Top 10 Worst Sports in the World

In the world of sports, a sport dominates the rating list based on the number of fanbases it has and the content it provides. Based on this, the sport is rated from best sports to worse sports in the world. 

No matter how boring or confusing the sport is, it’s always the best for a fan. The same goes for the players who play the sport; it’s the best sport in their perspective.

Cheerleading (Source:
Cheerleading (Source:

In this read, we will see the 10 worst sports in the world based on the dullness of the game. 

Read all to find out why these sports came in today’s worse sports in the world ranking. 

Top 10 Worst Sports in the World

Care to see if your favorite sport made a list? Here’s a quick listing.

RankingSportEstablished period
1.Cheerleading1898 AD
2.Golf15th Century
3.Curling1807 AD
4.Snooker1875 AD
5.Darts14th Century
6.Dressage19th Century
7.Chess7th Century
8.Cricket16th Century
9.Marathon1975 AD
10.Nascar1948 AD

10. Nascar 

Didn’t enjoy the fast and the furious franchise? Well, Nascar is exactly the concept the movie is based on, except its 100% original and lacks CGI, action fight scenes, and of course, your favorite Hollywood stars.

The sport might be expensive and riskier, but like every sport on the list, Nascar comes on the 10th ranking of worse sports in the world. 

otNascar (Source: Pixabay)

The idea of professional race drivers pitting against each other in a competition where who finishes making rounds in circles first doesn’t seem to fit the eye of most spectators.

Compared to other professional car races offering a variety of thrills, Nascar doesn’t seem to draw the people’s needed amount of interest and attention. 

However, Nascar would have been more fun if it had a bit of twist and turn aspect to the sport. 

9. Marathon 

Do you know where humans rank in the longest runner list in the animal kingdom? You would be surprised to know that humans rank second in the ranking, the first being horse. It’s hard to believe, but nature has given humans the ability to run the furthest.

We might lack speed but not endurance; we dominate the animal kingdom in endurance. The best part is we can train and enhance our endurance and take it to the next level. This is where Marathon comes. 

In Marathon, many people run on a track against each other to prove who has the best endurance and skill. 

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A Marathon might be a thrilling experience for the coach, runner, and their family members, but it’s a totally different story for the onlookers.

Just imagine running or sitting watching the sport on a sunny day. It’s going to be that one experience you wouldn’t want to repeat in the future. Similarly, for the spectators, the only funny part might be seeing runners tripping and falling.

Besides this, there isn’t much you can watch or like, making it the worst sport in the world list. 

8. Cricket

Cricket!? Like really? If you were like this when you saw the sport on today’s list, then sorry to disappoint you, but yes, it is true. Cricket comes at 8th ranking for being the worse sport in the world. 

We can’t deny that this sport has a great fan following in the south Asia and the Australian region, but apart from that, the sport doesn’t get much attention. Yes, the sport is fun to watch if you understand the game, but the main boring thing about cricket is its lengthy test matches.

Cricket match

Even for great cricket enthusiasts, this test match is considered boring. In this test match, two teams compete against each other for five days, the winner is declared on who has the highest wins. Like, do we even need five days to decide that? 

This might be funny, but what is the motivation behind watching the same players hitting the same sad ball all over the ground for five consecutive days. This seems unfair for the spectators as, of course, for the ball too. 

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7. Chess

For this one on I’m sure we all agree that its the most boring sport to watch or play. Many of us surely must have loved this game when we were small, but as we grew up, we got introduced to many other more thrilling and exciting sports. Due to this, most of us lost our interest in this sport.

You might also be telling; wait, is Chess even a sport? Well, yes! Chess has been classified as a sport by the International Olympic Committee

Chess might be a sport that the International Olympic Committee recognized, but it is the worst sport in the world for most people. Playing it is a challenge, but imagine watching it. It drains your mind and energy at the same time. 

There isn’t much to say when two people play a game where nothing much seems to happen. Would you enjoy watching it? Probably not.

6. Dressage

For most of you, this might be the first time you have heard about this sport. If it were a famous sport like basketball or football, it wouldn’t have made this list. 

Dressage is a sport where individuals train their horse into discipline, obedience and display it in the field. Some considered it a form of art, whereas some pursue it solely for the sake of mastery.

Charlotte Dujardin (Source: Wikimedia)

The whole process of training and obedience is sure to affect the horse’s natural behavior and living pattern. In addition, the training procedure is sure to be stressful to the poor animal.

It has also been seen that the horses trained for this sport were trained and oppressed. No wonder why many peoples these days hate the sport and consider not watching the sport.

Who could enjoy watching or participating in a sport where someone deprives the poor animal of its freedom and forces them into performing a show which hurts them? As it’s painful for the spectators, it’s more painful for the animal. 

5. Darts

It’s the one sport we have all played at some point in our life. It’s the sport that everyone knows about. 

Darts is a sport in which multiple players compete against each other in throwing small missile-shaped pointers (darts) at a target on a dartboard.

In this sport, points are scored based on how close the dart hits the targets. Here, the closer the dart lands towards the center, the more the points are received. 

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This sport might be fun for the people playing it, but it gets boring after a few minutes. Similarly, there is a reason behind why people don’t enjoy watching this sport. One main reason is that there is almost no physical activity involved. Also, watching people play this sport is equally boring.

There is a reason why darts is ranked at number five in the worst sports in the world list. When there are so many other exciting and fun sports to watch, people don’t enjoy watching darts, be it on TV or anywhere. 

4. Snooker

At some point, we’ve seen a guy doing incredible Snooker trick shots on the internet. But, the same game that seemed interesting in that clip doesn’t seem to be attractive to most. 

It could be a fun game for you if you’re a snooker player, but it gets super boring for those watching it live or on the TV. When a poll was conducted in the UK for the worse sport to watch, Snooker came at number 5. 

Plus, the sport isn’t a rookie-friendly sport. One missed strike from the pole could tear the expensive snooker table cloth. This could ruin your day or your wallet. Due to this, most beginner people are afraid even to try it. 

Here’s a little fact for you. People watch snooker and golf videos to fall asleep at night. 

3. Curling

Here’s another sport that most of us haven’t heard about or just simply don’t like it. 

Curling is an Olympic-approved sport where two teams with four players each take turns sliding heavy, polished granite rocks (stones) across the ice curling sheet toward the house (a circular target marked on the ice).

2020, Winter Olympics. (Source Wikimedia)

Apart from the players, coaches, and the supporters, it’s a bland and meaningless sport. Eight people pushing a stone on an icy floor on a cold day doesn’t seem to catch enough attention.

It even gets worse; people would have to stand in the cold just to watch a sport where nothing much is happening. 

2. Golf

Some call Golf the sport of the kings, but even so, people seem to hate the sport. 

Out of the many reasons why people hate Golf, it’s due to this rule. There is a rule in Golf called the Cactus Rule.

Here, it states that if your ball lands on a cactus, you get to cover your arms and legs to protect yourself from its spikes. But you can’t cover the cactus and if you do so you’ll get penalized.

It’s strange but true. And it doesn’t stop here; Golf has all sorts of strange and funny rules. the Air rule, the Orange rule, the Flying Insect rule, you name it.

Well, don’t get us wrong, though, players aren’t allowed to cover themselves with towels and hit each other with their club! 

1. Cheerleading

Is Cheerleading even a sport? Well, as per the definition of sport, yes. It is considered a form of sport. It fulfills all the criteria of being a sport. 

Cheerleading (Source: Wikimedia)

Cheerleading is a sport where the participants (Cheerleaders) cheer for their team, so we have to encourage and hype them up. It can range from chanting slogans to doing different acrobatic stunts. This helps entertain the crowds and encourage the team.

As pleasing it might seem, Cheerleading is the number one worst sport in the world in today’s listing. As per most spectators, the main reason behind such hate is its existence and the risk it comes with.

Peoples find it unnecessary because the fans are already there to cheer and encourage their teams. Plus, the sport is way too risky. 

There aren’t any official rules and regulations for protecting cheerleaders. In the past, Cheerleaders have damaged parts of their brains because of no safety measures taken to protect them. Therefore, taking the number one spot from the worst sports in the world list.


Each sport is unique and beautiful in its own way. In the end, it’s up to us to decide for ourselves which fits the best and which doesn’t. 

The ranking might rank the sport low or high, but it means the world to them for the people who play. It’s their favorite sport and the one sport that makes them happy. Isn’t it the reason why we play sport? To be happy?

We hope you enjoyed reading this article, hope to see you in the next one!

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