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Kenneth Ferguson is an American sprinter specializing in 110 and 400 meters hurdles and 400 meters dash.

Ferguson has made a name for himself, winning multiple competitions, including three gold medals at the 2003 Pan American Junior Athletics Championships.

Besides his professional career, he is popularly known as the husband of multiple World Championship and Olympic medalist, track and field athlete Allyson Felix.

Kenneth Ferguson enjoying his vacation
Kenneth Ferguson enjoying his vacation (Source: Instagram)

Unlike Allyson, Kenneth is not a big celebrity athlete who has a million followers on the Gram. But he has led an impressive career so far and deserves some recognition.

Hopefully, this article will shed some light upon his shadowed career and life.

Let’s jump right into it with some quick facts.

Kenneth Ferguson | Quick Facts

Full Name Kenneth Ferguson
Birth Date 22 March 1984
Birth Place Detroit, Michigan
Current Residence North Hollywood, California
Nick Name None
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Famous for being Sprinter, Hurdler, and Felix Allyson’s husband
Ethnicity Black
  • Mumford High School
  • University of South California
Horoscope Aries
Father’s Name Kenneth Ferguson
Mother’s Name Jeaynell Ferguson
Siblings N/A
Age 40 years old
Height 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm)
Weight 160 lbs (73 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Build Athletic
Hobbies Traveling, Readin and Music
Favorite Destination N/A
Profession Athlete
Marital Status Married to Felix Allyson
Kids A daughter
Net Worth $1.5 million 
Merch  Track and Field Equipment
Last Updated June, 2024

Kenneth Ferguson | Early Days and Education

Ken was born on the 22nd of March, 1984. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, to his father, Kenneth Ferguson, and his mother, Jeaynell Ferguson.

Kenneth has African-American roots and belongs to the black ethnicity. He holds an American passport.

Besides that, he has not shared any other info about his childhood or personal life.

Moving on to his education, Kenneth joined Mumford High School and completed his high school studies in 2003.

Likewise, he graduated from the University of South California in the year 2006.

He earned his bachelor’s degree majoring in computer science.

While in college, he was a star athlete, the South California Gamecocks field and track team’s star sprinter.

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Kenneth Ferguson Accomplishments

Apart from his accomplishment, he is also a member of the Olympics team, The Four By Four, in Santa Clarita, California.

Ken’s first-ever competition in which he placed first was the Knoxville SEC Championship in Knoxville, Tennessee. Ken finished the 400 meters hurdles race in 48.79 seconds.

Likewise, Ken stood at the top of the ladder at the Carson US Championship in June 2005. The 400 meters hurdle was held in California, which he finished in 48.65 seconds.

Moreover, in May of 2007, Ken reserved the first spot in the Carson Adidas Track Classic held in California. Ken finished the lap in 48.15 seconds.

Kenneth Ferguson in a white tee
Kenneth Ferguson in a white tee and Nike shoes (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, he managed to dominate the 2006 Santo Domingo NACAC U23 Championships held in Santo Domingo. He placed first in the 400 meters hurdles race finishing the set in 48.80 seconds.

Furthermore, he places 2nd at the 2007 Athens Grand Prix Tsiklitiria and the 2005 Carson Adidas Track Classic; he completed the two 400 meters hurdles lap in 48.16 and 48.81 seconds, respectively.

Ken’s best performance to date remains the 2007 400 meters dash at Baie Mahault, France, where he completed the lap in just 45.91 seconds.

The most notable achievement of Kenneth, to date, remains the three gold medals at the 2003 Pan American Junior Athletics Championships in 4×400 meters and 110 and 400 meters hurdles.

Kenneth Ferguson | Net Worth and Endorsements

Considering all those accomplishments mentioned above, Kenneth has led a successful career in track and field.

In 2017, he had banked in a net worth of $700,000 as of 2024; his net worth has grown to $1.5 million, more than double the amount.

The reason for such a swell in net worth is the increase in the number of viewers and supporters, his improved performance, endorsement, and a little credit goes to inflation.

Kenneth is an official partner of Adidas, a Greman design company that specializes in wearables and sports shoes.

On the other hand, Felix Allyson has an estimated net worth of 4.5 million dollars, all earned from her athletic career and sponsorships.

In July of 2019, she signed a deal with Gap Brands, a retail clothing company, leaving Nike.

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Kenneth Ferguson and Allyson

Kenneth and Allyson have known each other since their late teens.

In November of 2020, Kan wrote a heartfelt post on the occasion of Ally’s birthday. The post wrote, “In my eyes, you are exactly the way you were when I saw you for the first time 18 years ago in Palo Alto… Beautiful and fine! Happy Birthday, Shug.”

Quick maths: 2020-18=2002. Thus, the couple first met each other in 2002.

The couple exchanged the sacred vows in a private ceremony where only close friends and family were invited in  2018.

Both the partners are athletes and hence have to spend an extensive amount of time practicing and working out to maintain their form and stamina.

Despite this, they find time to spend together and allow for the relationship to grow and mature.

Kenneth Ferguson together with Felix Allyson having a romantic stare off
Kenneth Ferguson, together with Felix Allyson having a romantic stare off (Source: Instagram)

Kenneth and Allyson started dating back in 2004. At the time, they were just a rookie in the pro runners world.

As time passed by, the couple grew into each other; they learned how to adapt to their routines while maintaining a healthy relationship.

Fast forward to the present day, the two are officially husband and wife and share a beautiful little daughter who was born on the 8th of November, 2018.

The couple named their daughter Camryn.

Allyson’s parents reside somewhere nearby the couple’s house. The grandparents often look after their granddaughter, which gives the two some much-needed quality time to spend together.

The couple posts pictures on each other during their vacation but holds back on providing any detail about their relationship.

However, despite the lack of info, we can safely assume that the two are madly in love with each other.

The Difficult Birth

The birth was not an easy one; Allyson had to go through extra pain and effort to give birth.

Moreover, the couple also hid her pregnancy for the sake of her career.

A doctor reported that Allyson had high blood pressure sometime during her fourth month of pregnancy. The doctor also stated that the baby in the womb seemed to have a low heart rate, resulting in preeclampsia.

The couple’s first child was born premature (seven weeks early), and Allyson had to undergo a Cesarean section.

Kenneth Ferguson's daughter in a car
Kenneth Ferguson’s daughter in a car (Source: Instagram)

Following a harsh delivery condition, Allyson had to spend a week in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), after which she was allowed to go home.

Fortunately, the baby girl was born normally without any health issues.

Despite the unpleasant experience she had to go through, she does not intend on stopping at one child.

“I would love to grow our family in the future… but right now, our focus is definitely on these upcoming games,” stated Ally during an interview.

Standing up for what’s right.

Not only is Allison an impressive athlete, but she is also a great person who stands up for what’s right, regardless of the opposition.

Whilst she was pregnant, she learned that black women had higher chances of being at risk at the time of pregnancy.

Resulting in a higher mortality rate regarding pregnancy and birth in comparison to Caucasian women.

After her terrible childbirth experience, she decided to become a leading voice for black mothers and women.

She advocated for the black mothers dying during childbirth, revealing how Nike did not care for pregnant athletes.

Despite her outstanding accomplishments, she revealed that Nike did not pay her a cent during her off-time in pregnancy.

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The six-time Olympic gold medalist states that the endorsement contract is put on hold until the pregnant athlete returns to the field in the whole spirit.

After her voice reached a high level, Nike had to respond in some way that would sort things out. Come on, they are a multi-billion dollars company; they have to save the face of the brand somehow.

So, Nike responded with a slight change in policies on the 24th of May, 2019.

The new policy stated that financial penalties will not be charged to any pregnant athlete ever.

Despite the changes in the policies, Allyson was not satisfied. So, she decided to leave Nike for a woman-focused clothing brand named Athleta.

Social Media Links

Instagram: 12.9k followers


What does Allyson Felix’s husband do for a living?

Kenneth Ferguson is a former track and field athlete. As of now, it is unclear what he does for a living.

How old is Allyson Felix’s child?

Camryn was born on the 28th of November, 2018, to her father, Kenneth Ferguson, and her mother, Allyson Felix. As of 2024 she is 5 years old.

Is Allyson the fastest person in the world?

Nope. Allyson is nowhere near the fastest man in the world, Bolt, but there is one area she has surpassed the legendary Usain Bolt. Ally has conquered the top spot as the most successful athlete in the whole world.

In the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games, she bagged in her 12th world title in the mixed 4x400m relay.

How old was Allyson Felix in her first Olympics?

Ally was just 18 when she first competed in her first Olympics. She successfully reserved the 2nd spot in the 200 meters dash, bringing home a silver medal.

It was the 2004 Summer Olympics held in Athens where she set the record in the world junior category, finishing in 22.18 seconds.

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