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Tony Dorsett is a former American football player who played in the NFL as a running back for the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos. At every level he played, he shone and also was a winner at every level.

He is one of the most decorated players in the league and is a Super Bowl winner with the Cowboys.

Tony Dorsett
Tony Dorsett At Conference (Source: Bleacher Report)

Tony has been a big football fan since he was a kid. His interest in the sport increased with time, and he played high school and college football.

Eventually, he entered the 1997 NFL Draft and had a very successful career. He is regarded as one of the best running back in NFL history.

On top of that, his son Anothony made appearances in 1999 and 2002 with the Raiders team. Furthermore, he is the uncle of Ty Law.

His nephew is a three-time Super Bowl Champion with the New England Patriots.

The football player continually raises awareness against a sleep disorder called Sleep Apnea. The disorder causes breathing stops or shallow breathing more than often.

Correspondingly the breathing pauses are seconds and minutes long.

As a result, regular sleep routines are disrupted, leading to sleepiness and fatigue. Dorsett has helped over 150 former footballers overcome this disorder.

So, today in this article, learn more about Tony’s life. Here we have mentioned all his details regarding his early life, family, professional career, net worth, personal life, and many more. 

But, before getting into details about the legendary NFL running back’s life and career, look at some quick facts about him.

Quick Facts

Full Name Anthony Drew Dorsett Sr.
Birth Date  April 7, 1954
Birth Place Rochester, Pennsylvania, United States
Nick Name Tony
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Education University Of Pittsburgh
Horoscope Aries
Father’s Name Wes Dorsett
Mother’s Name Myrtle Dorsett
Siblings Six
Age 68 Years Old
Height 5 ft 11 in / 1.80 m / 180 cm
Weight 192 lb / 87 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Build Athletic
Profession Former NFL Player
Former Team Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos
Position Running Back
Active Years 1977-1988
Marital Status Married
Wife Janet Harmon Dorsett
Kids Four; Anthony, Jazmyn, Madison, And Mia
Net Worth $5 Million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch PosterAutographed NFL Helmet & Cap
Last Update February, 2023

Early Life, Family, And Education

Tony Dorsett was born in Rochester, Pennsylvania, to Wes Dorsett and Myrtle Dorsett.

The NFL player’s father was a steel mill worker, while his mother cared for the house and kids.

Dorsett family resided in a government-funded project called Plan 11. Although they weren’t financially gifted, the family was happy with what they had.

Moreover, they counted their blessing and kept their faith in god. The NFL player had six siblings.

However, there isn’t much information about them. Nevertheless, his elder brothers were excellent athletes who played football and track.

Tony Dorsett With His Mother Myrtle
Tony Dorsett With His Mother Myrtle Dorsett

Hence, his siblings served as a source of inspiration for Anthony to pursue football. He also played high school football with them at Hopewell High School.

Besides that, the athlete practiced a lot and worked hard to improve his skills. The former Broncos were determined to make a better life than he had, so he never gave up.

Shortly after, he was well-known as one of the best cornerbacks and linebackers. His school even retired his jersey number 33 out of respect for the former Cowboy.

Tony was equally good at basketball. He joined the University of Pittsburg after graduating high school in 1972.

Age, Height, And Weight

The former athlete is 68 years old on April 7, 2023. For a guy in his 60s, the footballer is in great shape as he takes good care of his health and diet.

Likewise, his years of training in the field have undoubtedly made him look very fit and healthy, even in his 60s.  Moreover, he is 1.80 meters tall and weighs approximately 192 lb. 

Besides this, other body facts about Tony include short black hair and a pair of black eyes. Tony is an American by Nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity.

Early Career

High School Career

The running back went to Hopewell High School and was on the football and basketball team. Moreover, the player was very athletic and energetic.

Initially, he was a cornerback and later became the running back for the Hopewell Vikings. Dorsett’s coaches had second guesses about him as he weighed only 143 lb.

He quickly turned them into fans with his exceptional defensive skills. At the end of his second year, he made 19 touchdowns.

Besides that, he was a two-time All-State selection. He was one of the most prominent Viking players and received well-deserved attention.

Tony suffered a concussion in his senior year, but it didn’t affect his playing career with the school team.

Later, he assisted the team in the Super Bowl high school called the Big 33 Football Classic. On top of retiring his jersey, Hopewell’s stadium was renamed Tony Dorsett Stadium.

College Career

Following a successful high school football career, Anthony Sr. attended The University of Pittsburgh. As a Pittsburgh Panthers, he led his team to their first season win since 2010. 

He was also the first All-American freshman since 1944. Moreover, the former Cowboy had the highest rushing yards record since 1968.

Dorsett was already well-known by his sophomore year and assisted the Panthers to a national title.

Besides that, the running back helped win the Heisman Trophy and Maxwell Award. He also received the Walter Camp Award and UPI Player of the Year.

Tony Dorsett With His Coach
Tony Dorsett With His Former Coach Johnny Majors (Source: gossipbio)

UPI and NEA named him first-team All-American three times. He was also a second-team All-American. On top of that, he set an NCAA record with 6,082 total rushing yards.

Tony was the first Pittsburgh athlete that had his jersey retired. Even now, he is regarded as the greatest running back in college football history.

The NFL player was eventually inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame for his exceptional contribution to college football.

NFL Career

Dallas Cowboys

After a spectacular college football career and graduation, he entered the 1977 NFL Draft. Many scouts and NFL draft experts doubted his selection because of his physical attributions at the moment.

Nevertheless, he was selected in the first round and was the second pick overall.

Former NFL Player Tony Dorsett
Tony Dorsett Fan Signing (Source: Twitter)

Dorsett reportedly signed with the Cowboys for $1.1 million during that period it was the second-largest rookie contract in NFL history.

The former athlete had a different point of view than his coach, and their opinions often clashed. However, he followed his instinct and believed in his abilities.

Hence, he won the Super Bowl XII with the Dallas team with his winning mindset and hard work. He also played in the Super Bowl the next year. However, they lost to Pittsburgh Steelers.

Tony was well known for scoring a 99-yard touchdown in 1983. He received a lot of press for it. After that, he set a new record in the Cowboys franchise after making 1,646 yards.

In 1986, he sustained some injuries in his leg, causing him to slow down. Nonetheless, he still rushed 748 yards for the 10th season continuously.

In the next season, he was the Cowboys’ primary running back. Hence, he started six of the 12 games he played while rushing 456 yards.

Denver Broncos

Anthony Sr. demanded a trade after he was benched in two games despite being fit to play. Following his demand, he was traded to the Denver Broncos. Furthermore, he improved the team’s running game.

He also contributed to the offense before his injuries got the best of him. The NFL player officially retired after tearing his left knee ligament. Nevertheless, he had an outstanding career with them.

“To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.”

-Tony Dorsett 

Marriage And Kids

The former Cowboy running back is married to Janet Harmon. The duo met in the late 90s and eventually got married in 2000.

He has two daughters with her. They are Madison Dorsett and Mia Dorsett. Both kids are very athletic. Besides that, Harmon is Dorsett’s second wife.

He was previously married to Julie Simon. She was a nurse. However, the former pair didn’t have kids. They were together for four years before divorcing in 1985.

Apart from that, he has two children from different relationships.

His first child and only son were born to his then-girlfriend, Karen Casterlowin. Anthony Dorsett Jr. was born in Tony’s freshman year of college. Junior is a former NFL safety.

His first daughter, Jazmyn Dorsett, was born in 1992. She is a successful model and is athletic like her father. 

Criticism And Health Issues

Dorsett had his first son when he was a freshman in college. He received a lot of criticism for having a child before marriage.

Several people insisted that he should drop out of college to take care of his child.

They wanted him to marry his child’s mother, Karen Casterlowin. However, the NFL player knew better that the best way to look after his child is to ensure a good future.

So he stayed in college and worked hard to enter the National Football League. He trained every day and better than anybody else to secure a pick in the 1977 NFL Draft. 

Tony Dorsett While Playing For The Cowboys
Former Dallas Cowboy Running Back Tony Dorsett

He was revealed to have symptoms of a neurodegenerative disease called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) in 2013.

It is a disease often seen in former athletes, especially in football players, boxers, and hockey players.

The symptoms typically take years to appear after the injuries. Some of the symptoms are behavioral, mood, and thinking problems. There is no specific cure for CTE, and it only worsens with time.

It can also lead to dementia. The former Dallas Cowboy opened up that he had suffered memory loss.

Check out NFL to see Tony Dorsett’s all-time stats.

Highlights And Awards

  • 1973: First-team All-American
  • 1975: First-team All-American
  • 1976: National champion, Heisman Trophy, Maxwell Award, Walter Camp Award, First-team All-American
  • 1977: NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year 
  • 1978: Pro Bowl
  • 1981: First-team All-Pro, Football Digest NFL Running Back of the Year 
  • Super Bowl champion (XII)
  • 1994: Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor
  • (1981–1983) 3× Pro Bowl, 2× Second-team All-Pro 
  • Pittsburgh Panthers No. 33 retired
  • NFL record 99-yard rushing touchdown (Tied with Derrick Henry)

Super Bowl Rings

The former running back has one Super Bowl ring. Tony won a Super Bowl title with the Dallas Cowboys in 1977. Furthermore, it was his first year in the NFL playing with the Dallas team.

Likewise, he was also the first player to win a college football championship in 1976 and a Super Bowl championship the following year.

Net Worth And Salary

Tony Dorsett has earned a lot of recognition worldwide as one of the most talented football players. Well, it’s not only the name and fame Tony has earned throughout these years.

He has also pocketed many million dollars along with his name and fame. Dorsett has an impressive amount of wealth after serving on outstanding NFL teams.

He is worth over $5 million. As a rookie with the Cowboys, Dorsett signed one of the largest contracts worth $1.1 million.

Moreover, he was represented and sponsored by well-known brands and companies. Besides that, he resides in a stunning home with his wife and daughters.

Tony owns multiple cars and few assets. Moreover, he was an analyst for ESPN after retirement. He is also the host of Tony Dorsett Celebrity Golf Classic for McGuire Memorial.

Social Media Presence

The NFL running back is moderately active on social media platforms. He has over 1658 followers on Instagram.

However, he has not used the account in over two years. Dorsett has shared some hopeful messages and photos with his family and colleagues.

Besides that, he is on Twitter with 85.3 thousand followers. He is relatively more engaged on Twitter than on other social media platforms.

He mainly shares football-related news. Furthermore, he informed his fans and utilized his position to encourage them to vote.

Popularity Graph 

Tony Dorsett is an NFL running back who won Super Bowl Champion.

Tony Dorsett
Tony Dorsett Popularity Graph (Source: Google)

The above graph shows Dorsett’s popularity over the past twelve months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FQAS)

How much is a Tony Dorsett rookie card worth?

Tony Dorsett’s rookie card is worth $19.99-$95.00.

What year did Tony Dorsett run for 99 yards?

In 1983, Tony Dorsett made his first 99-yard touchdown run in NFL history.

Which documentary was Tony Dorsett featured in?

Tony Dorsett is featured in the American Dream documentary, which narrates superstar legends’ lives and extraordinary careers across the sporting realm.

When was Tony Dorsett inducted into the Ring of honor?

Tony Dorsett was inducted into the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor (ROH) in 1994. He was the ninth Cowboys player to get inducted into ROH.

How fast was Tony Dorsett in the 40-yard dash?

Tony Dorsett can run a 40-yard dash in 4.3 seconds.

Is Tony Dorsett in the hall of fame?

Tony Dorsett was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1994. 

What number of jerseys did Tony Dorsett have while playing with the cowboys?

Tony Dorsett wore Jersey number #33 while playing with the cowboys.

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