James Harden’s Son: Everything That You Need To Know

What’s all the buzz about James Harden’s son? Does he really have a secret child?

There is no doubt that the NBA’s top-notch James Harden has always been a babe magnet. As a result, he has dated a lot of famous ladies.

Recently, Harden has been hitting the headlines about his secret son with a woman whose identity has not been revealed.

Who is James Harden's son?
Does James Harden have a son?

Here, we have collected all the available information on the rumors spread about James Harden’s son.

As you might have already noticed, little is known about the child as no official announcement has been made about the child’s birth yet. 

So, how did the talk about James Harden having a son really start? Keep reading to get clear information about what happened and how did it start.

What started the rumor about James Harden’s son? 

The stories about James Harden’s son started circulating on the internet for the first time in 2019. 

It all started when Sportsgossip.com posted an exclusive article about James having a baby.

The site received a tip that James had a baby a week before. However, the tip did not mention anything specific, including who the mother of the child was. 

Later, rumors had that it was Ashlee Monroe, who was the mother of James’ baby. 

Ashlee, who is one of the lady friends of James, was also pregnant around the same time. Additionally, she was also spotted in many of James’ games during her pregnancy days.

As a result, many believed that Ashlee’s baby was actually James Harden’s son. 

However, Ashlee came out harsh and strongly bashed all the rumors. She denied all the assumptions that were flying across the internet regarding her baby’s father. 

Moreover, she asked people not to waste their time by trying to piece a story together. 

Ashlee Monroe says her son is not James Harden’s son (Source: Instagram)

Whatsoever, the issue got sidelined gradually as James never made any official announcement of the child. 

James Harden’s son: What started the rumor all again? 

Just when the world had almost forgotten about James Harden’s son, the theories about him actually having a son are back again. And this time, with stronger proofs. 

In 2021, the stories started yet again after an artist posted a video of a painting featuring James with a small boy. 

The artist we are talking about is @king_kanvis.

The painting featuring James Harden’s son (Source: Instagram)

Talking about the description of the painting, it had a baby sitting on James’ lap as James looked down upon the baby. 

The painting invited lots of theories because of the following reasons.

Firstly, many believed the child to be James’ baby because if the child was not his son, why would anyone paint such a picture of them? 

Also, if the child is not his son, then who is the child? 

Secondly, the artist who uploaded the video on Instagram quickly deleted it. This made the fans believe that the boy was James Harden’s son. 

Further, the urgency with which the artist deleted the video has certainly made everyone wonder about the truth.

The common rationale is that the video would not have been deleted with such urgency if James was not hiding anything. 

Whatsoever, James Harden has not commented anything about having a son yet.

So, it is not our place to judge whether the boy in the video was actually his son or not. 

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Brief Wiki on James Harden

James Harden: Bio, Career, Social Media and More

A professional basketball player, James Harden currently stars for the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA. 

The three-time NBA scoring champion, James Harden, was named the NBA’s most valuable player in 2018.

James is also one of the top scorers and therefore is one of the top players in the league. 

Moreover, in 2018, NBA awarded James with NBA All-Rookie Second Team in 2010. Additionally, the American player was also the NBA’s assistant leader in 2018. 

Born on August 26, 1989, the basketball player is 33 years old.

James harden
James Harden (Source: Instagram)

James has a height of 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 m). He weighs about 220 lb (99.8 kg) and wears a 14 (US) shoe size.

You can find James Harden on different social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The NBA star has millions of followers on every platform.

Thus, it is safe to say that James has an immense social media presence.

Find the link to James Harden‘s social media below and follow him to know more about him. 

Instagram: 11.6 Million followers

Twitter: 7.2 Million followers

Facebook: 4 Million followers

James Harden: Net Worth

James Harden lives a luxurious life as he has made a fortune for himself with his extraordinary career records.

The NBA player James Harden has a net worth of $165 million.

The Brooklyn Nets player has the highest salary for the 2021-22 season. Additionally, Forbes listed James on its 2020’s edition of the wealthiest athletes. James stood at no.54. 

James’ recent purchase was a 3.5 acres property located in the suburb of Houston.

Additionally, he also has an exotic car collection, including Range Rover Autobiography, Rolls Roye Wraith, Bently Bentayega, etc. 

Moreover, the American basketball player also owns a Private Jet.

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James Harden: Girlfriends

James Harden has time and again been rumored to have dated many famous ladies.

At present, Gail Golden is a rumored girlfriend of James Harden. However, no one has particularly seen the two together.

Moreover, they also do not follow each other on Social media. However, Gail has attended many of James’ games recently. 

Likewise, the player has dated Ashanti, Khloe Kardashian, and Katrina Laverne Taylor (a.k.a Tina) in the past. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the mother of James Harden’s son? 

At present, James has not made any official statement on the existence of his son. Further, the information about the lady who gave birth to the boy who appeared in the painting is also unknown.

However, many are sure of James having a son. We’ll update you after we get some more information. 

Is James Harden Married? 

James Harden is not a married man. Currently, sources say that he is dating Gail Golden.

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