Zac Rosscup: Early Life, Career & Net Worth

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Zachary Martin Rosscup or Zac Rosscup was a professional American Major League Baseball player who works as a free agent. He is currently playing in Minor League Baseball for Colorado Rockies as a pitcher.

Rosscup has played for six MLB teams in his professional career. He is one of the few MLB players to play for more than five teams during the career successfully.

Further, Zac is famous in MLB for his throwing and batting skills. He bats from the right position and throws from the left position.

Zac Rosscup.

Besides, Martin Rosscup is currently involved as a free agent. That means he is not responsible for his actions or authority during the gameplay. Zac can play in any team whenever he wants; he is not bound to any contracts.

Before discussing more about Zac Rosscup’s journey in the MLB, let’s dive into his quick facts:

Zac Rosscup | Quick Facts

Full Name Zachary Martin Rosscup
Birth Date 9 June 1988
Birth Place Clackamas, Oregon, United States
Nick Name Zac Rosscup
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Completed High School at Forest Grove
Horoscope Gemini
Father’s Name Information Not Available
Mother’s Name Lisa Rosscup
Siblings Information Not Available
Age 36 Years Old
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 93 Kilograms
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Black
Build Athletic
Profession MLB Player
Professional Career Teams 5 Teams
Active Years in Baseball 13 Years
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Wife’s Name Mindy Rosscup
Kids Two, a son and a daughter
Net Worth $1 Million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Update July, 2024

Early Life, Parents, and Education

Zac Rosscup was born on 9 June 1988 in Clackamas, Oregon, United States of America. His father’s name is not available, but his mother, Lisa Rosscup, was a working lady in Clackamas.

Rosscup belongs to a town where many people played baseball. He had a passion for playing baseball since his childhood. Despite many problems, Rosscup continues to pursue a career in baseball.

Zac completed primary school in Clackamas. Later, he attended Forest Grove High School for a degree. He also played baseball on the college’s team.

Besides, Rosscup is a left-handed pitcher with a substantial velocity of pitching skills alongside ball-controlling talents.

Zac showed his talents in different parts of America till his teenage days. He was one of the few players from Clackamas to play for numerous teams during his amateur career.

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Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Rosscup is 6 feet 1 inch (1.88m) tall. He is powerful with both hands. When he hits a ball, it goes like a rocket, said Joe Baumgartner, the retired head of Forest Groove High School.

Moreover, Zac’s diet plan is nothing special. He eats what an average person eats in America. However, Zac is a fitness lover. He likes to go to the gym and do challenging exercises.

Zac Rosscup pitching in the game.

Rosscup weighs around 93 kilograms. He looks massive because of his height and weight. Sadly, there is no exact information about Zac’s body measurements.

Our magazine has a policy not to follow the rumors because they are not fact-checked. Our team will update you when we get proper information regarding this issue.

Zac Rosscup | Baseball Career

Rosscup has played for several baseball leagues. Zac entered the U.S. amateur league by playing minor leagues in his hometown’s teams.

While he was growing up, Zac had a desire to play football. But his grandfather didn’t allow him. Rosscup’s scope and physical strength to pitch hits at an incredible speed shifted his grandfather’s thoughts, and he told Zac was having the wrong desire.

Rosscup during a baseball match.

After Zac’s grandfather’s passing, he didn’t intend to play baseball in high school. However, Rosscup’s family didn’t let his grandfather’s dream end. His parents ultimately influenced him to remain in baseball and use the ability of his left arm.

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College Career

During his High School studies, Zac played on Forest Grove High School’s team as a pitcher. Different coaches of amateur teams praised his performance.

Furthermore, during his childhood, he played in the local club of Chemeketa Community College

Zac’s coach in college praised him by saying, “Being a left-handed pitcher with his velocity and ability to command pitches, he has the raw talent that the Rays saw they could mold him into a real polished pitcher.”

Rosscup has a powerful left hand.

Rosscup had a satisfying career at the college level. He gained an average of 1.60 runs per game in the sophomore season. 

In the 2009 MLB draft, he was drafted from Chemeketa Community College. Later, Tampa Bay Rays picked him in the 28th round of the draft.

After getting selected for the MLB, Zac’s mother said, “I was so excited, I started crying when I heard about his selection. Days back, Zac said to someone, see, I told you I could make my mom cry – and it came true.”

MLB Career

In 2009, Zac entered the MLB. But he didn’t get many chances to play games.

He played his first match in West Virginia against Greenville Astros. Zac joined the advanced rookie-level team.

Zac entered in the ninth inning for the Rays, when they were trailing behind 4-3. Rosscup provided a leadoff triple to Jose Altuve. And he took a run, after that he settled down, ultimately it forced a pop-up and an inning-ending double play.

Rosscup, playing for the Dodgers.

However, Tampa Bay Rays traded him to the Chicago Cubs alongside Matt Garza and Fernando Perez in 2011.

He played several matches representing the Chicago Cubs. Zac’s batting statistics are not available, but several sports magazines claim he had a promising career there.

Furthermore, Rosscup played a first-ever major game on 3 September 2013. After playing ten games, he gained an ERA (Earned Run Average) of 1.35.

Chicago Cubs credited Zac in 2014 for a victory against St. Louis Cardinals. People appreciated his gameplay during that match.

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Colorado Rockies and Aftermath

In 2017, Zac decided to leave the Chicago Cubs – and joined Colorado Rockies. He played his first match against the New York Mets on Citi Field. He entered into the ground when the club forced out John Gray from their team.

As a free agent, he wasn’t bound to stay with any team. So he decided to leave the club after one year. After that, Rosscup joined the Los Angeles Dodgers on 19 August 2018.

He played 20 games for the Dodgers during his stay. Rosscup had an average of struck out 20 batters in 11.3 innings. Further, the club decided to contract him in November, but he chose to leave.

However, Zac joined the Dodgers again in 2019. Since then, he has played for Toronto Blue Jays, St. Louis Cardinals, and Colorado Rockies till 2020.

Rosscup is infamous for changing clubs like clothes. He is one of the MLB players to play in the Minor and Major leagues at once.

Zac has an average of 5-2 win-loss record. He earned 5.16 runs per game and has a total number of 113 strikeouts during his career.

Wife, Kids, and Personal Life

Rosscup is a married man. He tied knots with a long-time girlfriend, Mindy Rosscup. But they didn’t tell the media when and where they married.

Also, there is not much information about Mindy available. Some say she is not employed but did jobs in the past.

Zac and his wife.

Before marriage, they were living together. Moreover, the couple has a beautiful life. Both of them are happy.

There are no rumors or gossip about Zac and Mindy having fights. The couple is strongly dedicated to each other, so nothing wrong is going on between them.

Zack and Mindy were blessed with a son in August 2017. The couple named him Zaden. Also, somewhere around January 2019, Mindy gave birth to a cute daughter.

Zac’s son and daughter.

Rosscup is a travel enthusiast. He has traveled all over America during his professional career – but likes to go to new places with his family.

Zac also likes to watch television, go on a trek, and hiking during the holidays. He also plays games online. The couple goes to the beach whenever they get time.

Rosscup is fond of new shoes. He buys new shoes and expects comments from his fans.

He loves to keep dogs. Zac has two little Chihuahuas in his home.

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Zac Rosscup | Salary and Net Worth

As mentioned before, Rosscup has played in six significant clubs during his career. He used to get sufficient money while playing for the clubs.

Zac is living an extraordinary life with his family. What he earns, he likes to spend. He earns $555,000 as an annual salary.

Rosscup earned $2.4 million during his career. However, he had to pay more taxes because he played in various teams.

Further, by calculating his total earnings, Zac’s net worth sums $1 million.

There is no known information about his house, car collections, and other lavish things. He doesn’t like to show lavish things in public.

Besides, Zac has also represented different brands. He regularly shoots commercials for multi-national brands. He adds money from doing advertisements.

Social Media Usage

Zac uses Twitter and Instagram to connect with his fans. Despite having many fans offline, he has not gained many followers online. It seems Zac doesn’t like to waste time on Social Media.

On his Instagram account, we can see his wife’s, children’s, and dogs’ pictures. Sadly, only 1617 followers follow him on Instagram.

However, he also follows more than nine hundred people. Zac’s Instagram shows he is not a guy who thinks of himself as a celebrity.

On his Twitter account, there are professional and personal posts. He Tweets his family pictures on Twitter as well.

Besides these, Zac doesn’t use Facebook. Maybe, he uses it personally. God Knows!

Some common queries about Zac Rosscup:

Where is Zac Rosscup currently playing?

Zachary Martin Rosscup is currently playing for a Minor League Baseball team Memphis Redbirds.

What is Zac Rosscup’s position in the game?

Zac Rosscup’s position is a pitcher in the game.

Where does Zac Rosscup live?

Rosscup is currently living in Memphis, Tennessee.

What are Zac Rosscup’s agent and his MLB statistics?

Zac Rosscup’s agent is Magnus Sports. To date, Zac has maintained an ERA of 5.16 with 113 strikeouts. Also, he has a win-loss record of 5-2.

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