Mesut Ozil Net Worth: Salary, Donations & Contract

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The most expensive German player for 2013, Mesut Ozil, has an estimated net worth of $120 million as of 2024.

Born in the twenty-fifth largest city of Germany in terms of inhabitants, Mesut Ozil is a blessing when he is playing for his country. He adds a surplus of mid-field talent when his squad comes across.

The famous German playmaker, nicknamed “The Assist King,” is acknowledged for his creative ability, offensive prowess, and technical skills.

As the nickname itself suggests, Ozil’s name does come along when it is about assists.

Mesut is hooked up with the top-flight football teams Arsenals, Real Madrid, and many more.

Moreover, his name recurred time and again for leading his team Germany to the semi-finals twice at the 2010 FIFA world cup & UEFA Euro 2012. 

Mesut Ozil playing for Arsenal (Source: Instagram)
Mesut Ozil playing for Arsenal (Source: Instagram)

Not to mention, Ozil was the starter for all seven games of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and qualified as the top scorer with eight goals. And in due time, that very pivotal role led his team, Germany wins the world cup as well. 

Apart from being a hardcore footballer, Ozil is also a philanthropist and activist. He is genuinely into helping others and also can be called a part-time actor for commercial ads.

Mesut Ozil | Quick Facts

Full Name Mesut Ozil
Date of Birth 15 October 1988
Birth Place Gelsenkirchen, West Germany
Nick Name The Assist King
Religion Islam
Nationality German
Ethnicity Turkish
Zodiac Sign Libra
Age 35 years old
Height 5’11” (1.80 m)
Weight 76 kg (167 lbs)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Build Athlete
Father’s Name Mustafa Ozil
Mother’s Name Gulizar Ozil
Siblings Mutlu Ozil, Dugyu Ozil and Nese Ozil
Marital Status Married
Wife Amine Gulse Ozil
Kids Eda Ozil
Profession Football Player
Position Attacking Midfielder
Affiliation Fenerbahce S.K.
Jersey number  67
National Team  Germany
Active Years  2006-present
Net Worth  $120 million (as of 2021)
Social Media  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube
Merch  Jersey plus ball, Beanie Cap, Poster, Gunning for Greatness(Book)
Last Update April, 2024

How much net worth does Mesut Ozil have?

Currently, the German-Muslim footballer Mesut Ozil has a net worth of $120 million. Before jumping into Fenerbahce, he was reportedly making  £18million-a-year in wages at Arsenal.

Ozil was not only known for the figures that he received as a salary, but he was at the heart of many memorable moments for this club, including those three FA clubs’ final wins.

Although Ozil had his own reasons for switching the team during early 2021, it was supposed that things went out of his favor as he was not named in the Premier League or Europa league squads by his manager Mikel Arteta.

Moreover, Ozil was not even selected for any of the games in the year 2020 since march. But as we know, everything happens for a reason; the change had a fruitful result.

Ozil receives a pay cut of more than £300,000-a-week after hooking up with Fenerbahce. Additionally, it was revealed that Ozil would receive a total of €9million (£8million) for three years and a signing amount of €550,000 (£488,000).

Interestingly, there was news covered that Arsenal is still paying 90% of Mesut’s payment while he is already moved to boyhood club, Fenerbahce. Now, you can imagine how massively he has worked for Arsenal and the name he has made from the team.

Mesutol Campaign

Well, yes, you people must be confused; what is the campaign all about? Here’s the answer, after surveying on the internet, we came to know that the club, Fenerbahce, is struggling to pay for Ozil. 

That’s why they created a movement, where they asked their supporters to help pay for Mesut’s salary rendering money to the club. It was basically an SMS campaign aimed to break the record with maybe even a million text messages from his fans.

The text messages in this campaign cost just under £2 and will be forwarded to the number 1907, the year Fenerbahce was established.

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Mesut Ozil as a Philanthropist

Ozil’s fan must be clear with the fact that he is a generous soul and has never backed off when it comes to donating for a good cause. He donated his prize money of $329,000 after winning the World Cup in 2014 as a part of the BigShoe project.

That sum of money was utilized to help 23 sick Brazillian children so that they could go for medical surgery. Well, it was his kind gesture to thank the people of Brazil for their hospitality.

Mesut with his wife, Amine working for the Big Shoe Project
Mesut with his wife, Amine working for the Big Shoe Project

Just after two years, in May 2016, Mesut paid a visit to the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, when 80,000 people got displaced whilst the Syrian civil war.

Mesut brought a playful environment to the camp, playing with the kids out there, signing autographs, and giving away football tees.

Celebrating his big day with children

This might come as shocking to many, but Mesut’s way of celebrating his big day was unique. He paid for 1000 children to have surgery after getting married in June 2019. This was not only it.

Mesut mentioned that doing this was his wedding gift to the world. Moreover, the same day he also fed 100,000 homeless people at 16 refugee camps and Shelters in Turkey and Syria.

Mesut willingly worked to make a child cancer patient’s dream come true.

Mesut allied with the charity, My Shining Star in 2017 and, following that, called up the child, Charlie, as a guest at his private box & in the player’s sitting room amid the game with Sunderland at Emirates Stadium.

Donation of $100,000 to Muslims in the holy month of Ramadan

Yes, the reports confirmed that Mesut again excelled in proving his generosity by donating $100,000 to Muslims in the occassion of Ramadan and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in 2020. 

Tweet made by Mesut during Ramadan
A tweet by Mesut during Ramadan

The donation is made to render a sigh of relief to some 16000 Muslims who are fasting during the daylight hours through the Turkish Red Crescent.

And some 2000 food (iftar) packages were distributed to families across Syria and Turkey, where tons of refugees are dislocated due to the conflict. And, also 90,000 food packages will be delivered to Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu. 

Mesut Ozil as an Activist and Advocate

Ozil’s response to the sacking of Arsenal’s beloved dinosaur, Gunnersaurus

The news made rounds when the coronavirus pandemic hit the Arsenal club real hard. The club had to the redundancy of the staff and players, including the most loved mascot Gunnersaurus, portrayed by Jerry Quy.

Jerry played the popular figure for 27 years, and when the club decided to sideline him, Ozil offered to reimburse Arsenal for his salary if they called Jerry back.

Tweet by Mesut coming in favor of Gunnersaurus
Tweet by Mesut coming in favor of Gunnersaurus

Note, Jerry has worn the costume since the idea was formulated in 1993, and thereafter he made his debut at Highbury in a league game against Manchester City. Besides working for Arsenal, he is also seen working for Junior Gunners and Travel club.

While the coronavirus outbreak struck shattered everyone emotionally, financially, and mentally, Jerry stayed true to his job, posting a series of Gunnersaurus at home posts on social media. 

This must be the reason why Mesut was all ready to repay Gunnersaurus’s salary on his behalf. Yet another way of respecting someone’s job and hard work.

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Raising Awareness for the Uyghur Situation in India

There was news spread over that Mesut Ozil slams Chinese treatment of Ughyur Minority on social media. He took it to social media and tweeted a poem mourning the lack of support for the extremity of the Uyghur Turks.

The otherness of the voice that he raised was the poem; he tweeted, which was written over a backdrop of the “East Turkistan” flag, representing the Ughyur’s in China’s western province of Xinjiang.

Mesut, speaking up for Ughyurs
Mesut speaking up for Ughyurs

Mesut also denounced Muslim countries for not speaking out about Xinjian re-education camps.  Regarding which Arsenal later let out a letter distancing itself from the comments.

To this, China’s state broadcasters China Central Television and PP Sports, responded by removing the game between Arsenal and  Manchester City from their timelines.

The sources also claimed that Mesut’s eventual omission from the Arsenal group was related to this case. However, things calmed down after the Chinese government called him to Xinjiang and stated that Mesut was misled.

Mesut Ozil Net Worth | Media and Sponsorship

Long run with Adidas

It remained no confidential news that back in 2013, Mesut grabbed a monster offer with Adidas worth a reported £22 million for representing the Swoosh for the Three Stripes in which was not such a welcoming trend at that time.

However, out of the blues, Mesut set himself as the most significant figure for the German brand in marketing campaigns, which brought the laceless revolution Adidas Purecontrol Ace 16 and later relaunched the Predator.

The news made rounds when Mesut and Adidas parted their ways in 2020 as he wanted to establish his own brand, M10. It would also lend him all liberty to wear what he wants in the future.

Nevertheless, they had a long 8 years of a successful journey together. Everyone who worked for Adidas knew there would be no extension of the contract further Mesut builds his own brand. It was all in accordance with the contract.

Additionally, Mesut was also featured in one of the adverts in 2015 entitled, “Create Your Own Game.”

Mesut starred in a video,Create Your Own Game
Mesut starred in a video, Create Your Own Game.

Working with the “Undefeated” Co-founder James Bond, the early development of the M-10 brand.

Aligning with, after the 2014 world cup, Mesut disclosed his plans when asked about where he wanted to be in the coming five years? So he knew that he has to collab with top designers and people.

Then life happened; Mesut and his agent, Erkut Sogut, got connected to a friend in LA and became friends with James Bond, who owns the sneaker store ‘Undefeated.’ James was also involved Adidas closely at that time.

Furthermore, Sogut went to his office in LA and discussed Mesut’s willingness to launch his own brand after his contract ends with Adidas. Mesut would join them on Facetime and discuss ideas.

And this is how they introduced us, the public, to their M10 brand. Also, James often reminded him to keep the product easy and simple and focus on small quantities of hats and t-shirts while testing the regular market.

And guess what, everything sold out in the first hour of the first launch. The brand featured players like Sergio Ramos and Jerome Boateng showing off M10 hats.

Mesut promoting his brand
Mesut promoting his brand

As a matter of fact, Mesut has also stated that promoting this brand of his own will not serve to fulfill his financial needs; but all the funds will move to charities because he is clear that he does not need money. He wants to give it back.

Gunning for Greatness

In 2017, Mesut released his autobiography, The Magic of the Game/ Gunning for Greatness. In his book, he has disclosed the inside stories of his relationship with Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger. 

Mesut has also spoken of his journey to help the under-fire Frenchman restore Arsenal’s pre-eminence.

And he has also revealed his lifestyle before making a name of his own, the prejudice that he has faced after being born to Turkish parents in German lands.

Mesut Ozil Net Worth | Lifestyle

Trust us, the words lavish, luxurious would not be enough to describe his authentic, kinglike lifestyle. Let’s talk about his $10 million home in Hampstead, north London, which has six bedrooms detached.

Mesut let the Hypebeast take a sneak peek into his house, and here you go with a few of the finest details. The Arsenal playmaker repurchased the house in 2016, five years ago, after his £42.5 million moves from Real Madrid.

Mesut’s mansion is designed in pretty much fancy way in Turkish marble, has a colossal home cinema, a trainer collection possessing several pairs of Adidas Yeezy Boots and Louboutins.

Mesut just standing besides the painting of Ottoman Sultan
Mesut just standing beside the painting of the Ottoman Sultan

All the marbles in his house are decorated in Turkish style, Maybe because the theme will completely impress his Turkish wife, Amine Gulse, the former Miss Turkey. The interior design is done by his friend.

Mesut describes this huge space with the extended couch as his favorite room. Of course, this room again is inspired by Turkish descent. And the living room is incomplete without a portray of the Ottoman Sultan who conquered Istanbul.

FIFA Room & Obsession for Trainer

Additionally, Mesut has made sure his brand’s logo is on the walkway to his home cinema and playroom (where he plays FIFA with his friends).

Besides football, Ozil also shares a mad obsession for his extensive trainer and accessories collection. He owns eight pairs of Adidas Yeezy trainers worth over $1700 in total, the highly wanted collection by Kanye West.

Mesut also has a pair of those laceless Adidas ace 17+ Purecontrol boots, a mark of the revolution he brought. His boot collection also includes Gold-studded Louboutin for £865.

And the headphone that he owns, made in alliance with Balmain retail, costs around $600. 

Mesut’s Collection of Cars

It would be really unfair if we do not mention the astounding collection of whips that he owns and is outside the house is equally a view to stare at. As reported, the flashy car collection is worth $383 million. 

Mesut is also the ambassador for Mercedes and owns a small collection that includes the S-Class coupe AMG. The beauty is also his dog’s favorite, his pet pug Balboa. The coupe can run 62 mph in just 4.1 seconds. 

Mesut in his S-Class Coupe AMG
Mesut in his S-Class Coupe AMG

Mesut also has a Mercedes-Benz G-Class utility automobile worth $152,600. Moreover, he was also spotted with his Fancy Ferrari 458 after picking up the pizza he ordered outside a restaurant.

Mesut also owns Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, which is worth £165,030 and is a part of his car collection since 2014. The 563hp vehicle is capable of riding 0-62 mph in 3.8 seconds.

To add on, Mesut also has a four-door Porsche Panamera Turbo Luxury worth £120k that makes 550 horsepower. His car collection also includes an Audi RS5.

Moving on, Mesut’s most-liked ride is his Mercedes-AMG G63 which is worth around £143 305. And, it is also heard that Raheem Sterling, David Luiz, and Virgil van Dijk are all fans of this ride.

Mesut just about to open the doors of Mercedes QAMG G63 SUV
Mesut just about to open the doors of the Mercedes AMG G63 SUV

To boot on, Mesut is also spotted around his Ferrari 458 Italia, worth around £200k.

Mesut Ozil owns a private jet.

Yes, you read it accurately. Mesut owns a private jet, as per sources. The worth is not revealed on the internet but yes, according to one of his Instagram posts.

Mesut was seen taking a nap on a private jet with his pet pug after Arsenal’s FA Cup triumph on May 31, 2015, in Islington.

Mesut on his private jet
Mesut on his private jet

After some celebratory function, he quickly headed off to the airport and settled with his pet dog on his private jet. 

Mesut posted a picture on his Instagram account and wrote, “Taking a quick nap on our way to unite with our family.”

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Mesut Ozil | A glance at his Personal Life

It’s not a hidden story that the 32-year-old German player is not single anymore. Mesut had a romantic affair with his then-girlfriend, former Miss Turkey, Amine Gulse, since 2017.

And later, they got married at a luxury hotel on the banks of Bosphorus in 2019.

Just a pinch of added information on this topic, the duo shares a beautiful daughter named Eda. They welcomed her in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.
Here’s the picture from his Instagram handle.
Mesut with his beloved wife and daughter
Mesut with his beloved wife and daughter

Mesut Ozil | Social Media Presence

The fact is not deprived that Mesut is all known by his name and is globally recognized. He does not need any brand to flower his name. We can surely catch him on social media handles like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Not to mention, Mesut also has a youtube channel of his own subscribed by 253k subscribers out there. Other than this, he has a great fan following on Instagram and Twitter. 

When Mesut has to decode any messages, Mesut unhesitantly uses his social media platforms. So, do not miss on giving him a follow.

Just, for instance, to support the above statement, recently, we could see Mesut voicing his support for Palestine in the 2021 I9srael-Palestine crisis, also dressing up in a “Free-Palestine ” t-shirt along with other Fenerbahce players.

Instagram- m10_official with 23.9M followers

Twitter- @MesutOzil1088 with 26M followers.

Facebook- @mesutozil with 38M followers

Mesut Ozil | Facts

  • The former Arsenal player was born and brought up in Germany, but his parents are from Turkey, who later moved to Germany.
  • Mesut is a Muslim by religion and, as a  part of daily ritual, recites some statements of the holy Quran before a match.
  • The most unbelievable fact about Ozil is that Arsenal and Real Madrid had never lost any game when Mesut scored a goal.
  • The Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo appreciates him a lot. Ronaldo was glad when he heard Ozil signing up with Arsenal.
  • Mesut can speak four different languages, Turkish, German, English, and Spanish.
  • He shined like glitters in the sky in FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa when Ozil got nominated for The Golden Ball Award.


  • “I come from a background where you don’t show off the good things you do. It’s modesty.” 
  • “People wrote so negatively about me, but generally, the people who are familiar with football know my strength and abilities.” 
  • “I am the sort of player that likes to create goals. I think a lot of my team-mates know me as a player who is not selfish.”

Mesut Ozil | FAQs

Does Mesut smoke and drink?

As claimed by sources, he does drink but does not smoke.

How much does Mesut Ozil make per year?

Aligning with the online sources, he makes 3 million EUR per year.

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