Top 10 Cricket Teams in the World

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If there ever was a sport that the fans adore, it’s cricket. You know the hype and togetherness it brings around the globe from this beautiful game, and the question arises who the Top Cricket teams in the World are? 

Played by millions and loved by billions, cricket has established itself as the most loved sport in history worldwide. Well, when many consider it only as a sport, some feel it as their everything.  

Cricket game
Cricket game

There is no better feeling for the cricket players than representing their nation in the highest order, hearing the fans’ roars, and most importantly, the love for the sport. 

Since the early ages, history continues to repeat, with specific teams crossing the boundaries and being considered one of the best. With their game still at its peak, here are the top 10 cricket teams in the world.

But before the details, here are the teams included in today’s list.

Top 10 Cricket Teams in the World

From record-breakers to ones to watch in the future, here is the team list that we will be going through. 

Teams’ Name Points Rating
10. Afghanistan 1,054 62
9. Sri Lanka 2,657 83
8. West Indies 2,523 84
7. Bangladesh 2,740 91
6. Pakistan 2,524 92
5. South Africa 2,459 98
4. India 3,624 113
3. Australia 3,244 116
2. England 3,793 119
1. New Zealand 2,054 121

10. Afghanistan

Suppose you remember the famous score of 278/3 against Ireland on 23 February 2019, which set the record for the highest ever Twenty20 International score. In that case, you know the potential this team has.

Their first success came in 2016 when they successfully qualified for the World Cup and performed excellently. Later that year, they went on to win their first match against Scotland, defying all odds against them. 

The Afghanistan team went on to win the U-19 Asia, beating Pakistan. As the young prospects continue to make it onto the scene, they stand a chance for the title and are considered the dark horses of the top teams.   

9. Sri Lanka 

The Ceylon National team has established itself as one of the most decorative teams in the cricket world. The 1996 Cricket World Cup winners are again for the elusive title race as they are set to rewrite history again. 

Boasting titles such as ICC Champions Trophy in 2002 and the ICC T20 World Cup in 2014, the small island in the Indian Ocean has been a threat. 

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They have done it in the past and are now rooting for it again. Likewise, key players such as Dinuth Karunarathe, who cannot be stopped at the moment from hitting the boundaries, certainly give them a fair chance to call themselves title contenders. 

8. West Indies

Once feared by everyone and called the Invisibles in the cricket world, the West Indies cricket team during the 1970s was a different breed and was arguably one of the most feared teams. 

West Indies during a cricket match
West Indies during a cricket match (Source: Wikimedia)

Besides notable achievements such as two T20 World Cup (2012 and 2016), ICC Champions Trophy (2004), and the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup, they were known for their vigorous play. 

They have done it once, and they are in the process of doing it again, as the West Indies cricket team has reignited their fire and desire to claim that number one spot yet once again. 

7. Bangladesh

We have to go through the 2012 Asia Cup to know its success, the dominant side. But, if anyone had ever doubted “The Tigers,” well, the sleeping giants have finally awoken.

The defeats have not let their morales go low, and key players such as Shakib Al Hasan, who has been creating a significant impact for their team, have indeed incited hope in the hearts of their fans. 

Also, recent information shows the Bangladesh team will likely be watched in the coming games. But, if ever they look confident and with such high enthusiasm and mental attitude, a challenger is definitely on the prowl. 

6. Pakistan

Suppose one candidate cannot miss the top 10 list; it’s the Pakistan national cricket team. Their rise from the depths has left many spectators astonished positively. A ruthless side with a strive to achieve the highest honors, they never lack confidence.

World Cup Champions in 1991, ICC World T20 winner in 2009, ranked number one on ODI rankings in 1990-1991 for months running, the records says a lot about this Pakistan side, and they are en route to repeating history. 

Pakistan cricket team during a match
Pakistan cricket team during a match (Source: Flickr)

The first team and the addition of young prospects who look at the team’s future make them contenders for that number one spot. And well-known players such as Babar Azam and Imad Wasim, who cannot be kept out of fans’ sight, would be integral to their project. 

5. South Africa 

If there is a single word that describes South Africa, it is “success,” with more than 60% wins in the ODI, where they have been the dominant side for over a decade and not to forget the Champions Trophy, which they added to their silverware in 1988. 

Led by one of the most demanding leaders, Quinton de Kock, who has one of the best ODI batting rankings, they have looked stable and increased their chances to regain their legacy.

Having participated in almost every possible cricket tournament, they are one of the most experienced teams in the world. 

Likewise, this team has made its mark in every tournament, causing problems for the opposition. However, the Common Wealth Gold medalist in 1998 have regained their consciousness and are increasingly edging closer to the title. 

4. India

We all have admitted that the Indian cricket team has been one of the most decorative teams for over a decade, with iconic players like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, and many dubbed National heroes by their fans.

Trophies have never been a shortage for the “Men in Blue,” as their successful seasons and reign have made their history feel like a fairytale. And if you ever want to know more about their success, the passionate Indian fans will let you know what the past glories tasted like. 

Indian cricket team
Indian cricket team (Source: Wikimedia)

With generational talents breaking into the First team and specific players at the peak of their careers, they are set to keep their eyes fixed on the World title.

And one of the most apprehensive teams in the group, this Indian team will not make it easy for their opponents.

3. Australia

Talking about the most successful team in ODI history, there is no better team than the Australian cricket team. The World Cup has been one of their favorite trophies, winning a record five times and proving their world dominance. 

Brilliant in-match attributes from critical stars such as Aaron Finch, David Warner, Josh Hazlewood, and Mitchell Starc have let many people believe that this Australian side certainly does have what it takes to become World Champions. 

Their record speaks for itself with three hundred and eighty-three wins from eight hundred and fourteen games. But they are not done yet, as they have started their campaign with full flow and look unstoppable. 

2. England

With a legacy that has caught the eyes of many cricket fans, the England cricket team has gathered several silverware during their run, including the Cricket World Cup four times, ICC T20 World Cup in 2010, and many others.

“The Poms,” referred to by many spectators, have made a name for themselves not only in the soccer world but also on the stage of cricket. However, the England cricket team has surprised many and certainly lived up to their fans’ dreams.

England National cricket team
England National cricket team (Source: Wikimedia)

But it’s the notable performance from Johhny Braistow in batting, Chris Woakes in bowling, and the county’s finest all-rounders Ben Stokes that deserve the praises.

There have been speculations about their drop-in playing levels and that they aren’t the same levels as before, but “The Three Lions” look to silence the critics every time. 

1. New Zealand

In the number one spot, it is non-other than the world’s champions, New Zealand, who successfully beat India, the reigning champions, in a 4-0 ODI series in 2014.

Serving the fans with the best cricket, they have played in a while, this current New Zealand team has put a lot of pressure on its opponents. 

The ODI has been their territory with players such as Trent Boult, Ross Taylor, Matt Henry, Kane Williamson, and Colin de Grandhomme, who have been key players for their team. However, they aren’t an easy side to play against with mind-boggling win rates. 

Famous victories and comebacks in the past prove that they still have that will to repeat, and with such enthusiastic nature that they carry out on the field, they will take whatever it takes to defend their rank. 

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History is never luck but rather what you are willing to build on it. Not one team on the list has faced criticisms, but it’s the comeback you make to let everyone know that they still have it in their veins to compete amongst the best, to be crowned the best. 

It’s a team sport, where everyone’s contribution means a lot to the team. Certainly, brilliant individual performance will bring your silverware, but real team performance brings you honors. 

A young fan or athlete who wants to become like one of their idols must know what they have been through, the struggles, and the endurance to turn things around.

But whether you play it for the crowd or the loyal supporters, it’s one thing you take pride in: the badge on your chest. 

Sanjib Sah
Sanjib Sah
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