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World Champion racing driver Sebastian Vettel has a staggering net worth, which is $140 million.

Considering all of the richest formula drivers today, Sebastian Vettel is still considered one of the highest-paid drivers.

From the very beginning of his splendid career, Vettel handled various remarkable titles upgrading to open-wheel cars.

Despite suffering from serious injuries, Sebastian usually did not take a long break from his racing car career.

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel

Comparably, Vettel broke so much history, won prizes like Grand Prix from Italy, Singapore, and so on. 

Moreover, the German racer has driven for famous names like BMW Sauber, Red Bull, Toro Rosso, and everyone’s favorite, Ferrari. 

Quick Facts

Before knowing more related to the net worth of Sebastian Vettel, here are some of the quick facts about him.

Full Name Sebastian Vettel
Known as Sebastian Vettel
Nickname Baby Schumi
Birth Date July 3, 1987
Birth Place Heppenheim, West Germany
Residence Los Angeles, United States
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Starkenburg-Gymnasium
Horoscope Cancer
Father’s Name Norbert Vettel
Mother’s Name Heike Vettel
Siblings 3 (Melanie Vettel, Stefanie Vettel and Fabian Vettel)
Age 36 years old
Height 5’9″ (1.75 m)
Weight 62 kg (137 lb)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Body type Athletic
Profession Racing Driver
Marital Status Married
Spouse Hanna Prater (m. 2019)
Children 2
Name of Children Emilie Vettel and Matilda Vettel
Beginning of Professional Career 2003
Retirement N/A
Playing style Most sensitive driving style
Sports team Red Bull (2003-2014), Ferrari (2015-2020), and Aston Martin (2021-N/A)
Coach Antti Kontsas
Honors Grands Prix de I’Academie des Sports. The Lorenzo Bandini Trophy, Ballot F1 driver of the year.
Victory F1 Championships
Net Worth $140 million
Car Number 5
Merch  Shirt, Helmet, F1 Poster
Last Update May, 2024

Sebastian Vettel Net Worth and Income

Following his status as a celebrity, at the age of 36, Vettel had $40 million of salary at Ferrari, including bonuses.

Besides his salary, Vettel made endorsements earning $500,000, ranking one of the wealthiest F1 drivers around.

Further, his records and victory made him remain one of the top players in the sport.

Back in the days, Vettel had driven for two prosperous teams: Red Bull and Ferrari. These teams have a massive budget and legacy as these ensure his lifetime earnings of $140 million.


In 2018, the F1 season, Vettel signed a 3-year contract with Ferrari worth $42 million annually. So, he ranked 18th in position on the list of top 100 paid athletes in the world.

Similarly, the contract made him earn $50 million in his first year, $30 million a year plus bonuses which further included maximum bonuses of $10 million.

Reportedly, for the 2021 season, Sebastian has signed a contract with Aston Martin.

On the other hand, he endorses brands like Tirendo, Infiniti, Casio, Shell & Pepe Jeans.

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Sebastian Vettel | House and Cars


Just as Vettel is so much to keep his privacy, it was not easy to get any information about his house. Thus, he owes a modest $7 million farmhouse in Switzerland’s Thurgau Canton.

So too, the house is painted in a Tudor style with white and red color surrounded by large trees.

But it is believed he owns more than his house in that area. Also, the property has a guest house at the back.

This German F1 driver also has a boathouse in Eschenz, Switzerland. He repurchased his house in 2014, where all his family still live there.

Luxurious Cars


Someone like Sebastian Vettel, who races in Formula 1 for team Ferrari, is expected to collect luxurious speedy cars considering his net worth. On that list, he owns Ferrari F430, which cost about $217,000.

The car is a successor to the Ferrari 360, unveiled at the 2004 Paris Motor Show.

Additionally, the car has a notable feature where the driver can select five different settings that can modify the whole feature on the vehicle.

Secondly, Vettel also has another Ferrari, California T, with its twin-turbo of the 3.9-liter V8 engine producing 552 bhp. This car cost $231,000.

Similarly, the Ferrari has a feature to 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Furthermore, the car has the first hardtop convertible with a folding roof and direct petrol injection.

As per speed, it can accelerate from 0-100 km per hour, attending a top speed of 315 km per hour.

Sebastian Vettel on his luxurious Ferrari
Sebastian Vettel on his luxurious Ferrari

Likewise, Vettel also has Ferrari F40 that costs between $700,000 and $900,000. At the same time, some paid the US $3.6 million.

The car is prepared with a new design featured with Kevlar, carbon fiber, and aluminum panels. With a speed to achieve 0-60 mph (97 km/h), the car had no sound system, glove box, carpets, leather trims, or panels.


Despite having the collection of Ferrari, Vettel also has a Mercedes SL65 AMG worth $145,000. The car is additionally featured with the AMG Speedshift Plus five-speed automatic transmission.

Similarly, the car has a 6.0 liter V12 BiTurbo, having a top speed of about 200 mph-322 km/h.

Infiniti FX

This car Infiniti FX SUV costs at least 100,800 pounds having an impressive speed of 186 mph. In fact, this model is featured with a 414 V8 engine that sounds quite than the standard Infiniti FX.


Vettel’s X3 costs roughly 37,000 pounds, featured with 0-60 mph time of 5.1-10.0 seconds. In further detail, the car has an 8-speed automatic transmission, with gesture control technology of LED exterior and interior lighting.


With Sebastian Vettel’s demanding net worth, he uses a helicopter nicknamed “Little Bull” for transporting in and out of event purpose.

Moreover, the helicopter is designed in the colors of Red Bull Racing, whose worth is still to be known.

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Sebastian Vettel | Lifestyle and Vacation


Considering Vettel’s luxurious life, his lifestyle is worthfully recognizable. The German racer bought an original 32-piece art collection celebrating 32 Formula One world champions.

The celebration was for the champions since the inception of the F1 drivers, from 1950. Likewise, the art was produced by international artist Mark Dickens collaborating with F1 photographer Keith Sutton.

Vettel had launched the limited edition of Casio Red Bull Racing Watch in partnership to maintain his own level of lifestyle.

In fact, the watch is featured with stainless steel case, black dial, alarm, chronograph, including a special Red Bull engraving.


However, there were rules to prevent drivers from changing helmets every weekend. But Vettel found a way to surpass the rules with a white helmet and number five on the car.

Nevertheless, Vettel has Jens Munser responsible for designing and painting Formula 1 crash helmets.

As of Munser, Vettel is among those riders who made a quick and easy decision on helmets.

Hence, Jens designed his Red Bull years, while Vettel staggered with 96 uniquely designed helmets before restriction.

In an interview with one of the YouTube channels, Vettel revealed that he would love to inked on him only after he does the Ironman challenge.

Meanwhile, the challenge includes a 2,4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride with a 26-mile run.

Being an athlete, Vettel usually wears his own endorse brands like Nike and Puma.


As Vettel is so much into keeping his personal life in privacy. But Sebastian once mentioned, he spends all of his spare time with his family and dog.

Truly for the 2019 season, Vettel took no break on the summer holidays. He kept on working hard, marking himself not to give up.


On August 1, 2012, by author Andrea Cremonesi a paperback on the name of “Meet Sebastian Vettel: The Story of Formula One’s Youngest Champion” was published. 

Thus, the paperback is still available on Amazon with 4.5 ratings.


The Garman driver appeared in a short film filled with action, shoot in Shanghai. As the film has action scenes, Vettel even trained for Martial Arts.

Accordingly, Vettel acted in the film “Drive of the Dragon” as a protagonist who also portrayed his martial art skills.

Once, the paddock also witnesses Vettel playing the role of an analyst.

Sebastian Vettel | Charity

Despite being a top-paid driver, Vettel loves to pay his net worth to charity. Back in 2020, Sebastian Vettel himself organized an auction set up that made up raising euro 225,000. There, he donated to the online auction.

In that auction event, Vettel wore his special ‘Diversity’ helmet. He also featured Bahrain Grands Prix with a rainbow pride stripe and a ‘Together as One’ motif.

Sebastian Vettel's Helmet on auction
Sebastian Vettel’s helmet on auction

Meanwhile, the charity was split into two different forms: for Kindern Eine Chance to support disadvantaged children and families in Uganda.

And another one was for Des Sourires Pour Le Togo, which promotes self-sufficiency for children in Togo. They specifically improve children’s education, health, and access to drinking water.

Despite being a Red Bull driver, Vettel and Charles Leclerc team up with Cristiano Ronaldo for a charity football match in 2019.

Sebastian Vettel on charity football match
Sebastian Vettel on charity football match

Further, the match raised money for cancer research that included teams with star names and famous faces.

Sebastian Vettel | Endorsement and Investments

Indeed not having social media accounts, Sebastian Vettel alone endorses a net worth of $300,000. He endorses watch brands Casio, Infiniti, Trend, Car manufacturer, car petroleum brand shell including Pepe Jeans.

Besides Vettel’s medieval-style home in Switzerland, Vettel’s garage is full of luxurious cars that worth 20% value of his home. 

Reportedly, Vettel will not race for Aston Martin 2021 season since he represents himself as an investor of shares.

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Sebastian Vettel | Career

Red Bull

Growing up, Vettel was idolized by German racing icon Michael Schumacher who took to the karting in 1995. Bringing improvement in himself, Vettel caught in the eyes of Gerhard Noack.

Accordingly, before his debut in the Formula One race in 2007, he moved to Renault’s Formula Three Euro Series and the World Series.

Despite having a reputation, until 2007, Vettel was not in an immediate success in the F1 circuit.

Later, in 2008, he won the Italian Grand Prix just at the age of 21 years and 2 months, becoming the youngest F1 race winner ever.

On that note, Vettel, on making victory under such impressive circumstances of the rain-soaked track, Red Bull led him on as a driver for the 2009 season.

For 2010, he was positioned third in F1 history. In 2011, he won aa out of 19 races—year until 2012, Vettel position in third.

In fact, in 2013, Vettel became the first person to win eight consecutive races in a season which later extended to nine. Consequently, his streak of driver’s championship ended up ranking fifth-place till 2014.


At the end of 2014, Vettel announced he’ll be leaving Red Bull and joining Ferrari.

There he ends up with a third place in 2015 and fourth in 2016. Indeed he ends up in second place in 2017, just behind Lewis Hamilton.

Same as with the 2018 and 2019 seasons, by 2020, Vettel announced about ways parted with Ferrari.

Reportedly, in 2021, Sebastian Vettel signed with Aston Martin.


  • A rare victory to be the youngest racer to score a pole position, a double (pole + race), and a triple (pole + race + fastest lap).
  • In 2013, 13 race victories and 15 pole positions for 2011 still ranked highest race and pole positions.
  • Know for being one of the wittiest drivers on the grid as he is perfect knowledge for time quips and witty jabs in interviews.


  • “You can’t change what happened. But you can still change what will happen.” 
  • “I don’t care too much what happened in the past. I prefer to focus on what is coming next, and I am really looking forward to it.” 
  • “You’re traveling all over the world, but to be home is something special.”


Is Ferrari a gift for Sebastian Vettel?

The race organizers gifted the SL65 that Vettel owes in 2009 after winning the first Abu Dhabi GP for Red Bull.

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