Luka Doncic’s Girlfriend Turned Fiancee: All About Anamaria Goltes

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Luca Doncic’s girlfriend, Anamaria Goltes, is a popular model, influencer, fitness and lifestyle instructor, and social media personality from Slovenia. Luca, a Slovenian professional basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks (NBA) and former Europe League MVP, broke up with her long-time girlfriend in 2018 and then reunited again.

If you have been following the NBA superstar Luka Doncic, then you must undoubtedly know about Anamaria Goltes. If not, don’t worry, and just read the article till the end, and you’ll be good to go. 

Interestingly, Luka Doncic and Anamaria have been childhood lovers since the age of 12. 

The Slovenian couple first started dating in 2016. Unfortunately, they had a brief fallout in 2018. However, they quickly got back together.

Luka doncic's girlfriend
Luka Doncic with Anamaria Goltes (Source: Instagram)

Now, they have a lot of buzz around them as the power couple. It seems like the two cannot get enough of each other. 

Today, our hot topic is  Luka Doncic’s charming girlfriend: Anamaria Goltes.

But, before that, let’s have a look at the quick facts about her. 

Quick Facts 

Full Name Anamaria Goltes
Nick Name Anamaria
Age 26
Birthdate May 1, 1998
Birthplace  Zagorje ob Savi, Slovenia
Residence Dallas, Texas
Mother Maja Bec Goltes
Father Matjaz Goltes
Siblings One younger sister (Pia Goltes)
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend Luka Doncic
Boyfriend’s profession Basketball player
Religion Christianity
Nationality Slovenian
Height 5’10” (177cm)
Weight  64 kg (143.3 lbs)
Body Size 32-28-34 (chest-waist-hips)
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Brown
Tattoos No
Zodiac Sign Taurus
University  University of Ljubljana
School School of Economics and Business
Profession Fashion Model, Fitness Instructor
Salary Under Review
Net Worth $1 Million
Pets Two Dogs (Hugo and Gia)
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch Luka Doncic Jersey, Luka Doncic Rookie Card
Last Update May, 2024 

Anamaria Goltes: Early Life and Family 

The gorgeous Anamaria Goltes was born on May 1, 1998, in Zagorje ob Savi, Central Slovenia. 

Her father’s name is Matjaz Goltes, and her mother is Maja Bec Goltes. She has a younger sister, Pia Goltes. 

Anamaria is very private about her family. However, it is known that Goltes’s father is a graduate of the University of Ljubljana.

Luka doncic's girlfriend
Little Anamaria with her mother and younger sister (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, her mother studied at the University of Maribor. Unfortunately, nothing more can be found about her family.

The influencer was born and raised in Slovenia. Her nationality is Slovenian, and her ethnicity is White.

She attended the School of Economics and Business at the University of Ljubljana. 

Later, she moved to the US because of her career. 

Anamaria Goltes: Career 

Anamaria used to post many photos of herself on social media. As a result, she got a considerable following and came to light as an Instagram star.

Later, some modeling agencies contacted her, and her career took off. 

In her early days, modeling agencies like “We love your Genes” and “IMG Fashions” scouted her.

Luka doncic's girlfriend
Anamaria featured on Cosmopolitan (Source: Instagram)

In 2018, the Slovenian model was featured in “The Cosmopolitan,” a Slovenian Magazine. 

Currently, she is working with Immortal Model Management and Campbell Fashions

In addition, she has her fashion newsletter and a blog channel by the name

Anamaria Goltes as Luka Doncic’s Girlfriend

The world is in love with Luka Doncic, and well, Doncic is in love with the 26-year-old Slovenian Model, Anamaria Goltes. 

Yes, you read that right. The NBA superstar Luka Doncic is dating his childhood friend, Anamaria.

Anamaria and Luka first met in Croatia. They were 12 years old at that time.

Later, Anamaria moved to the US in 2016 because the International Management Group scouted Anamaria for its projects. At that time, Luka was also playing in the US. 

The couple had known each other forever. However, Anamalia moving to the US marked their new relationship, and they started dating in 2016.

Anamaria with Luka (Source: Instagram)

It was like fate brought them together. 

Luka and Anamalia were thought to have taken a break in 2018. However, the lovely couple soon got back together. They are currently spending their time in Dallas. 

Unlike most celebrities, the couple is very open about their relationship. In addition, they constantly show their love and support for each other through social media. 

Despite the Covid circumstances, it looks like Anamaria and Luka are having their best time as they are getting to spend time together. 

The Slovenian model considers herself lucky to be Luka Doncic’s girlfriend. 

We rarely find a best friend, boyfriend, and true love in the same person. However, Anamaria claims to see all of that in Luka. 

Brief Wiki about Luka Doncic: Profession, Achievements, and Net Worth

Luka Doncic is a top professional Slovenian basketball player. Currently, he plays for the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.

At the young age of 22, Doncic holds the record of some notable achievements.

For instance, Luka holds the record of having two NBA All-Star appearances. He has also made two All-NBA appearances.  

Luka Doncic (Source: Wikipedia)

Likewise, the NBA star is also the first player in the history of the NBA to record ten career 35-point triple-doubles before turning 22 years old. 

In addition to that, Luka holds the record of having played twenty consecutive games with at least 20 points, five rebounds, and about five assists.

It is the highest record since the 1976–77 ABA–NBA merger. 

Given his career and achievements, he is also among the wealthiest NBA 22-year-old players. In addition, he also earns through various endorsements. 

AS OF 2021, LUKA’S NET WORTH IS Estimated to be $8 MILLION.

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Social Media Presence

Luka Doncic has a huge fan following, and fans absolutely love him. However, recently, he was called out as “Hookah Doncic” by his fans because of his Twitter photo. 

The basketball star has a magnificent social media presence. He has millions of followers.

Twitter: 1.6 million followers

Instagram: 7.2 million followers

You can feel free to check out his Social Media accounts and learn more about him and his lifestyle.

He is currently on Instagram as @lukadoncic.

Luka Doncic Instagram Account (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, he is on Twitter as @luka7doncic.

Luka Twitter Account (Source: Twitter)

Does Luka Doncic’s Girlfriend Anamaria Goltes Have Kids? 

Luka Doncic’s girlfriend, Anamaria, does not have a kid. However, she refers to herself and Luka as Mom and Dad of Hugo and Gia (her dogs).

Luka doncic's girlfriend
Anamaria and Luka with Hugo and Gia (Source: Instagram)

So, we can say that the only kids that Luka and Anamaria have so far are Hugo and Gia. 

Anamaria Goltes: Hobbies 

Anamaria is a fun-loving and adventurous person. Also, she loves traveling and has traveled to various countries and places, including France, Croatia, and Greece. 

The influencer loves sharing her travel photos and videos on her social media pages.

Further, she also loves spending time with her dogs. She posts pictures of herself and her dogs wearing Luka’s Jerseys and cheering for him. 

Anamaria with her dog (Source: Instagram)

In addition, the Slovenian model also loves sharing skincare videos, workout videos, and food recipes on her Instagram page. 

Anamaria also plays tennis and enjoys horse riding. Additionally, she is also a #netflixandchill kind of person. 

Anamaria Goltes: Age Body Measurements & More

This May, the Slovenian fashion model turned 26. 

Anamaria stands out from the crowd with her beautiful blonde hair and brown eyes.

Moreover, she has a perfect body which is not a surprise since she works as a lifestyle and fitness instructor.

Luka doncic's girlfriend
Anamaria Goltes (Source: Instagram) 

The young Instagram star is about 5 feet 10 inches (177 cm) tall. Additionally, she weighs around 64 kg. 

Her body measurements (chest-waist-hips) are 32-28-34, respectively.

Her zodiac sign is Taurus. Talking about tattoos, she doesn’t have any of them to date.

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Is Luka Doncic’s Girlfriend on Social Media?

Anamaria Goltes: Social Media

Currently, Anamaria is on Instagram as @anamariagoltes and has 160k followers. She has posted more than 292 posts.


Anamaria’s Instagram Account (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, she also has an Instagram account dedicated to her beloved dogs, Hugo and Gia. At present, @hugo__gia has 28.9k followers. 

Anamaria has always maintained a clean internet profile. She has also kept herself far away from any scandals and controversies. 

Anamaria's-Popularity worldwide-over-the-year
Anamaria’s-Popularity worldwide-over-the-year (Source: Google)

How much does Luka Doncic’s girlfriend earn?

Anamaria Goltes: Net Worth 

Anamaria is mainly known as Luka Doncic’s girlfriend. However, we must not forget that she has also made a name for herself in the fashion world. Moreover, she lives quite a luxurious life.

According to various sources, Anamaria Goltes has a net worth of $1 million

First and foremost, her modeling career serves her plenty. Secondly, she is also a fitness instructor. 

Additionally, she has a significant social media presence. She does plenty of sponsored posts which helps her earn an extra bit.

Sources claim that with each of her sponsored posts, she earns $300 to $500.

Controversies Surrounding Luka Doncic and Referee | Girlfriend

Luka Doncic was found flirting with female referee Ashley Moyer-Gleich during Mavericks vs. Clippers. 

It quickly became a hot topic on the internet after a video clip that caught the incident went viral. 

The video clip starts with Luka complaining about the foul and ends with Asley smiling ear to ear and glancing sideways.

Luka humorously flirting with the referee (Source: GettyImages)

Even though we do not know what exactly the player might have told the referee, fans believe it to be “fouling in love with you.”

Soon after, Luka Doncic and Ashley were trending on Twitter. Fans were overwhelmed by the incident and wanted to know what the player said.

The incident also brought Luka Doncic’s long-time girlfriend, Anamaria Goltes, into the discussion. 

Lots of his fans tweeted about the incident as well.

A fan’s reaction to Luka’s flirt (Source: Twitter)

Anamaria Goltes: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Anamaria Goltes married to Luka Doncic?

No, Anamaria is not married to Luka but is engaged. The love birds announced their engagement on July 7, 2023. We hope they ring the wedding bells real soon!

Does Luka Doncic’s girlfriend live in Slovenia?

Anamaria was born and raised in Slovenia. However, currently, she is living in Dallas, Texas, with Luka Doncic. They also have two dogs, Hugo and Gia, who live with them. 

What is the age difference between Luka and Anamaria?

The top NBA player, Luka Doncic was born on Feb 28, 1999, and his lover, Anamaria Glotes was born on Mar 1, 1998.

This means that Anamaria is older than Luka by almost a year. To be more precise, by 303 days. 

Why does Luka wear 77?

Lika wears the number 77 in commemorating one of his favorites, Greek professional basketball player Vassilis Spanoulis, who wore the No. 7 jersey before retiring.

During a news conference in July 2021, Doncic, then 23, discussed his choice to wear the No. 77 jersey.

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