Darell Pace: Early Life, Career, Achievements & Net Worth

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Archery is something only a few give try on it for their free time. But Darell Pace is the one who invested more than 90% of his day on practice for archery.

And that devotion made him the star of this sport of an entire century. Breaking worldwide records, Darell was also honored with several prestigious awards.

Darell Pace
Darell Pace

Darell is a former American archer who received gold in the 1976 & 1984 Olympics and silver in the 1998 Olympics.

Relating such things more about Darell Pace, let’s start from quick facts as below:

Quick Facts

Full Name Darell Owen Pace
Known as Darell Pace
Nickname Pace
Birth Date 23 October 1956
Birth Place Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Residence Cincinnati, United States
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education N/A
Horoscope Libra
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings N/A
Age 67 Years Old
Height 5 feet and 0.1 inches (179 cm)
Weight 64 kg (141 lbs.)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red
Body type Athletic
Profession Archery, Air Force
Marital Status N/A
Spouse Beth Pace
Children 2
Name of Children N/A
Beginning of Professional Career 1970
Retirement 2000
Playing style Unshakeably self-confident, Intense and Self-Confident
Sports team N/A
Coach N/A
Honors Darell O. Pace Park was named on his honor declared as the male archer of the 20th century by World Archer.
Victory Olympic Gold Medalist (1976, 1984)
World Archery Men’s Champion (1975, 1979)
World Field Champion (1978)
National Archery Association Athlete of the Year (1984)
Net Worth $1 million -$5 million
Prize Money N/A
Social Media Not Available
Last Update February, 2024

Darell Pace | Early Life

This star, Darell was born on 23 October 1956 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. His full name is Darrell Owen Pace.

Meanwhile, there’s not much information about Darell’s personal life, including details about his family and friends’ circle. But Darell came to choose archery at a very young age. 

Likewise, just at the age of 16, he became a successor to the US team’s youngest member at the World Championships. It is believed that Darell was also into different kinds of sports. Further, in 1969, just at the age of 13, he chose archery at the local range.

Darell Pace | Career

First Try

At the age of 13, precisely on 2 May 1970, Darell went out for shooting at Pearson Archery range in Sharonville. He showed his father a coupon offering a “buy one hour, get another one free” deal of shooting.

After performing his best on shooting, he immediately became hooked on it. Right from there, he joined the Cincinnati Junior Olympic program that supported to bring quick progress him.

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While just giving interest in archery, the owners were so much impressed by his ability. And the owners insisted Darell to join their youth program.

As Darell was so much passionate and focused on the game, he brought rapid progress. Accordingly, in less than two years, he made up to be a national champion.

Career at Peak

In 1972, Darell was about to make his first appearance on the United States Olympic team. Unfortunately, he missed by 10 points. The following year, with all of his efforts, Darell made up to 23rd at his first world championship appearance.

In 1974, Darell made his first FITA record of 1291, beating 1268 by John Williams at the 1972 Olympics. Later in 1975, he broke his own record-making first 1300.

Darell Pace on Olympic
Darell Pace on Olympic

Consequently, at the 1976 Olympic games held in Montreal, Darell ranked 1st. Later, on World Archery Championships, held in Canberra in 1987, he ranked in 4th position.

Investing more and more time in practice, in 1979, he made it again as a winner. Just in there, Darell became the first person in the modern era to hold the world championship title twice.

The same year, he ranked to a silver medal at the Pan American Games. Back again in 1979, Darell shattered with 1341 points in Japan. This time the record stood for a whole 10 years.

Darell Pace | On Quitting

Earlier, in 1980, Darell qualified first for the Olympic team. But later, in January, the US president announced the boycott of the Moscow Olympics. That was to imply for the entire US delegation in purpose to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

After getting this news, every supporter in favor of Darell was so much disappointed. It’s caused many to have already imagined Gold for Darell in Moscow. Later Darell himself added about his assurance of Gold on match if he was allowed to participate there.

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That sudden change in-game brought so much frustration in him where Darell once thought of retirement. Meanwhile, the entire boycott system blew off his year. But with lots of patience, he got up to be well-prepared to shoot psychologically.


Likewise, Darell was eagerly waiting for the Olympic year 1984. Before that, a dramatic World Archery Championship preceded first in 1983. There, another archery star, McKinney snatched him with 10 more points on his final arrow.

Maybe, storing energy earlier from 1980 and World Archery Championship 1983 added guts to prove on himself.

Furthermore, the 1984 Olympics became the high point of Darell’s career. There, Darell scored thirty-five points ahead by the end of the second day. Meanwhile, he made a new Olympic record of 2616 in 1984.

Eventually, that point was 52 points ahead of McKinney, who also just beat another renowned archery player, Hiroshi Yamamoto. Since then, Darell never had to look back.

‘Half FITA’ round for elimination

Despite being rivals on individual games, Darell and McKinney were actually partnering for the USA team, including Jay Barrs. After the 1984 Olympics, they were together for the Seoul Olympics.

For the first time, some changes regarding the format for the individual competition were made. Additionally, the competition was made alter, with ‘Half FITA’ rounds, especially for elimination.

For so reason, Darell ended up at ninth position at the semifinals stage. Similarly, Barrs ranked gold-winning over Park Sung-Soo of Korea.

Following up the same rules in 1988, the USA men had to satisfy under silver medal staying behind the Koreans for team competition.

Though that was the last match by Darell in Olympics, he tried his best for the US team until 2000.

Darell Pace | Playing Style

Darell was such an enthusiastic player who played the matches for his inner satisfaction. Winning the game brings wisdom to him. But being in a match obviously, bring nervousness, and someone suggested him not to watch the scoreboard.

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In an interview, Darell once said that he made all of the efforts and broke the world records just because someone tried to demotivate him. They believed he could not make that long. On the contrary, Darell used to practice 98% of the day practicing archery.

After all, his devotion is the only one that made him to this position; besides, Darell spent most of his training sessions shooting from 90m.

During late nights, he also had to use his truck’s lights to reach the light range. Just as his primary motive was, “Master, long distances and other distances will follow.”

As already mentioned above, Darell was the one to give a different identity to archery as he was the first archer to introduce many technical improvements. Additionally, he came to recurve archery like V-bars and Kevlar strings.

Similarly, his techniques and styles were famous for an open stance and heavy bow poundage for the era. Within time, the archer knew Darell for his representation of becoming unshakeably self-confident and trance-like concentration. 

For some instance, Darell was also compared to Zen. But he stated he never read anything about Zen, as he had already done his best to have a successful archery career. Darell believes in having his own unique kind of identity.


Darell has a unique way of staying intense and focused on the game. Unlike others, more pressure in a tournament did not hamper him in any way. Instead, it increased his confidence and control in mind the way he wanted.

The equally important thing is that Darell never thought his opponents were way weaker than him.

The special thing he thinks of himself is that he can control the pressure of competition. And it is very normal things that people get nervous thinking about their presentation despite practicing.

It’s Darell who thinks he always performed his best than he did the same while practicing. But if he could give 1/10th part of his ability to cope with his opponents’ pressure, they could have been unbeatable.

Darell Pace | Awards and Achievements

Year Titles
1976, 1984, 1988, 1996 Member of US Olympic Team
1976, 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist
1975, 1979 World Archery Men’s Champion
1978 World Field Champion
1983, 1991 Pan American Games Gold Medalist
1984 National Archery Association Athlete of the Year
1986 First Place Championship of the Americas
1988 Olympic Men’s Team Silver Medalist
1996 Olympic Torch Runner

Darell Pace | Net Worth

As Darell has already been at the national and international championship level, his net worth is estimated to be $1-5 million.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are Darell Pace Wife and Children?

Though Darell’s personal life is not made public, it is said that his wife’s name is Beth having two children.

For how long, Darell Pace’s records were on top?

All together, Darell’s records were top for 13 years.

Who used to be Darell Pace’s all-time rival?

Both as belonging to the USA, McKinney was a strong rival, but they praised each other.

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