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Often curling industry is one of the less exposed fields in the sports arena, and hence, not many flourish in this department. Here, not many people may be familiar with Matt Hamilton and his life; however, he is a popularized name in the curling industry. 

Commenced with a dominating profile and skillset, Matt Hamilton depicts one of the most successful careers as a curler.

He has gained several titles with his name throughout his days and currently plays for the Duluth, Minnesota-based John Shuster team.

Matt Hamilton is a professional curler
Matt Hamilton is a professional curler/Instagram

Today, as we discuss his profile, career, and journey, first, we will feed ourselves through a quick dose of his facts. 

Matt Hamilton | Quick Facts

Full Name Matthew James Hamilton
Date of Birth February 19, 1989
Birth Place Madison, Wisconsin
Nick Name Matt
Religion Unknown
Nationality American 
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign  Pisces 
Age 35
Height 1.88 meters (6 feet 1 inch)
Weight 98 kg (216 lb)
Hair Color Dark Brown 
Eye Color Grey
Build Athletic 
Father’s Name Scott Hamilton 
Mother’s Name Name Unknown 
Siblings A sister, Becca Hamilton 
Education Unknown 
Marital Status Married 
Wife  Jen Hamilton
Kids Unknown
Profession Curler 
Curling Club  Madison CC
Madison, WI
Member Association United States
Matt’s Team Members
  • John Shuster (Skip)
  • Chris Plys (Third)
    John Landsteiner (Lead)
  • Colin Hufman (Alternate)
Active Since  2007
Net Worth Around $3-$4 million
Merch Madison WI Pullover Hoodie
Social Media  Instagram, Twitter
Last Update  July, 2024

Matt Hamilton | Body Measurements 

Matt Hamilton stands 1.88 meters (6 feet 1 inch) tall while weighing 98 kg (216 lb). As for his physical appearance, Matt is a fair man with a rectangular-shaped face. 

Additionally, he has well-trimmed dark brown hair with eyes of similar color. Furthermore, Matt is best known for his facial hair (i.e., beard), which now has been his signature look. His fan followers are now flaunting his complete mustache look on them. 

Well, they even have a challenge regarding it with the hashtag “Hamilton Mustache Militia.”

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Workout and Diet

When it comes to the curling industry, everyone thinks that the athletes don’t hit the gym much and don’t have much to prepare. Indeed, this is a piece of false news. 

Talking about Matt Hamilton’s routine, he works out for two hours at the gym and then an hour at the curling club.

Matt and his team worked four strength days a week during his playoff season and two to three cardio days a week. 

Matt bags the medal in the World Stage
Matt bags the medal in the World Stage/Instagram

Additionally, he also does loads of Olympic lifting and battle ropes. However, as per Matt, he doesn’t like the traditional gym and jogging, and during summer, he has mixed sports training. 

Well, he indulges himself in several sports like golf, tennis, frisbee, spike ball, and many others. Likewise, Matt also has his share of diet plans and follows them strictly.

However, once in a while, Matt does have a cheat meal which is often a cheeseburger and beer. 

Matt Hamilton | Early Life

Hamilton (fully named Matthew James Hamilton) was born on February 19, 1989, in Madison, Wisconsin, under the star sign of Pisces.

Though there aren’t many details about Matt’s family and childhood, his father is Scott Hamilton

Sister, Becca Hamilton

Matt Hamilton has a younger sister named Rebecca (nicknamed Becca) Lynn Hamilton. As a matter of fact, Becca is also a professional curler and has been curling since childhood alongside Matt. 

At the moment, she is a two-time national women’s champion, a two-time national junior champion, and a 2018 Olympian in both team and mixed doubles curling.

Well, she also played alongside her brother, Matt, in mixed doubles at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Besides her successful career in curling, Becca is currently a student at Edgewood College. 

Matt Hamilton | Career

Hamilton commenced curling as a teen alongside his sister, Becca. Well, it was their father who introduced them to curling as he used to take them while he was playing. 

Once while Matt was watching his dad play, one of the members asked Scott Hamilton, “Does he play?” It was right after that question that Matt commenced playing the next day. 

As he started practicing curling every day, his sister eventually joined him. Together, they initially learned the skill at the Madison Curling Club, located in McFarland. 

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Junior and Early Days

Matt Hamilton commenced his curling journey as the skip (captain) for Jeremy Roe at the 2007 and 2008 United States Men’s National Championships.

Later in 2008, he entered Chris Plys’ junior team and assisted them to bag two Junior National Titles in a row in 2008 and 2009.

Following that, Matt with team Plys represented the United States at the World Junior Championships. Herewith, he bagged his major gold medal on occasion. In the meantime, Hamilton also bagged the championship’s 2008 Sportsmanship Award. 

Matt then partook in the 2009 World Junior Championships held at Vancouver Olympic Centre. However, he could not defend his title and thus, ended with a bronze medal. 

Moving on, he also appeared in the 2009 United States Olympic Trials, and by the end of the year, he had returned to Jeremy Roe’s team as third. Again, by 2011, Matt joined Paul Pustovar. 

He was also featured in the 2011 United States Men’s Curling Championship as their second through the Medford qualifier and the challenge round with the team. As the Nationals arrived, Matt replaced Paul as the skip. 

Later as he entered the new season, Matt joined Craig Brown as a third for three seasons. Matt gained his foremost men’s championship medal with them as he gained silver at the 2014 National Championship.

Team Shuster and Beyond

When the United States Curling Association held an athlete combine after the 2014 Winter Olympics, they announced their High-Performance Program (HPP) to decide the list of potential curlers, Matt Hamilton and John Shuster were both not chosen. 

As a result, the three-time Olympian at that point, John Shuster, created a new team nicknamed “The Rejects.” Hence, Matt joined the team as second with John Landsteiner at the lead and Tyler George as third. 

Well, this team went vital for a total of four seasons, and together, they defeated Hamilton’s former skip Brown at their first National Championships.

Matt with his teammates
Matt with his teammates /Instagram

Later, they did secure a trip to the World Championship, and during their tenure in Basel, Switzerland, they Japan’s Yusuke Morozumi in the bronze medal match.

It became the first World Men’s medal for the United States. 

The following year in 2017, they bagged the National Championships. Furthermore, Matt moved to the 2017 World Mixed Doubles Championship representing the United States.

He appeared together with his sister, Becca, and bagged gold in it back then. 

Nearing the last season with the Team Shuster, Matt yet again bagged the 2017 United States Olympic Curling Trials. A month after it, he won the 2017 United States Mixed Doubles Curling Olympic Trials with Becca. 

By 2018, the team entered the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. During it, the US team accomplished three matches under their name to bag third place with a record of 5–4. 

Altogether, they defeated Canada’s two-time World Champion, Kevin Koe, and earned the gold medal. Well, this became the first Olympic gold medal in curling for the United States. 

Post Olympics Days 

After the Olympics, as George announced to get a rest from curling, Matt replaced him as the third on the team. After it, the team then went on to bag gold at the 2019 United States Men’s Championship. 

But in the same year’s World Men’s Championship, they lost against Japan and placed fifth.

The following year in 2020, they went undefeated and saved their United States title at the 2020 United States Men’s Championship. 

Matt Hamilton as Super Mario
Matt Hamilton as Super Mario

This indeed created a chance for them to appear at the Champion’s Cup and the World Men’s Curling Championship. Unfortunately, all these events were later postponed due to the novel coronavirus. 

As for his recent presence, Matt Hamilton played in the 2021 World Men’s Curling Championship. Well, they played in the playoff games against Switzerland.  

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Matt Hamilton | Awards and Achievements 

  • 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang (Gold)
  • 2016 World Championship in Basel (Bronze)
  • World Junior Championship (Gold and Bronze)
  • US Men’s Championships (Gold (4) and Silver (2))
  • 2017 US Olympic Trial in Omaha (Gold)
  • 2017 US Mixed Doubles Olympic Title in Blaine (Gold)
  • US Mixed Double Championships in Blaine, 2017 (Gold)
  • 2008 Sportsmanship Award

Matt Hamilton | Net Worth 

To date, Matt Hamilton hasn’t shared his earnings and salary details. However, he has a net worth of around $3-$4 million. 

Furthermore, Matt Hamilton has also become a brand ambassador for Remington Beard Boss. According to the sources, he landed the deal after he rose to fame for his facial hair. 

Currently, the American curler is a research and development technician for Spectrum Brands.

Excluding his several earnings, Matt Hamilton indulges in several charity works. He was a part of the BMW Charity Pro-am event in South Carolina. Indeed, he also showcased his pro moves during it. 

Matt Hamilton | Personal Life 

As much of an athlete as Matt Hamilton is, he is also a man with a family. Yes, our curler hero is married to his sweetheart, Jen Hamilton. The duo met at a party after a Wisconsin Badgers football game.  

Not to mention, the duo has a cute story as their first meet started with Matt’s pickup line. Well, the conversation started as, “Are you a Packers fan?” 

What’s cuter is that Jen is a Packers fan, and as they commenced talking, they dated in no time.

Later, they took their vows in 2017. Ever since they have been going strong, and though Jen isn’t into curling, she supports him all the time. 

What she doesn’t support is his mustache. As per Matt, Jen  hates the mustache “with a fiery passion.” 

“The outpouring of support is the greatest thing. So many people have said, ‘I stayed up until 3 a.m. watching you.’ It’s so cool the sport is getting so much attention.”
– Jen Hamilton 

Matt Hamilton with his wife, Jen
Matt Hamilton with his wife, Jen/Instagram

At the moment, Jen Hamilton is a physician’s assistant in Madison. 

Matt Hamilton | Social Media Presence

Well, as much as Matt Hamilton is known for his gameplay as a curler, he got pretty popular cause of his facial hair. In fact, his Twitter followers soared from 4,000 to 22,000 after that. 

Similarly, his Instagram followers raised from 3,000 to 20,000. You can follow his social media sites to check on his personal uploads and posts. 

He is on Instagram as Matt Hamilton (@hamscurl) with 19.3k followers. Likewise, he is on Twitter as Matt Hamilton (@MattJamilton) with 20.6k followers. 

Diving a bit into Matt’s likes, he is into golfing and often has had several meetups with the legendary golfer himself, Aaron Rodgers

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Matt Hamilton | FAQ

What is between Matt Hamilton and Super Mario?

In the 2018 Winter Olympics, Matt Hamilton wore a red tee with black joggers and red shoes lastly, paired with a red cap. Altogether, fans stated him to look exactly like Super Mario, and hence, the pictures went viral in no time. 

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