Top 12 Most Marketable Athletes in the World

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Athletes are frequently used in marketing or advertising. But, have you ever wondered who are the most marketable athletes?

Some athletes are more marketable than others. It’s the name and fame of the athletes that determine their marketability.

Neymar Jr. (Source:

Brands also feel that collaborating with famous sportspeople will increase their customer base. Nowadays, all the prominent sports celebrities endorse some brand.

Some athletes are so marketable that they have their brand. They have their clothing line, sports equipment, etc.

Top 12 Most Marketable Athletes in the World

The list of the celebrities is taken from sites such as SportsPro.

S.N.  Name Game
12 Sidney Crosby Ice Hockey
11 Novak Djokovic Tennis
10 Paulo Dybala Soccer
9 Mohamed Salah Soccer
8 Rohit Sharma Cricket
7 Khabib Nurmagomedov MMA
6 Neymar Jr Soccer
5 Bianca Andreescu Tennis
4 Virat Kohli Cricket
3 LeBron James Basketball
2 Cristiano Ronaldo Soccer
1 Lionel Messi Soccer

12. Sidney Crosby 

  • Age: 36 Years Old
  • Brand Endorsements: Reebok, Gatorade, Tim Hortons
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Profession: Ice Hockey

Kicking off our list of the top 12 most marketable athletes is Sidney Crosby. He is a professional ice hockey player.

Sidney Crosby is from Canada. He plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins in the National Hockey League.

Sidney Crosby (Source:

Currently, he is among the most famous players in hockey. As a result, he gets a lot of brand endorsements also.

Accordingly, he has a very high net worth. Apart from that, he has a sizeable fan following on Instagram.

11. Novak Djokovic

  • Age: 36 Years Old
  • Brand Endorsements: Asics, Peugeot, Head
  • Nationality: Serbian
  • Profession: Tennis

One of the most prominent tennis players of current times is Novak Djokovic. He is one player in perhaps the most famous trio in tennis.

Novak Djokovich (Source:

He has more than nine million followers on Instagram. Apart from that, he is also currently the No.1 player in tennis.

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Novak’s net worth is more than $154 million. His latest trophy was also in 2021.

As a result, he has more brand endorsements than any other player.

10. Paulo Dybala

  • Age: 36 Years Old
  • Brand Endorsements: Skrill, Adidas
  • Nationality: Argentine
  • Profession: Soccer

Paulo Dybala is one of the rising superstars in soccer. Currently, he plays for Juventus.

Currently, he has more than 44 million followers on Instagram. This makes him one of the most followed sports celebrities on Instagram.

Paulo Dybala (Source: Instagram)
Paulo Dybala (Source: Instagram)

Since soccer is played worldwide, he is famous on all continents. However, he is most notable in Europe.

Juventus is a local club in Italy. Therefore, he is most famous in Italy. But, he began his career in Argentina.

His fan following increased after he joined Serie A in 2015. Dybala is also regarded as one of the best-looking players in soccer.

He has been included in the Serie A Team of the Year for his excellent performance multiple times. Many regard him as the next-generation football superstar.

9. Mohamed Salah 

  • Age: 31 Years Old
  • Brand Endorsements: OPPO, Adidas, Vodafone Egypt
  • Nationality: Egyptian
  • Profession: Soccer

Another next-generation soccer superstar is Mohamed Salah. Salah is from Egypt.

Salah made his debut in the English Premier League for Chelsea. Later, he also played in the Italian League. Currently, he plays for Liverpool. 

Salah is regarded as one of the current best players in the world. Furthermore, many regard him as the best forward in the EPL.

Mohamed Salah (Source:

His first English club Chelsea signed him for 11 million pounds. Since then, Mohamed has played for many clubs.

As a result, he has a very high net worth. His current net worth is estimated to be more than $100 million.

Apart from that, he has about 46 million followers on Instagram. Therefore, he gets a lot of brand deals.

EPL is one of the most famous soccer leagues in the world. Hence, he is renowned around the globe.

8. Rohit Sharma 

  • Age: 36 Years Old
  • Brand Endorsements: CEAT, Adidas, Jio, Vodafone, Bournvita, Hublot
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Profession: Cricket Player

The Indian T-20 captain is one of the best cricket players of all time. The 107 m tall cricketer plays as an opener for the Indian team.

Rohit plays in all formats of cricket. Apart from that, he is also the captain of the Mumbai Indians.

Rohit Sharma (Source:

Under his captaincy, Mumbai Indians won the IPL five times. Therefore, he is one of the best captains in the IPL.

Currently, Rohit has 21.6 million followers on Instagram. Similarly, he has 14 million followers on Facebook. In addition, he has numerous brand deals and endorsements.

Apart from that, the Mumbai Indians also have 8.2 million followers on Instagram. As a result, he has more reach among the masses.

The love of masses for cricket players in India is also immense. So, he is one of the most marketable athletes in the world.

7. Khabib Nurmagomedov

  • Age: 35 Years Old
  • Brand Endorsements: SalamPay, Gorilla Energy, Reebok, Toyota
  • Nationality: Russian
  • Profession: Mixed Martial Artist

Mixed Martial artists are gaining more popularity nowadays. As a result, MMA players are now among the most marketable athletes globally.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is from Russia. He became famous after winning the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Khabib Nurmagomedov (Source:

Khabib has an impeccable record in the Lightweight category. He played for 29 matches. But, more importantly, he never lost.

Currently, he has more than 31 million followers on Instagram. Through his social media, he promotes mixed martial arts.

As of 2024, Khabib is the most followed person in Russia. His social media presence and his fame rank him high on this list.

Most MMA fans are familiar with his name. However, through his social media, he can also reach a larger audience member.

Apart from his social media, he also has a high net worth.

6. Neymar Jr

  • Age: 31 Years Old
  • Brand Endorsements: Puma, Epic Games, Red Bull, REPLAY Jeans, GaGa Milano
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Profession: Soccer

The Brazilian soccer superstar is regarded as one of the most prolific players globally. Currently, he plays for Paris Saint-German.

Neymar Jr. (Source:

He began his career in Brazil with Santos. Neymar rose to fame after he joined Barcelona.

In Brazil, he rose to fame after the Under 20 World Cup. Later, he also participated in the Olympics for Brazil.

Currently, Neymar has more than 166 million followers on Instagram. He is one of the most followed sportspeople.

Apart from that, Neymar’s net worth is more than $100 million. In 2017, he transferred from Barcelona to PSG.

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The contract amount was 222 million pounds. It is one of the most expensive transfers ever.

Similarly, he has numerous brand deals and endorsements. For example, he has signed deals with Pansonic, Volkswagen, Santander, Claro, etc.

5. Bianca Andreescu

  • Age: 23 Years Old
  • Brand Endorsements: Rolex, Head, Nike, Copper Branch, BMW
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Profession: Tennis

Canadian tennis player Bianca Andreescu is one of the most famous female tennis players. Currently, she is ranked 46th in the world.

She won her first Grandslam in 2019. In 2019, she also won the US Open.

Her net worth is more than $7 million. Additionally, she has more than Seven hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

Bianca Andreescu (Source:

She has brand deals with numerous brands. Additionally, Bianca is a member of the Rolex family.

Apart from that, she also has deals with Head and Nike. In addition, the Head manufactures her sports equipment.

BMW also appointed Bianca as its brand ambassador. Similarly, she is also the ambassador of the Copper branch.

Bianca is also regarded as one of the most beautiful tennis players. Therefore, she has a lot of fan following. 

All of this contributes to being more marketable. Brands want a more relatable person.

4. Virat Kohli

  • Age: 35 Years Old
  • Brand Endorsements: Myntra, MRF Tyres, WROGN, Audi, Philips India, Great Learning, Mobile Premier League
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Profession: Cricket Player

The ODI, Test Captain of India, is one of the best players of all time. Even the great Sachin Tendulkar named him as his successor.

Virat Kohli has garnered than 100 million followers on Instagram. Apart from that, his net worth is more than $100 million.

He was also the captain of Royal Challengers Banglore. Therefore, he has a lot of fan following all over the world.

Virat Kohli (Source: Instagram)
Virat Kohli (Source: Instagram)

Virat also does a lot of brand endorsements. Currently, he endorses more than 17 brands.

Some of the brands include Myntra, Mobile Premier League, Himalaya, MRF Tyres. In 2017, he signed a deal with MRF Tyres.

Reportedly, MRF paid more than $10 million for a contract of 7 years. His social media following, brand deals make him one of the most marketable athletes in the world.

3. LeBron James

  • Age: 39 Years Old
  • Brand Endorsements: AT&T, Beats, Blaze Pizza, GMC, PepsiCo, Walmart, Rimowa
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Basketball

The basketball superstar is one of the most marketable athletes in the world. He has over 103 million followers on Instagram.

He began his career in 2003. Since then, he has won four NBA Championships. Apart from that, he has won the Most Valuable Player award four times.

LeBron James (Source:

LeBron is ranked at the top among Kobe Bryant and Micheal Jordan in basketball. His net worth is estimated to be more than $100 million.

Currently, he has brand deals with different companies. He is the first NBA player to earn over $100 million from brand deals.

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LeBron has contracts with companies like AT&T, Beats Blaze Pizz, PepsiCo, Walmart, etc. In 2021, he ended his deal with Coke to become the ambassador of Pepsi.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Age: 39 Years Old
  • Brand Endorsements: LiveScore, Nike, Clear, Herbalife, CR7, Altice, MTG, Unilever
  • Nationality: Portuguese
  • Profession: Soccer

The sportsperson with the highest followers on social media is Cristiano Ronaldo. He has over 371 million followers on Instagram.

No other sports player has more than 300 million followers on Instagram. Similarly, he has 127 million likes on his Facebook page. 

Cristiano began his football career in 2002 for Sporting CP. In 2003, Manchester United signed him for the English Premier League.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Source:

His fan following increased after he joined English Premier League. Later, he transferred from United to Real Madrid in 2009. Now he’s back to United.

Ronaldo is an ambassador for companies like Tag Heuer, Clear Haircare, and Nike. It is said that Nike pays him $20 million annually.

Forbes magazine estimated that he earned more than $100 million from brand endorsements. Apart from that, he has his own companies.

Ronaldo has his own CR& Underwear and Denim company. Similarly, he has also invested in hotels.

1. Lionel Messi

  • Age: 36 Years Old
  • Brand Endorsements: Adidas, Gatorade, Pepsi, Budweiser, Ooredoo, Jacob, and Co.
  • Nationality: Argentine
  • Profession: Soccer

The most marketable athlete currently is Lionel Messi. Messi is number 1 on this list due to his social media reach, endorsements, and recent popularity.

Recently, he won his 7th Ballon d’Or award. As a result, he is the talk of the town.

Messi has more than 285 million followers on Instagram. In terms of social media followers, he is behind Cristiano Ronaldo.

Lionel Messi most marketable athlete (Source:

Lionel Messi also earns a substantial amount from his brand deals. He earns more than $50 million from brands.

Messi is the ambassador for brands like Pepsi, Gillette, and Turkish Airlines. Apart from that, he has a lifelong deal with Adidas.

Similarly, he also played an important role in WHO’s campaign to stop the spread of Covid-19. His overall achievements and recent awards rank him higher than Ronaldo.


Almost all brands want a sportsperson as their ambassador. It makes marketing much easier. Do you agree with our list? Please tell us who you think is the most marketable athlete.

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