List of the Top 12 Sports for Kids

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Sports are played for numerous different reasons, like entertainment, recreation, health, or wellbeing. In addition, it is an activity done by both adults and children. And, today, we’ll be looking at the top sports for kids.

So, let’s take a short trip back to our childhood and remember those days while we go through the list. 

Kid cycling. (Source: Wikimedia)

Also, as good as the sport might look, do you know the benefit it comes with? Yes, in today’s article, we will also cover the benefits we get.

After reading this article, you will be well informed about these sports. This is sure to help you figure out what sport is best suited for your kids. 

Top 12 Sports for Kids

Considering the popularity, preferences, and beneficial factors from the variety of sports, we have come up with today’s ranking. Also, you can get the Amazon link to the games mentioned on the list. 

Rank Name of Sports Played in
1 Soccer Field
2 Swimming Water
3 Bicycling Land
4 Baseball Field
5 Basketball Court
6 Ice Skating Ice
7 Gymnastics Mostly indoors
8 Running Land
9 Tennis Court
10 Cricket Field
11 Volleyball Court
12 Hockey Field

12. Hockey

When it comes to Hockey, it usually has a bad reputation since its tools (hockey sticks) are commonly seen in gangster movies used for beating people. 

But, don’t get fooled by movies because Hockey is one of the best sports for kids to train their minds and bodies. Else it wouldn’t have ranked 12th in the top sports for kids list.

Besides, Hockey enhances the strength, vision, endurance, and teamwork abilities of kids. Not to forget, it also improves speed, hands, and foot control since kids would have to deal with the fast-moving puck with a hockey stick. 

Hockey might not 100% be safe and injury assurance, but it will keep your child’s mind and body healthy.

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11. Volleyball

Just like other sports on the list, Volleyball is a land sport played on a Volleyball court. Moreover, it is a form of sport played between two teams with 6 members each. 

This sport is played by hand and has a lot of leg works involved in it too. Similarly, due to the low risk and high benefit rate, Volleyball is ranked number 11th in today’s top sports for kids list.

This sport is best for young kids since it is one of the best team sport in the world. This would help your kids learn teamwork and coordination from childhood. Likewise, it also trains your kid’s legs, balance, and hand muscles. 

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10. Cricket

We all know how popular Cricket is among adults, but did you know that it is equally good and popular for kids too?

Yes, Cricket is among those sports which are fun to play and easy to understand, even for a kid. Else, it wouldn’t have made it to the listing. 

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With enough training and guidance, your kids will be able to adapt and not only play the game but enjoy it too. A bat and a ball are all it needs for a basic casual play. 

Furthermore, this sport offers a lot of exercises and is excellent for heaps, arm strength, and endurance. 

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9. Tennis

We’re all familiar with this sport. At some point, we might have even stumbled upon it on TV or in actuality.

Boy playing Tennis. (Source: Wikimedia)

Yes, the same green ball game seen being played by adult athletes can also be played by kids. Moreover, it turns out to be one of the top sport for kids. Compared to some of the games on the list, this one’s not so costly to get started with. 

Besides, Tennis is the type of sport you would mind looking into if you don’t like your kids going out most of the time, especially when it comes to getting exercise.

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8. Running

Running is among the most preferred and the cheapest sport on the list. Not to forget the health benefit it comes with.

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This incredible sport only requires shoes and any comfortable clothes to wear. This sport is designed naturally for us since we’re all born with the ability to do it. The joy, wellbeing, and competitiveness of this sport come with matches with no other. 

So, be it in your backyard or an open field, your kids can play it anywhere at any time with anyone, even with your pets. It helps build confidence, competitiveness, physique, and endurance for kids and adults. 

Therefore, Running is the 8th ranking top sport for kids. 

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7. Gymnastics

If you want your kids to be flexible, keen on balance, and of an excellent physique, then Gymnastics is the right sport.

Ranked 7th Gymnastics is the most common go-to top sports for kids. To summarize, Gymnastics is a sport requiring a lot of physical exercises, strength, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, and endurance.

2018 Summer Youth Olympics Girls’ Artistic Gymnastics. (Source: Wikimedia)

The activities and movements done in gymnastics help develop the arms, legs, shoulders, back, chest, and abdomen muscles. Mainly, it is best for kids as kids have a very flexible body that can be polished even further with Gymnastics.

If not for competition then indeed for health, it is one sport you might want to consider looking for.

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6. Ice Skating

Ice Skating is one of the most beautiful and soothing forms of sport/exercise. Forget the cold; this sport is therapeutic to the people performing it.

Talking of benefits, the sport helps kids a better understanding of balance and body control. It is also a form of recreation and fun exercise during the winter, on a frozen late or waterbody. 

However, since it’s a sport played on a hard slippery surface like ice, make sure that the kids wear warm clothes and protective gear. As fun as the sport sounds, it comes with its risks. So, safety gears are always a must in this sport. 

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Safety gears include a helmet, an elbow pad, and a knee pad. With these, they’re good to go.

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5. Basketball

Basketball is among the top sports for not only adults but also kids. Else, it wouldn’t be ranked 5th in the top sports for kids list. 

Moreover, the sport only requires a ball and a recreation center for your kids to enjoy the sport. Besides, as much as the kid spends time playing the sport, their skills and talent improve. 

Most importantly, it improves the competitiveness and team play skills of your kids. This sport helps kids become more dynamic and physically fit. 

Likewise, compared to other sports, Basketball comes with minimal risks. The most that can happen to your kids is an incidental eye jab, pulled hamstrings, or an ankle sprain. Besides this, the sport is entirely safe.

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4. Baseball

Baseball is one of the most engaged sports in North America. However, it is not only famous among adults but also kids. 

In fact, Baseball is soo popular that one can see kids playing Baseball on the open grounds during free time. Plus, the game is soo simple that even a 5-year-old kid can play it. Kids can start playing Baseball with softball at the beginning and gradually move to hardball. 

Similarly, due to the competitive playstyle of the sport, kids can get involved with competition and mind training at a young age. 

Overall, Baseball is an outstanding sport for kids to enjoy and stay healthy.

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3. Bicycling

This is that one sports everybody once wanted to play or have played during childhood. Without a doubt, it’s one of the favorite sport of every kid. 

Similarly, unlike the other sports, kids do not need to be introduced and convinced into play this sport. Instead, it’s the kids who would come up to their parents and ask them to buy them a bicycle.

After all, it is a fun sport with significant health advantages, physical and mental.

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However, although it is a fun sport, an adult should monitor young kids taking part in the sport for the first time. For a beginner, it gets hard since one needs to balance themself and the bicycle on two thin wheels. 

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2. Swimming

If not for fun then definitely for health and safety, Swimming is the one sport everyone must learn. It is one of the most crucial life-skill everyone must possess. 

Kid swimming. (Source: Firstcry Parenting)

In other words, Swimming needs to be learned by every one of us. This is because it is an essential skill that can save our life or others. 

Not to mention, Swimming is an excellent sport, as it helps them overcome the fear of water and get full-body exercise and increase their stamina. Swimming is that one sport that uses every part of our body, both physical and mental. 

However, it must be practiced only in the presence of an adult who knows Swimming. Else, it could turn out fatal.

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1. Soccer

Soccer (Internation Football) is the one sport everyone loves; not only adults but also kids. It is the one sport that kids from all over the world are seen playing. 

Due to its popularity, simplicity, and availability, Soccer is ranked number one on the top sports for kids list. 

Although the popularity of Soccer in the USA came a bit late, it has grown a lot in the past few years. There are more than 3 million kids in the USA that are involved in Soccer. 

Kids playing Soccer (Source: Pixabay)

Likewise, due to the simplicity and now chances of risk and injury, it is a safe and fun sport to let one’s kids into.

To play this sport, all we need is a ball and a small field. Plus, it is a highly active sport with a lot of running and teamwork, which would help kids blow up their steam. 

In addition, Soccer is good for lungs, stamina, body muscles, and fat burning. 

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As a kid, we all might have played any of the sports mentioned above at some point.

So, which sport is your favorite and why. Also, which sports from the list would you make your children play? Do leave a comment down below.

Here are some of the honorable mentions that didn’t make it to the list are as follows:

  • Dance
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Table tennis
  • Golf
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