Leah Pruett Bio: Early Life, Career, Racing & Net Worth

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Leah Christine Pruett, is a diva who competes in drag racing as an American for Don Schumacher Racing in the NHRA Top Fuel division. Prior to its closure in April 2016, Bob Vandergrift Racing was her prior employer.

It must feel enthralling to be behind the wheels of a speeding car, to be in control yet feel the exhilaration of losing control. Nobody would fathom seeing a woman as a racer a few years ago.

In this instance, with the sweet smell of nitromethane and grease-slathered racing suits, Leah Pruett is living the dream of being one of the most prominent drag racers.

What is more intriguing than a 4-second reaction to the Christmas Tree as it drops to green? Pruett competed in one of the fastest sanctioned drag race categories of Top Fuel dragsters and reached a career-high acceleration of 334.15 mph.

Leah Pruett (Source: Pinterest)
Leah Pruett (Source: Pinterest)

With a successful start to her racing career in 2012, the Californian has made quite a name for herself. Firstly, she made highlights after beating Brittany Force, one of the gifted drag racers of our time.

Currently, Leah is a dragster for Don Schumacher Racing, and in this article, we will try our best to cover her early life, the start of her drag racing career, her personal life, and her net worth.

Also, check out some quick facts before reading the article!

Quick Facts

Full Name Leah Christine Pruett
Birth Date May 26, 1988
Birth Place Redlands, California, U.S.A.
Nick Name Leah
Religion Undefined
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Not mentioned
Horoscope Taurus
Father’s Name Ron Pruet
Mother’s Name Linda Pruet
Siblings None
Age 36 Years Old
Height 5’9 ″ (1.79 m)
Weight 56 kg (125lb)
Shoe Size Unavailable
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Body Measurement Unavailable
Build Ectomorphic
Married Yes
Husband Gary Pritchett
Profession Drage Racer
Net Worth $4 million
Crew Chief Todd Okuhara
Car Number 777
Active Since 2013-present
Affiliations Bob Vandergriff Racing, Dote Racing (Former); Don Schumacher Racing, Mopar Top Fuel Dragster (Current)
Career Titles Factory Stock Showdown
Social Media Instagram, YouTube, Website, Twitter
Last Update July, 2024

Leah Pruett | Early Life, Education, & Racing

Leah Christine Pruett, or simply Leah Pruett, is an American drag racer born in Redlands, California (U.S.), on March 26, 1988. Also, she is the daughter of Ron and Linda Pruett and a sister to Lindsey Pruett.

A Young Leah Pruett (Source: Pinterest)
A Young Leah Pruett (Source: Pinterest)

Likewise, the dragster holds American citizenship and fits the Caucasian ethnic classification.

On the other hand, after completing high school education, the drag racer enrolled in California State University on an athletic scholarship as per essentiallysports.com.

Moreover, the American possessed a flair for drag racing at an early age. As an 8-year-old child, she was all about cars, engines, and races.

Eventually, she pursued her passion for being behind the steering wheel after completing her education.

Leah Pruett | Age, Height, & Body Measurements | How Old is Leah Pruett?

The dragster is 36 Years Old from the time of writing. In the same way, the blonde racer started her career in 2012, 24 years old then. It proves that commitment gets you to the top regardless of the age you chase your dreams.

Moreover, Leah stands at 5’9″ (1.79 m), making her one of the tallest female drag racers.

Her impressive body figure does enough to compliment her tall stature. Likewise, her body measurements include 33-inches of the bust, 24-inches of the waist, and 35-inches of the hips, as per bodysize.org.

Hence, it is evident from her measurements that the Californian dragster spends sufficient time at the gym. Further, Pruett has other sporting interests apart from drag racing, like snowboarding, golf, wakeboarding, and volleyball.

Most importantly, Leah isn’t just famous for being a racer alone; her beauty adds the icing on the cake.

In short, the dragster has an ectomorphic physique, distinct blonde hair, and a squared jawline.

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Leah Pruett | Career: Drag Racing

Leah’s father, Ron Pruett, was a former drag racer who holds the world record for the highest land speed. Ultimately, a young Pruett and her sister would attend their father’s races, and racing became part of the family.

After that, following suit in her father’s footsteps, the Californian became a racer herself for the Junior levels at eight years of age. Similarly, when Leah was ten years old, the pre-teen claimed the National Team Champion Racing title held by NHRA Jr. Dragster.

Additionally, Pruett claimed the Junior Dragster title every year, and by 2005, the Californian had 37 NHRA Jr. titles in her collection. In fact, after breaking a record of completing a race in 5 seconds elapsed time, the blonde dragster secured her license for NHRA’s NitroFunnyCar.

In like manner, the dragster broke yet another record after registering 250 mph at the Nitro Nostalgia Funny Car race in 2009.

Eventually, R2B2 Racing signed her in 2011, and the same year she gifted her employers with two back-t0-back wins at the Pro Mod License.

eah Pruett Before The Race (Source: Beyond The Flag)
Leah Pruett Before The Race (Source: Beyond The Flag)

However, Leah’s career’s biggest headline didn’t come until she defeated Brittany Force at the NHRA National Championship held in Arizona. It was February 2016, and the Californian dragster took the media by storm.

As a result, many companies were eager to lure her into a sponsorship deal. Thus, Mopar, Papa John’s Pizza, and even the U.S. Army reeled her in their contract. As of recent, Sparkling Ice has sponsorship responsibilities aside from those above.

On the contrary, the Redlands native made an official debut for the Top Fuel in 2013 and remained a prominent face in the category. Leah is a woman who was made to set and break records.

Simultaneously, in 2017, Pruett raced a 1000 feet distance in less than 3.65 seconds, registering a 331.85 mph top speed in the Nitro Spring Training event in Chandler, Arizona.

Despite being the fastest recorded finish, it does not make the national record list as NHRA did not sanction the event.

Furthermore, in the second qualifying stage of the NHRA Arizona Nationals in 2017, Leah raced past the track at 329.34 mph in 3.658 seconds.

Notwithstanding that, the American dragster topped that number with the best speed of 334.15 mph in 2018.

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Career Highlights & Achievements

  • 2012: 3 Pro Mod Wins at Charlotte 2, Vegas 2, and Charlotte 1
  • 2013: Third place in Topeka; Career best time of 3.812 seconds and speed of 319 mph at Reading
  • 2014: Raced to a semifinal appearance in Las Vegas 2; Career-best time and speed at the same venue
  • 2015: First runner-up finish (Atlanta); Semi-final (Charlotte 2); Career-best time and speed
Leah Pruett Wins The Brainerd Award (Source: Twitter)
Leah Pruett Wins The Brainerd Award (Source: Twitter)
  • 2016: First-ever win with Bob Vandergriff Racing (Phoenix); Reached Championship playoff; Signed with Don Schumacher Racing; Number 1 qualifying position at Reading
  • 2017: Consecutive four-race wins; No. 1 Qualification (6 times); Final Rounds (6 times); Career-best in St. Louis and Brainerd; Second Countdown to Championship qualification
  • 2018: SAM Tech Factory Stock Showdown World Championship; 2 Top Fuel wins; Career-best (e.t.) at Auto Club NHRA Finals
  • 2019: Second Brainerd win; Runner-up Finish, No.1 Qualifying position; 4th Countdown to Championship Qualifier

Apart from these, Leah was the recipient of the Spirit of Drag Racing Award, often presented to contestants who persevere in the face of disparity.

Overall, the extraordinary dragster proudly enjoys 11 event wins; 8 in top fuel and 3 in Pro Modified.

Leah Pruett Net Worth | Salary & Income: Merchandise |Who Sponsors Leah Pruett?

To begin with, as of 2024, Leah accumulated a stunning net worth of $4 million. Also, there isn’t a fixed salary for racers. Instead, one gets paid depending on the performance on race day.

Besides, Pruett received $9,500 at the Atlanta Dragway and became one of the highest-paid racers. In like manner, after her previous employer’s dissolution, the Californian signed on to race with Don Schumacher Racing in 2016.

Additionally, the latest news suggested that Leah is exiting the deal with Don Schumacher, but there are no confirmations. Conversely, a seasonal win will grant a $10 million prize racer, ending at $5 million after distribution.

Apart from these, Pruett has a sponsorship contract from Mopar Dodge Dragster, a deal that sees her pocket a hefty sum.

At the same time, the American also appeared in a commercial for Pennzoil Synthetics, a company specializing in manufacturing motor oil.

Besides, the Californian owns her merchandise called The Hoonigan Leah Signature, with hand art drawn by Jon Chase. The Merch includes SS Tees, a snapback back, a pullover, a Bandito sticker, and a women’s tank top.

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Leah Pruett Avoids Injury After Flying Away In Incredible Crash In St. Louis.

The well-liked Pruett went airborne after her dragster broke apart close to half-track during the second round of eliminations at the NHRA event in St. Louis, surviving a severe high-altitude accident.

Pruett flew through the air, sailed down the track, and then came crashing down in the opposite lane.

Fortunately, Pruett swiftly exited the vehicle and told everyone present that everything was alright. In a later interview with Fox Sports 1 (FS1), Pruett discussed the situation and noted how quickly things went from positive to nearly unbelievable.

Engagement Ring

The 4 to 5-carat perfect diamond appears to be set in a straightforward platinum band. Depending on the quality of the gemstone and other factors, a ring that size and shape might be worth up to six figures.


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 Over the past few years, engagement rings with emerald cuts have become increasingly popular. Other celebrities who got married with emerald cut diamonds include Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich, Kat Dennings and Andrew W.K., and Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews.

Compared to a ring featuring a round brilliant diamond, it has a more modern look.

Leah Pruett | Relationship Status | Is Leah Pruett Married?

Leah Pruett is a married woman. To illustrate, she tied the knot with Gary Pritchett, who works as a clutch specialist at Torrence Racing. Leah and Gary first crossed paths in Gainesville, Florida, while attending a sporting event.

Leah Pruett And Gary Pritchett (Source: EssentiallySports)
Leah Pruett And Gary Pritchett (Source: EssentiallySports)

Similarly, after their fateful meeting, the two had the opportunity to work together on the Vandergriff Racing Team.

Nonetheless, after their employer’s closure, the couple works on the team’s opposite side.

More so than ever, Leah and Gary get pitted against each other even if they don’t want to be competitors on and off the pitch.

Above all, while working for rival teams, the couple remained supportive.

Granted that the couple had a rollercoaster yet an eventful career, their personal life couldn’t find a balance. Consequently, Pruett filed for divorce after many years of enjoying the company of a man she once thought was her soulmate.

The divorce was finalized on July 31, 2019, in Hendricks County, Indiana. Currently, Leah Pruett lives in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. 

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Social Media Presence

Instagram handle (@leah.pruett): 316k followers 
YouTube handle (Leah Pruett): 1.49k subscribers
Website (leahpruett.com)
Twitter handle (@LeahPruett_TF): 57.1k followers

Leah Pruett | FAQs

Is Leah Pruett dating now? How big is her engagement ring?

Yes, after her bittersweet memory with Gary Pritchett, Leah is now dating Tony Stewart ( semi-retired professional stock car racing driver and current NASCAR team owner).

As per the sources, the duo started talking back in 2020, and Stewart was with Leah during the pandemic in Arizona. 

Following their enclosure of the relationship, Stewart showed his satisfaction that Leah understands the industry and the stress it follows. 

Altogether, Leah Pruett flaunts an engagement ring of 4 to 5-carat diamond. 

How badly did Leah Pruett hurt herself in the Midwest Nationals?

During the Mopar Express Lane NHRA Midwest Nationals, Leah Pruett had an apparent chassis failure, which sent her dragster soaring through the air.

However, Leah was thankful she didn’t have the massive damage. Still, Pruett faced sprained lower back and some bruises. 

You might be interested in buying Leah Pruett’s autographed NHRA Hero Card; click the link to follow!

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