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“I look better than what I been thru!!!” – Joey Dorsey

Growing up in Maryland, Baltimore, Joey didn’t get to spend a blissful childhood as the city itself had a bad reputation with ongoing violence. Also, he didn’t have a father figure in his life to keep him on track.

So, getting into a gang was easier than getting a college degree, and life was already tough. Still, with determination and passion, Joey Dorsey became one of America’s professional basketball players for the NBA.

Dorsey, world-traveling via Instagram

The player has dedicated more than a decade to basketball with a never-ending drive, playing for 14 teams from different countries, including Spain, Turkey, and Cyprus.

As of 2021, the power forward cum center signed a deal with APOP Paphos B.C. of the Cyprus Basketball Division A.

According to his fans, “There is no escape from his charms. He can make every person present in the room fall for him just by playing in the court.” So, if you want to know more about the charmer-forward and dig into the details further, then continue with this article.

But, first of all, read some facts about Joey Dorsey.

Quick Facts

Name Richard Elmer “Joey” Dorsey
Birth Date December 16, 1983
Known As Joey Dorsey
Birth Place Maryland, Baltimore, United States
Nick Name
  • Destroyer
  • The Hawk
Nationality American
  • Fredrick Douglas High School, Maryland
  • Laurinburg Institute, Laurinburg, North Carolina 
University University of Memphis, NCAA
Horoscope Sagittarius
Father’s Name Reginald Griffin
Mother’s Name Charlene Dorsey
Siblings One sister
Sibling Name  Candice Dorsey
Age 40 years old
Weight 225 lbs (102 kg)
Height 206 cm (6 feet 9 inches)
Build Athletic
Marital Status Unmarried
Profession Basketball Player
  • National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • International Leagues
Team APOP Paphos B.C.
Position Center, Power Guard
NBA Draft 2008 / Round: 2 / Pick: 33rd overall
Salary N/A
Net Worth $4 million
Active Status 2008-present
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch Cards
Last Update July 2024

Life Before Fame

Joey Dorsey grew up with his mother, Charlene Dorsey, and sister Candice Dorsey. And, even if his father had no involvement in his life, Joey had a mother figure and younger sister to take of.

Maryland, although it was one of the wealthiest states in the US, headlines about the crimes and rise of gangs always made rounds in the news and newspapers.

So, it wasn’t easy to avoid and not get involved; nonetheless, Dorsey understood what his mother did for her children to feed them and educate them.

From working more than 2 or 3 jobs without rest and complaints, a smile plastered in her face all the time, bringing gifts during Christmas and other holidays, his mother did all. Hence, he worked hard for his mother to return everything she did for him.

Another person who helped Joey focus on the right track was a former basketball player and comedian Gerald Brown or @geesongzz from Baltimore, who unfortunately got killed in the 2019 Northwest Baltimore Shooting.

He remembers, “One day I was sitting somewhere in a corner when Brown and his father pulled up on me and told me that this life was not for me and asked to join Douglas basketball teams mentioning that those corners would only lead to jail or death.”

“And I remember going for practice and seeing what’s up with the team and winning in clean 28-0 for a state championship. So, that’s how I earned a brother and a life-saver.”

Dorsey | Basketball Career

After Gerald Brown called Joey to join Douglas High, he started playing for the high school team all his high school years, earning titles for the team.

And, after graduation, he directly went to join the University of Memphis to join Memphis Tiger’s men’s basketball. The four years in the university helped him learn to improve games, and as a result, he was able to pack his bag with seven titles (personal and team).

Debut days in Barcelona (Credit: FC Barcelona)

In his final year, accompanied by Derrick Rose and Chris Douglas-Robert, Joey stole the 2008 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament championship from Kansas in a 75-68 overtime.

Professional Career

Portland Trail Blazers picked the center in the 2008 NBA draft in the 2nd round as a 33rd overall but soon traded him to Houston Rockets, where he played 3 games for the season.

And without any other stable team, he made rounds between Raptors and Kings, finally settling in Spanish League club Caja Laboral for a year deal in 2011.

However, leaving the season in half, Dorsey soon joined Olympiacos, a Greek League team. He won the 2011–12 EuroLeague championship and the Greek League championship as a League Best Defender the same year.

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In 2014, he re-joined the Rockets and had a season-best game with 7 points and 12 rebounds in a loss to the Golden State Warriors but couldn’t make a place for himself for further seasons in the team.

Soon, Galatasary of the Turkish League offered a $650,000 net income for a year-deal to Dorsey, leading him to leave the NBA. Then, he played for F.C. Barcelona for two seasons before getting waived for disciplinary reasons.

He appeared in 20 games in the 2018-19 season with another Greek Basket League team, Panionios B.C averaging 9 points and 8.8 rebounds in 22 minutes per game, trying to expand his deal.

Then he went to Germany in 2020, finally settling in Cyprus League with Apollon Limassol, and later making it to APOP Paphos B.C. Division A on September 4, 2021.

Rewards and Recognition

Rather than in the NBA, Dorsey has achieved more while playing for international teams, but his contribution in the NBA is not to be forgotten. Some of the worthy mentions to make a list is as follows:

  • Two times BSL All-Star (2012)
  • Greek League Champion (2012)
  • Greek League Best Defender (2012)
  • EuroCup Champion (2012)
  • BSL All-Star Game MVP (2013)

Age, Height, and Weight

Joey Dorsey has already spent more than 12 years playing basketball, starting from his high school years. And talking about his age, he celebrates his birthday every December 16. He is currently 40 years old.

Although he is 40, Joey looks young as in his early 30s. Furthermore, staying healthy and exercising is said to be a way to keep oneself young and happy.

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His buff body draws a lot of attention and height as he stands at 206 cm, equivalent to 6 foot 9 inches. He surely is a giant in a human body weighing 225 lbs.

Besides, his Sagittarius characteristics complement his dark hair and eyes that one won’t even notice when they fall for him.

Into Dorsey’s Personal Life

Firstly, Joey is a family man. He dearly loves his mother, sister, and his three children. The always worked hard to provide for his family after being capable of earning money.

Dorsey makes sure to be the first person to wish Happy Birthday to his mother and show that he will always be grateful to her for her love and support. Alongside, he shares a deep bond with his younger sister Candice.

Above all, his three children are always his priority and try to fulfill all their wishes as much as he can. Recently Joey’s main goal has been in helping his nephew to be the next in his family to join the NBA. He trains him, tutors, him, and does everything as a mentor.

Inside the cave of Blue Lagoon, Iceland via Instagram

Moreover, Joey is currently single, and the information of the mother of his children is still unknown. So, women who want to pursue him have an opportunity now. 

As for his interests, he loves boxing and even describes himself as a fitness trainer. Another thing is that, apart from being interested in Dorsey’s private life affairs, fans are very inclined to give various names to the center.

And sometimes the names suggested by the fans are too inappropriate to mention, but if you are still that curious about it, then google is your answer. 

Salary, Net Worth and Career Earnings

Joey started pretty well as a rookie in the first season 2008-09, but going further to the 2009-10 season with Toronto Raptors, he made as much as $47,651, and surprisingly it went straight up to $854,389, which was about 17 times more than the first season with Raptors.

And in between 2010 and 2014, Joey moved around a lot of international teams, finally making it to Houston Rockets for 2014-15, where he earned the highest in his NBA career in a single season which was $948,163.

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For the following season, 2015-16, Joey moved from Rockets to Denver Nuggets, playing a season and holding an amount of $815,421. He then went back to Europe for other seasons.

Although it is said that his net worth is approximately around $4 million in 2022, correct details are still unavailable as earnings from his property, merch, social media, and international leagues are not clear.

Above all, only playing for a few seasons in the NBA, he walked away with $2,665,624 from the Association.

Joey’s Social Media

Understanding his interest in boxing, exercising, and world-traveling, the Hawk is very engaged in social media, particularly on Instagram.

Over 125 thousand followers and more than 100 posts on IG in early March of 2022, Dorsey posts pictures ranging from his interests and hobbies. Pictures of Charlene, his mother, and his sister are posted except for his children.

Charlene Dorsey-left and Candice Dorsey-right via Instagram

One particular intriguing fact is that under every post on his Instagram, there is an encouraging quote that is very astounding, warm, and motivating.

In contrast to his IG profile, his Twitter profile could be compared to the Sahara desert from February 2014 with no posts or tweets.

Some Interesting Facts about Joey 

  1. He always adored and happens to be a fan of Kobe Bryant.
  2. His popularity peaked around the March April of 2021 as per the evaluation of 12 months.
  3. In 2012, while still in Olympiacos, he shattered a backboard, considered a foul, and even criticized the team, which resulted in Joey being waived.
  4. Joey is also a supporter of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Joey Dorsey own any cars?

The power forward is likely to be very interested in sports cars. In his Instagram, Silver Bently Continental and White Chevrolet Camaro are flaunted with Joey’s eye-catching poses.

Where is Joey Darcy living now?

The veteran player loves traveling, and currently, he is enjoying places and cultures. But, as for a permanent location, Joey lives in his home country, the US. 

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