewife.

But she has made her own identity and maintained her individuality, and the most important thing is, she is happy with what she is doing.

She loves being with her family and spending time with them.

Webb Simpson Wife | Net Worth

Her net worth has not been disclosed. As she is not working these days, she might not be earning anything. But when she was active in her career, she might have earned a good amount of money.

Likewise, her husband’s income is also considered her income (Webb Simpson’s Contract). In this case, her net worth is considered to be $25 Million.

Webb Simpson and Taylor Simpson’s Love Life | Dating, Marriage, kids

Taylor Dowd Keith and Webb Simpson both met at Wake Forest University through a mutual friend.

Taylor’s brother and Webb were best friends, but they didn’t meet through him. In the beginning, they didn’t know each other.

Webb was friends with Taylor’s brother, he would often visit their home, but they never had any conversation.

Webb Simpson and Taylor Simpson Love Story

They met through a mutual friend; however, Webb’s father was responsible for beginning their love story. Webb’s father offered $100 to go on a date with his son. To which Taylor replied;

“If he’s as cute as you, I’ll go for free.”

And then they started dating. They were so in love with each other and knew they were both meant for each other.

Webb and Taylor were so compatible with each other, and they knew what each other wanted from their lives and supported each other through thick and thins.

But soon after they finished college, they broke up. They were young and confused about everything.

They wanted to find their own paths in life. Indeed, they wanted to explore what the world holds for them individually.

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It is said, “Sometimes things have to fall apart, for them to fall together.” After one year of their breakup, they finally reunited.

They realized that they need each other to complete each other. And after five months of reunion, they got engaged, and after the next five months, they got married.

Webb Simpson and Taylor Simpson | Marriage, Kids

After five months of engagement, they got married. They have a beautiful family of their own. They have five kids together. For her husband and children, she took a break from her acting career.

James, their son, and their first child as well, was born in 2011. Their first daughter is Willow Grace.

Soon after that, Augusta (second daughter) was born. After that, Mercy (third daughter) was born in May 2016. Lastly, their youngest daughter was born in 2018.

Taylor Dowd Simpson and her family.
Taylor Dowd Simpson and her family.

Currently, Taylor attends her husband’s games to support him. She is also considered the most beautiful woman in golf.

Taylor is her husband’s strength. Webb Simpson, in his many interviews, has thanked Taylor for her sacrifice.

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He says, whoever he is today, his success is because of his wife. If she had not been there, he would not be as successful as he is today.

Taylor’s contribution to her husband’s success is appreciable. She is doing her best to be a perfect wife and a good mom.

Taylor Dowd Simpson | Hobbies

Taylor Webb Simpson has this weird hobby of collecting wigs. She has various wigs with her, and she also tries them all when she is at home.

Mrs. Simpson loved collecting wigs from her early days. She has always been a fan of wigs. In her interview, once Taylor confessed to herself that it’s extraordinary, but she loves wigs.

Another thing, she is very passionate about her religion. She is a Christian and loves to read the Bible. Taylor spends a lot of her time studying the Bible, finding new things about life in it.

Taylor on her wedding day.
Taylor on her wedding day.

She is very outspoken, and whenever she finds a way of preaching Christianity, she does. Taylor believes Christianity is significant to bind a family in one thread. Also, her whole family believes the same.

Social Media Presence

Taylor Dowd Simpson is not active in social media. We hope that she soon opens an Instagram account so that we can see more about her.

Lastly, Taylor Dowd Simpson is a brave woman. Not everyone has the guts to take a break from their flourishing career for their family.

The way she has supported her husband during his hard times is very appreciable.

Some FAQs:

Where does Webb and Taylor Dowd Simpson live?

Webb and Taylor Dowd Simpson currently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.

How tall is Taylor Dowd Simpson?

Taylor Dowd Simpson stands 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

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  1. Down and Webb, you may remember me from Youngsville,N.C. Dave Owen is my son, pastor at Providence Baptist Church. He has kept me caught up on Webb’s career and your family! Wanted you to know I have kept you in my prayers for these last 10 plus years! Always treasure the golf tournament I was privileged to play with you, Dave and Leon! Second place was great! I didn’t have a wall big enough to hang the first place picture! All things work together for good to those who love the Lord ……..Romans 8:28 Best of luck this weekend! Pulling for you to win! God bless you and your family! In Christ Rev Don Owen


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