Britt McHenry Bio: Early life, Education, Career & Cancer

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Britt McHenry is well-known as the most charming personality in the sports journalism field. The former ESPN sports reporter is a famous commentator, host, and sports correspondent.

Moreover, she has worked for most leading networks like ESPN, WJLA-TV, ABC Television, and many more. We will talk about all of them in detail in the latter topic.

Britt Mchenry
Britt Mchenry

Well, if you didn’t already know Britt worked on T.V., today you wouldn’t be surprised to find out.

As we have mentioned, all of Britt’s information, like her early life, career, net worth, and many more other details you will be too excited to know about in this article.

So stay still and read till the end to find out more about this gorgeous personality. Hence, let’s begin the article with some quick facts!

Quick Facts:

Full Name Brittany May McHenry
Birth Date  May 28, 1986
Birth Place Mount Holly, New Jersey, United States of America
Nick Name Britt
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White Caucasian
Education Satellite High School
Stetson University
Medill School of Journalism (Northwestern University)
Horoscope Gemini
Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name Margie McHenry
Siblings Unknown
Age 37 Years Old
Height 5’6 inches (1.68 m)
Weight 56 kg (124 lbs)
Shoe Size 6.5 (U.S.)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Black
Body Measurement 34-26-34
Figure Slim
Marital Status In a relationship
Boyfriend Tennys Sandgren
Children No
Profession Commentator
Net Worth $1.4 million
Salary $78,000$85,000
Currently Works As A commentator on Fox Nation and Fox News
Affiliations ESPN, Fox
Active Since 2010
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Merch MP3 Music
Last Update May, 2024

Britt McHenry | Early Life, Family & Education

Although she is professionally known as Britt McHenry, her full name is Brittany May McHenry.

She was born on May 28, 1986, in Mount Holly, New Jersey, United States of America. Britts’s father was the former Air Force Lt. Colonel, whose name is unknown.

Besides, her mother, Margie Mchenry, was a retired hairdresser and salon designer.  Margie is also a double cancer survivor who lost her left eye to the disease at a very young age.

Furthermore, Britt grew up in Satellite Beach, Florida, and went to Satellite High School for her early education. After successfully graduating from high school in 2004, she attended Stetson University.

Britt McHenry with her friend
Britt McHenry at Satellite High school with her friend.

While young Britt was mainly obsessed with soccer, she used to play soccer ball with her friends after her college classes and run across the street with the ball.

Likewise, in college, she was even teammates with the future United States women’s national soccer team players.

Also, she played as a midfielder on the Hatters soccer team for the 2004 season. However, after her freshman year, priorities started shifting when her father told her to get a job.

So, Britt then started working as a model for the Wilhelmina Models agency. 

After graduating from college in 2007, she joined Medill School of Journalism (Northwestern University) to pursue a degree in Journalism.

While in Medill, she also started writing and covering stories in Chicago, Illinois.

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Britt McHenry | Age, Height & Nationality

As of 2024, the gorgeous Britt is  37-years-old. According to horoscope charts, the commentator is Gemini, and from what we know, the People of this sign are loyal, honest, talented, and determined.

Further, she has a modest height of 5’6 ″ (1.68 m) and weighs 56 kg (124 lbs). Likewise, Britt’s body measures 34-inches of the bust, 26-inches of the waist, and 34-inches of the hips.

But along with her height, Mchenry also has a lean figure. Being a media person, she knows how to look impressive and presentable in front of the camera.

Not to mention, her black eyes and luscious long blonde hair add more to her enchanting aura.

Britt McHenry | Professional Career

After graduating from Medill School of Journalism, Britt started working for WJLA-TV, and ABC Television as a sports reporter and anchor.

At the same time, she also started working at WJLA’s other station News Channel 8, in 2010.

The station hired her to report and film local stories as a backpack reporter, which became a trial-and-error process for Britt, with a significant learning curve. 

Likewise, she started as a business reporter in the station without a camera crew and filmed and edited all the clips by herself.

Britt Mchenry
Britt McHenry reporting for ESPN.

After working for four years in 2014, McHenry left the news channel station and worked at WJLA’s Channel 7 and ESPN.

There Britt served as a correspondent for SportsCenter, NFL Live, Outside the Lines, and Baseball Tonight

Sadly, she got suspended from ESPN for accusing an employee, which was recorded as a video, making it viral through Live Leak.

Britt was also one of the 100 on-air ESPN journalists, but she is still probably known for her towing controversy.

Towing Verbal Abuse Controversy | Parking lot Video

As we all know, public figure life’s and behavior are always the intense focus of public interest and scrutiny, and even their small mistake is enhanced massively.

On April 16, 2015, a few video clips featuring McHenry berating and mocking using foul language to a tow lot employee, Gina Michelle, was posted on LiveLeak.

The video took off like wildfire all over the media in a gruesome fashion.

Likewise, the video showed McHenry’s clips, making fun of the employee’s appearance, intelligence, education level, job, and insults about her teeth.

After this incident, ESPN suspended the sports reporter for one week. McHenry later apologized for her actions on Twitter, saying,

“In an intense and stressful moment, I allowed my emotions to get the best of me and said some insulting and regrettable things. As frustrated as I was, I should always choose to be respectful and take the high road. I am so sorry for my actions and will learn from this mistake.”

Similarly, a day later, the towing company released a statement stating that they did not wish to see the reporter suspended due to her comments.

Currently, Mchenry is working as a commentator on Fox Nation, co-hosting “UN-PC” and Fox News’ 24/7 streaming service.

Not to mention she joined the fox network in 2018 as a Fox News contributor. Besides, she is also the host on WTTG-TV Fox 5 for the show “Like It or Not” in Washington, D.C.

Britt McHenry | Battle with Tumor

On February 26, 2020, former ESPN reporter and Fox News commentator Britt announced that she had a brain tumor.

McHenry announced on Twitter, saying she wanted to keep the health issue entirely private.

“I was trying to keep this relatively private. But as usual, things are being said without my consent. I have a brain tumor. I’m with an amazing medical team, and surgery is imminent. Thank you for your continued support and understanding at this time.”

However it was a tough time for Britt, but she stayed positive and calm throughout her treatment period.

Likewise, on March 4, 2002, she received her brain surgery, and with care and successful treatment, she quickly recovered.

Brain Surgery
Britt during her brain surgery.

Britt McHenry | Net Worth, Annual Salary & Income

The famous commentator and reporter Britt has been active in the sports reporting world for decades now.

Not to mention, throughout her career, Britt has worked with the biggest broadcasting networks, including WLJA-TV, Fox, and ESPN.

Throughout her career, Britt has not only gained love and recognition but also tremendously grown her bank balance.

As of [current year], Britt has gathered a stunning net worth of $1.5 million. Also, she makes $78,000– $85,000 every year from her salary alone.

Besides, Britt also writes columns in American online magazine, and podcasts “The Federalists” and earns an impressive amount.

Not to mention, she has also served as a correspondent for various shows, adding a rise in her salary and net worth. 

Aside from this, anything remotely related to endorsements and other sources is a complete mystery. But we will make sure to update you soon.

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Britt McHenry | Some Famous Quotes

  • The last thing I wanted to do was file this lawsuit, but I had to stand up for what’s right for Britt McHenry and for women.
  • The message is clear: If you’re a liberal, free speech is allowed. The same rules don’t apply.
  • I’ve received insults, and death threats, and even my mother has been attacked online. For ‘SVU’ to depict rape and violence in such a manner, the show risks normalizing it.

Britt McHenry | Personal Life and Relationship

McHenry was in a relationship with American professional tennis player Tennys Sandgren. Britt and Sandgren first connected after being followers of each other on Twitter.

Nonetheless, their Twitter connection turned into a love connection, and they started dating in 2018. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t work out well, and they broke up in early 2019.

However, the exact reasons behind their breakup are unknown. Also, Looking at Britt’s Instagram pictures, it seems that she is dating Rob Ferrara as of now.

Sadly, we have no idea about Rob and his profession to this date. But we will make sure to update you as soon as we get some information.

Britt with her boyfriend
Britt and Rob.

As shown by her social media account looks like they have been dating for a while now. Probably within some time, they will tie the knot as a husband and wife.

Social Media Presence:

Britt’s admirable dedication to Journalism has fully received her audience’s love and support from all over the world as her followers on social networking platforms.

Likewise, Britt is quite active on her social media handles and uses Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to connect with her fans.

Additionally, she has 219.5k+ followers on the Twitter account, making 24.7k+ Tweets to date. Similarly, Britt has 374k+ followers on an Instagram account, making 722 posts to date.

Not to mention, she also has 30,615 followers on her Facebook account. Likewise, she posts pictures with her friends, family, trips, and updates her followers.

Being a public figure and sportscaster at the same time, Britt is often seen on different YouTube channels taking and giving interviews.

Some FAQs

What type of tumor does Britt McHenry have?

The former ESPN reporter and a popular Fox News commentator Britt Mchenry had a brain tumor.

Is Britt McHenry married?

Britt McHenry is not married but is in a love relationship with Rob Ferrara. Also, she was previously dating tennis player Tennys Sandgren.

What happened to Britt McHenry?

Britt suffered from a brain tumor at the end of February 2020. It was in the left frontal lobe, and it was very large. However, she successfully had her treatment at the right time, which led her fully recover from the illness. 

What happened between Kevin Durant and Britt McHenry?

The two-time NBA champion and recent Olympic gold medalist and former ESPN personality got into a Twitter feud. After the Warriors won the 2017 NBA championship title, they received an invitation to the White House. 

However, Kevin Durant declined the offer as he “didn’t respect who’s in the office right now.” This statement did not sit right with Britt who is not shy to express her conservative viewpoints from time to time. 

She replied saying, “Ok let’s discuss how a successful man such as yourself can show unity meeting w/ WH just 20 min from PG County. Your presence can inspire.

Despite her comments, Durant’s decision not to visit the White House did not budge. So, McHenry took to Instagram to express her opinions.

Nevertheless, much to her dismay, it was not fruitful at all. Furthermore, she went on to add, “It’s still the president of the United States,” she said. “I think it’s showing respect to the highest office in the country.

Why was Britt McHenry fired from ESPN?

Britt was fired from ESPN. This news came into the limelight when Britt posted the news on Twitter. She indicated in a tweet that she was fired from ESPN because of her political views. Later, McHenry also said that she was fired because she was white and paid too much.

Are Britt McHenry and Liz Gonzales in a feud?

When Sports Illustrated released its 2018 swimsuit edition, McHenry quickly took to Twitter and questioned why a woman needs to pose nude to be empowered. 

Furthermore, she added, “Isn’t it more empowering to keep your clothes on, go into an office or classroom like everyone else, and excel? #SISwimSuit desperately wants to compete with IG models with gimmicks.

For me to respect women more, maybe women shouldn’t take all their clothes off in the guise of pushing #MeToo.

Following her comments, former Pro golfer, Paige Spiranac, who is also featured in SI’s swimsuit edition wrote, 

Different women feel empowered in different ways and it’s not right to tell someone what they can and cannot do. It’s more about the person you are and not the clothes you decide or not decide to wear. My body, my choice.

Likewise, Liz Gonzales also replied to Britt writing,

@BrittMcHenry judging another woman and having all the answers? No, you don’t say!

Is Britt McHenry pregnant?

Currently, there isn’t any information available in regards to Britt McHenry being pregnant. However, we will keep you guys updated as soon as we have clear and valid information.

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