10 Best NFL Defense in Current Year

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Most of the time, winning in football is all about defense, and with the progress of the new season, let’s see who has the best NFL defense in 2024.

It’s hard to make a statement on that side of the ball. Hence, this is why there are very few teams that stand out for their dominating defense.

Best NFL Defense
NFL Defender intercepting a pass. (Source: chicago.suntimes.com)

Getting better in the defensive end is always the target for every NFL team. Likewise, in every offseason, groups are seen focusing on establishing a solid defense.

Whether adding a new player, drafting defensive players, or hiring a new coach, NFL teams will do just anything to be recognized as the best NFL defense in 2024. 

10 Best NFL Defense in 2024

The NFL defense mentioned below is gathered through NFL reports, Denver Post, and Weekly Spiral. Before jumping into details, let’s have a quick view of the names present in the list.

Team Name
Previous Standings
Previous Record
10. Miami Dolphins 2nd AFC East 10-6
9. Buffalo Bills 1st AFC East 13-3
8. Denver Broncos 4th AFC West 5-11
7. New England Patriots 3rd AFC East 7-9
6. Washington Football Team 1st NFC East 7-9
5. Cleveland Browns  3rd AFC North 11-5
4. Baltimore Ravens 2nd AFC North 11-5
3. Indianapolis Colts 2nd AFC South 11-5
2. Los Angeles Rams 2nd NFC West 10-6
1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2nd NFC South 11-5

10. Miami Dolphins

Falling to rise with good offensive players on the active roster, the Dolphins made huge traders. Instead of acquiring new players, they decide to stack up future-round picks.

As a result, season by season, Maimi was getting better on both sides of the floor. Similarly, with the hiring of a new defensive coordinator Josh Boyer, their defense started making progress.

In 2019, the Dolphins finished the season with 5-11, where they allowed the most points than any other team in NFL.

Further, there was no coming back from that worst season. Regardless of their poor season, Miami did make some aggressive trades to better their roster.

However, drafting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and focusing on their defensive end seemed to work for the Dolphins.

Therefore, they improved the 2020 season with a 10-6 record where only five teams allowed fewer points per game than Miami.

Likewise, the Pro Bowler Xavien Howard, who ranks at #4 amongst the best NFL cornerbacks, made the transition of becoming one of the best NFL defenses easy.

Hence, it’s not much likely for the Dolphins to return to their lackluster defense any time soon.

They may not have had that much success in the postseason, but the 2024 season will defiantly change the books.

Thus, the addition of some draft picks, and a healthy roster might help them reach the Super Bowls.

9. Buffalo Bills

In no way, could fans or analysts have predicted Bill’s last season’s performance. But, it was spectacular, and they looked so much confident on the defensive side of the floor.

Improving on a 10-6 record from 2019, the Bills finished 1st in the AFC with 13-3. The initial season was looking pretty banged up for Buffalo as no particular change was noticed.

However, the defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier had made some tremendous defensive strategies.

He made sure to use their top defensive backers, Tre’Davious White and Tremaine Edmunds, perfectly. Therefore, there is no question that they will be resourceful in the 2024 season.

Buffalo bills defense
Tremaine Edmunds, on the defensive end of the floor for Buffalo Bills. (Source: wikimedia.org)

The Bills swept the Patriots for the first time since 1999 in the last season. Similarly, they dominated their entire division by sweeping all of them for the first time in the franchise history.

Further, the team also made their presence felt in the postseason. Nonetheless, the Kansas City Chiefs ruined their season by defeating them for the AFC Championships.

Overall, the Buffalo Bills are sure to bounce back with the fantastic roster that they are working with.

8. Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos had one of the worst seasons in the franchise history. They were an injury-prone team with a lusterless offense that never seemed to spark.

As a result, they had some significant changes in the coaching staff and the roster. Denver immediately signed Kyle Fuller and Ronald Darby in the offseason, who will help to shape the team.

Similarly, the Broncos have built a solid roster by drafting Patrick Surtain II, who is considered the best defensive player in the 2021 draft class.

Not to forget, Denver’s first-class nickel corner Bryce Callahan and safety Justin Simmons will also have a massive impact on the team’s outcome.

Surely, the Broncos have one of the best NFL rosters for 2024. With Von Miller and Bradley Chubb coming out of injury, Denver will have a star lineup.

It may be a long catch, but this lineup of some astonishing talent could be the best defensive backfield and the best pass-rushing duo in 2024 season.

7. New England Patriots

Despite not qualifying for the playoffs for the third time since 2000, sleeping on the Patriots would be a massive mistake.

The first reason is their head coach and defensive coordinator, Bill Belichick, who is the greatest coach in NFL history.

Hence, he will indeed find a way to revive the team and head back to the playoffs. Quite possibly, Belichick has already made that move by signing Matt Judon that adds depth to his lineup.

Moreover, Judon, a two-time Pro Bowler and is in his prime, will help provide the Patriots with a rushing presence that lacked last season.

With the trio of Stephon Gilmore, J.C. Jackson, and Jonathan Jones at the CB position, New England is looking solid for the 2024 season.

Furthermore, there is an immense expectation for the Patriots to make an impactful comeback.

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6. Washington Football Team

The Washington Football Team with the reigning Defensive Rookie of the Year, Chase Young, takes the league by storm. 

The rookie was the best overall prospect in the draft. Hence, Washington is pleased and satisfied to have drafted him.

In the last season, Young’s performance of 7.5 sacks has already helped secure him the 61st position on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2021. Therefore, the 2024 season will undoubtedly see a rise in the rookie.

Similarly, Washington, with its previous four first-round draft picks, has invested in the defensive line. As a result, they would be wreaking havoc on the defensive end.

On the other hand, linebacker Jamin Davis, safety Landon Collins, and starting CB duo William Jackson and Kendall Fuller will genuinely help solidify the team’s defense.

Hence, fans can get ready to see some dynamic performances from Washington on both sides of the floor.

Likewise, the football team is very probable to make a deep playoff run.

5. Cleveland Browns 

Getting recognized as the best NFL defense is a challenging task, but it seems effortless for the Cleveland Browns.

While many fans recognize the Browns for their flashy offense led by Nick Chubb, they are underappreciated for their defensive efforts.

As a result, Cleveland has a well versatile roster with great offensive and defensive players. However, out of many, the defensive end Myles Garrett stands out to be the brightest athlete on the team.

Best NFL defense in cleveland
Cleveland’s star defensive player, Myles Garett. (Source: wikimedia.org)

He is a monster in the field who is expected to break the single-season sack record of 22.5. No doubt, with him being entirely healthy for the entire season, he will break the record.

Further, Garrett’s performance has supported Cleveland to seal most of their game.

Besides that, the Brows have been busy in the free agency, where they have landed some incredible defensive players. They have added DT Malik Jackson, LB Anthony Walker, CB Troy Hill, and S John Johnson.

Overall, the upgraded defensive position will change the shape of the league and possibly help the Browns win the AFC Championship.

4. Baltimore Ravens

Before praising the players, the Ravens staff are supposed to be highly appreciated for their phenomenal work. 

Significantly, the general manager has outworked the league in finding the perfect fit for the team.

Nonetheless, the Ravens will miss Matt Judon and Yannick Ngakoue, who were solid defensive players.

However, the addition of Calais Campbell, Brandon Williams, and Derek Wolfe will not fail Baltimore.

Further, as the linebacker Patrick Queen is set to have a productive 2nd year, the Ravens look more robust than ever.

Similarly, with the vigorous CB duo of  Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters, destruction is inevitable for the entire league.

Besides that, the Ravens hold the longest active streak for allowing 20 or fewer points per game in all the last four seasons.

Definitely, this streak will follow the 2024 season. Thus, the Ravens deserved the fourth spot on the best NFL defense for the 2024 list.

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3. Indianapolis Colts

There is something very different about Colt’s defense. It’s a very swift change of position differing from the priority of the play. And the credit goes to Indianapolis coordinator Matt Eberflus.

He is a brilliant and spirited coordinator that knows precisely how to exploit his defensive lineup fully. As a result, the Colts have answers to almost every offensive position.

The focal point of Eberflus’ defense is, of course, Darius Leonard. Therefore, he is the highest-paid NFL linebacker for a reason.

Similarly, Leonard is a brick wall who makes sure to take down his opponent promptly. He is the only NFL player with a record of 15 sacks and over 400 tackles throughout three seasons.

Up next is veteran defensive tackle DeForest Buckner, a specialist in defensive playmaking. He has been huge for the Colts during crunch time, where he makes the right play and helps secure the win.

Likewise, players like Kwity Paye, Xavier Rhodes, Julian Blackmon, and Khari Willis will assist in solidifying the team’s defense.

Thus, the 2024 campaign will be massive for the Colts in becoming the best NFL defense posit.

2. Los Angeles Rams

Aaron Donald is one of the most outstanding defensive players. The dude is a freak in the field, making sure to punish his opponent’s offense. No doubt why he has been a Pro Bowler throughout his career. Similarly, Donald is a three-time Defensive Player of the Year.

Long story short: this is the defensive monster Aaron Donald’s league. He is the most dynamic player that clearly cannot be contained.

Therefore, Donald is simply the best non-quarterback in today’s league. No wonder the Rams are the top defensive threat to the league.

Moreover, Jalen Ramsey, the best NFL cornerback, Darious Williams, and Jordan Fuller create a perfect band for the Rams to stay on top.

However, Los Angeles will certainly miss coach Brandon Staley, who made this team ranked #1 in scoring, and total defense last year.

Nonetheless, appointing Sean McVay was a good move for the Rams. As a result, Los Angeles is the runner-up for the best NFL defense in 2024.

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1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The leading Super Bowl champions are pretty much self-explanatory in regards to their dominance.

To elaborate, they held Patrick Mahomes and team to just three field gold in Super Bowl Sunday. As a result, fans should get used to seeing such stunning performances from Tampa.

The main credit to the phenomenal defense goes to the defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. He has an incredible eye for making plays and positioning the right player at the right time.

best nfl defense tampa
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the best NFL defense. (Source: Bucsnation.com)

Further, Shaq Barrett, Lavonte David, Devin White, and many more benefit from his guidance and play. With keeping this band together, the champs have a higher chance of repeating the Super Bowl.

All in all, with their exceptional individual and team skill, set the Buccaneers have set the bar for being the best NFL defense heading into 2024


It was challenging to rank the best NFL defense entering the 2024, especially when there are many teams to narrow down from.

However, these 10 NFL teams, with their player and coaching staff alongside energetic performance day in and day out, have proven to have phenomenal defense heading into 2024.

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