Tom Brady Sr.: Everything on Tom Brady’s Father

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Tom Brady Sr, the father of Tom Brady-the seven-time Super Bowl champion and NFL Quarterback, shares a great bond with his son. Brady Sr., professionally, is also the founder and CEO of Thomas Brady & Associates-an independent insurance firm.

The former Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, is arguably the greatest NFL quarterback in history, but he has someone he calls “his hero“; his father, Tom Brady Sr

Tom Brady Sr. is the proud father of Tom Brady, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, who recently retired but returned back after 40 days.

Tom Brady with his dad (Source: Instagram)

The University of San Francisco graduate, elder Brady’s face beams with pride as a father when the world recognizes him as his son’s dad. 

Tom Brady Sr., the athlete’s father, has been a big impact on him.

Where is he? How has life for the athlete’s father been? But first, let’s check out quick facts about the man.

Tom Brady Sr.: Quick Facts

Full Name Thomas Edward Brady Sr.
Date of Birth May 6, 1944
Place of Birth San Francisco, California 
Age 80 Years Old
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Horoscope Taurus
Height 7 feet 1 Inch (1.88 meters or 188 centimeters/1.7501 m)
Weight 120 lbs (70 kg)
Body Measurement Unavailable
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Relationship Married 
Wife Galynn Patricia Brady
Children Maureen Brady (eldest child), Julie Brady (second daughter), Nancy Brady (youngest daughter), Tom Brady (youngest child/only son)
Daughter in Law/ Son-in-laws Kevin Youkilis: husband of Julie Brady, Steve Bonelli: husband of Nancy Brady, Gisele Bündchen: wife of Tom Brady
Grandchildren Maya Brady and Hannah Brady (Maureen’s children), Jordan Brady, Zachary Youkilis, and Jeremy Youkilis (Julie’s children), John Edward Thomas Moynahan, Vivian Lake Brady, and Benjamin Brady (Tom’s children), Nancy’s son
Profession CEO of Thomas Brady & Associates
Draft Phillies (Baseball/MLB)
Salary $500K – $700K
Net worth Approx $1 Million– $3,5 Million
Social Media None
Merch of Tom Brady Paperbacks, Coloring Notebooks, Clothing, Flag
Last Update May, 2024

Tom Brady Sr.: Early Life and Education

Tom Brady Sr. was born in 1944, and his birthday falls on May 6. As of now, the names of his parents and the details of his early life have not been explored yet. 

The athlete’s father grew up in San Francisco and graduated from the University of San Francisco with a B.S in sociology. 

Tom Brady Sr.: Height and Weight

Looking at Tom Brady’s stunning physique, we can expect Tom Brady Sr. to be quite well-built. Like his son, Thomas was also really athletic back in his days and was even drafted into the MLB. 

However, we do not know the exact height and weight of the said man, except he looks tall and is slightly shorter than his son. 

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Tom Brady Sr.: Wife

As the saying goes, being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Tom Brady Sr shares his life with the one he has loved for over a half-century, his wife, Galynn Patricia Brady, née Johnson

A true match made in heaven, Tom Brady Sr and his wife, Galynn Brady, have been setting standards of a perfect marriage for decades now. The couple has recently celebrated their 52 years of marriage in the company of their wonderful family.

The pair met each other in California. At the time, Tom was working at his insurance firm while Galynn worked as a flight attendant. 

While most of the details of their relationship before marriage have been kept away from the public’s prying eye, their marriage and life together is an open book.

Tom Brady Sr and Galynn Brady got married on April 19th, 1969.

Tom Brady's parents
Tom Brady’s parents’ wedding (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, even this blessed couple had to go through some tumultuous times. In 2016, Galynn Brady was diagnosed with a severe illness; breast cancer.

As a testament to their love, Tom stayed with his wife and supported her through the grueling chemotherapy treatments for five months. 

The elderly couple had never missed their son’s matches until then but had to miss out on many games throughout the treatment. 

Tom Brady and his father kiss her mom after cancer recovery (Source: Instagram)

Thankfully, Galynn was successful in her fight against the disease. Moreover, Tom Brady Jr. had recently won Super Bowl LI then, so it was a double celebration for the family. 

To honor her, Robert Kraft, New England Patriots owner, gave Galynn a Super Bowl ring after the team’s success in Super Bowl LI. 

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Tom Brady Sr.: Children

Tom Brady Sr. and Galynn Brady have four children together: 3 daughters and a son. The couple grew their children in a competitive background. Moreover, the Brady family had always been quite athletic. 

Tom Brady Sr. often talks about all he had done in the past to instill healthy competition among his children.

For example, he made them run home from church or compete to see who threw the rock the farthest. 

Tom Brady's old family photo
Young Tom Brady’s family photo (Source: Instagram)

Everything was a competition among the kids, and Tom Sr. made it enjoyable for the winner. They also made sure their children grew up putting family, honor, and hard work above all else.

Likewise, it was also revealed that the elderly couple had let their children try everything, be it singing, ballet, piano, or guitar. But all of them still gravitated toward sports. 

Maureen Brady

Maureen Brady is the eldest of Tom Sr. and Galynn Brady’s kids. Growing up, Maureen Brady was a softball champion, and she used to be an All-American pitcher at Fresno State in the 90s. 

Maureen Brady (Source: GettyImages)

Back then, their family used to go to their matches, and little Tom Jr. admired his eldest sister a lot. He had said many times that she was the best athlete in the family. 

However, after college, she pursued a career in nursing and now works at a local hospital in Bakersfield, California. 

Julie Brady

Julie Brady is the second child of the Brady family, she shares her birthday with her youngest sibling, Tom Brady Jr.

She is often recognized as Tom’s twin, but she is older by three years. Moreover, she is also married to the famous ex-baseball player Kevin Edmund Youkilis.

As a student, Julie was also an athletic person. She was a soccer player at St. Mary’s in California. 

Nancy Brady

Nancy Brady is the youngest daughter of Tom Sr. and Galynn Brady. Like all her siblings, she too used to play sports. 

Nancy was a softball player and even earned a scholarship to play at the University of California. However, she didn’t continue playing softball after her collegiate career. 

From what we have seen so far, Nancy prefers to be away from the spotlight as she is probably the least renowned of the siblings. Likewise, her wedding to Steve Bonelli was also quite secretive and private. 

Tom Brady Jr.

Thomas Edward Patrick Jr. is the youngest child of the couple and probably the most known of them all.

He is one of the greatest American football players who currently plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League (NFL).

Tom Jr. has reached heights of success and has millions of fans all over the world. He is the pride of his parents and, like his father, a family man.

His fierce playing style and his ability to seemingly win any match impressed both his teammates and opponents.

Young Tom Brady
Tom Brady’s father and mother (Source: Instagram)

Even as a child, the footballer was fierce, competitive, and hated to lose, but Tom Sr. managed to teach him the value of good sportsmanship. This might be one of the many reasons the athlete is grateful to his parents and family.

Back then, Tom Jr. used to be known as “Maureen’s brother” or “The Little Brady,” which he might have disdained a lot. However, his sisters were excellent athletes, which was a blessing and a curse to him at the time.

In an interview, Maureen revealed that when Tom Jr was in grade 9, he wrote that they would be known as Tom Brady’s sisters one day. The athlete told his mom, “One day, I’m going to be a household name.”

Tom Brady is also already married to Gisele Bündchen, a famous Brazilian model. The old couple has been together for over 12 years now. 

Relationship with his children

Tom Brady Sr. and Galynn Brady are involved in the lives of all their children. But, despite all of them growing up admirably, they have never grown out of their parents. 

The couple regularly visits their children, and family reunions are constant at the Brady home.  

Brady Sr. and Jr. usually kissed on the lips, which people often criticized. We can get a clue about their depth of bondage.

Tom Brady kissing his dad (Source: GettyImages)

Tom Brady Sr.: Grandchildren

Tom Sr. and Galynn have been blessed with numerous grandchildren. From the various family reunion pics, we can see the couple smiling down at their lovely family. 

Tom Brady Sr. and his grandchildren
Tom Brady’s parents with their grandchildren (Source: Instagram)

Maya Brady & Hannah Brady

Maya Ann Brady-Timmons and Hannah Brady are the daughters of Maureen Brady. Following in her mom’s and uncle’s footsteps, Maya is quite a fantastic athlete. 

Deemed the most dominating athlete of the family by Tom Jr., Maya currently plays softball for the UCLA Bruins. Likewise, she was also named the Softball America Freshman of the Year 2020. 

On the contrary, not much is known about Hannah Brady. 

Jordan Brady, Zachary Youkilis & Jeremy Youkilis

Jordan Brady, Zachary Youkilis & Jeremy Youkilis are the children of Julie Brady. 

Julie was blessed with her only daughter, Jordon, from her first marriage, while her two sons, Zachary & Jeremy, are from her marriage to Kevin Youkilis. 

Nancy’s son

As mentioned earlier, Nancy is quite secretive about her private life; hence, we do not know her son’s name yet. 

Nancy and her husband, Steve Bonelli, have one child together: a son. We have seen the handsome little guy a couple of times in the Brady family picture but haven’t caught his name yet.

John Edward Thomas Moynahan, Vivian Lake Brady & Benjamin Brady

John Edward Thomas Moynahan, Vivian Lake Brady, and Benjamin Brady are the children of Tom Brady Jr. 

Also known as Jack, John is the eldest son of Tom Jr. and Bridget Moynahan, an American model, and actress. The pair dated for a little over two years before splitting. 

Similarly, Vivian Lake Brady and Benjamin Brady are the children of Tom Jr. and his wife, Gisele Bündchen. The couple got hitched back in 2009 and have been together ever since. 

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Tom Brady Sr.: Career

Professionally speaking, Tom Brady Sr. is the CEO and founder of Thomas Brady and Associates, an insurance company in San Francisco, California. However, before he founded the firm, he had his goals set elsewhere.

Tom Brady Sr. had always been into athletics, a trait his children and even grandchildren picked on. However, back then, he also wanted to be a priest. 

Like his son, who was torn between baseball and football, Tom Sr. was torn between priesthood and baseball. 

Tom -Brady-family
Tom Brady’s family (Source: Instagram)

The Phillies of the MLB had drafted him, but he had also spent seven years training at a seminary.

A certain incident made him take his mind off both ideas. When he was in training, he and his bunkmate listened to a baseball game, World Series, and were caught by one of the priests. 

After being reprimanded, Tom Sr. realized that he wanted to have a family, wife, and kids and the freedom to watch the World Series games. So, following the incident, he turned his head toward the insurance business. 

Tom Sr. started his insurance career in 1968 in New England Life and worked there for eight years. Then he went on to establish his firm, Thomas Brady and Associates. 

His business as an independent insurance firm has been quite successful. He opened his office in Boston in 2007 and another one in New York later. 

Tom Brady Sr.: Net Worth and House

Being a successful businessman, Tom Brady Sr. and his wife, Galynn Brady, have been living their lives well off. Likewise, he also raised his children in a loving and comfortable environment. 

There has been no information on Tom Brady Sr.’s exact net worth. The ones available on the internet may be a little inaccurate due to the absence of trustable sources. 

On the other hand, Tom Brady Jr.’s net worth is approximately $250 million

Tom Brady’s House On Indian Creek island (Source: Google )

Moreover, the elderly couple still lives in the same house where they raised their kids in San Mateo, California. 

Despite having the ability to move to mansions or many luxurious houses across America, they have chosen to remain in their old home, which to them is priceless. The memories made in the house are too precious to let go of. 

Tom Brady’s House Miami, FL (Source: Google )
[If you want to read more about his son, refer to the below]

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Tom Brady Sr.: Social Media

Although Tom Brady Sr. appears in quite many interviews, he is not much active on social media. 

However, we can get a quick look at his life via his son, Tom Brady Jr., on social media, who often posts pictures of his family and his parents. 

You can follow the star footballer in:

Instagram     Facebook      Twitter       Tiktok 

Tom Brady Sr.: FAQs

How old is Tom Brady Sr.? Is he alive?

Yes, Tom Brady Sr. is alive and is currently 80 years old. . Back in September 2020, he got infected with the deadly Covid-19 virus and had been in a hospital in San Franciso, California, for three weeks.

Fortunately, he made a recovery, and his health is good now.

What is the profession of Tom Brady Sr.?

Back in his day, Tom Sr. was drafted into MLB by the Phillies to be a baseball player, but he was also trained to become a priest for seven years. Later on, he quit his initial ideas and established an insurance firm, Thomas Brady and Associates. 

He is the CEO of the insurance firm located in San Francisco, which has offices in Boston and New York. 

Did Tom Brady Sr. play football?

No, Tom Brady Sr. didn’t play football. He was a baseball player good enough to be drafted by the Phillies of the MLB, but he didn’t take the offer. He immersed himself in the insurance business and later started his firm, Thomas and Associates.

What are Tom Brady’s diet and exercise routines?

Tom Brady’s diet includes mostly organic, local, and plant-based diets with no highly processed foods. Brady’s wellness regimen includes transcendental meditation, yoga, an 80/20 diet (80% alkaline, 20% acidic), early bedtime, physical exercise, and neuroplasticity training.


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